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CAL Business Solutions

CAL Business Solutions: Software Systems That Work

A successful business solutions company bases their reputation on providing technology and expertise to help their clients keep pace with current business innovations and prepare for their future growth. CAL Business Solutions, a Connecticut-based company focused on Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and Acumatica accounting software, specializes in implementing the right software systems at the right price.
George Mackiewicz, Founder and President of CAL Business Solutions, started the company in 1982 and has built a practical, hardworking team that has implemented over three hundred accounting systems, both on premises and in the Cloud, nationwide. 
Honest Approach
CAL Business Solutions strives to be realistic yet flexible with every project. Their honest approach to evaluating what a company really needs has gained them customer loyalty. CAL Business Solutions won’t recommend its product if it is not the right fit. They will be glad to make recommendations, even if it means losing the project. They sell clients what they actually need and only products that will enhance their present business processes and position them for future growth. 
CAL sells Microsoft Dynamics GP which, with over 47,000 businesses using it, is the best ERP mid-market solution on the market. Having worked with it for 20 years, George feels it is the most stable product on the market. CAL also sells Acumatica, an ERP solution designed for the Cloud. Between the two products, George feels that CAL is offering the best of both worlds. 
Leader’s Contribution 
George began as a programmer on the technical side, creating the solutions in the early stages of the company. Back then there really wasn’t any packaged ERP software; everything was custom. In the early 1990s, pre-packaged software came on the market. George already had a view of software from an architect’s standpoint and was able to ask: “How was it built? How does it run? What are its features? What will it do for customers?” 
Whereas other companies might concentrate on the bigger features, like how does it fit into the Microsoft stack, George’s early experience enabled him to look at the core and how it functioned. He focused on how it works and what features of the core product are things that will make his potential customers more competitive. 
CAL Business Solutions is focused on maintaining long term relationships with their customers and on helping them achieve success. 
Best interest of their clients 
A guiding principle for CAL Business Solutions is the idea that it does not have to dominate an entire industry. They strive to be not the biggest partner, but the best. They want to be a company that other partners, customers, and even business people that are not its customers, recognize as a good source of information and direction. 
CAL has helped hundreds of organizations improve business productivity. Their customers appreciate their honesty, and they have formed hundreds of long-term relationships. Also appreciated is their expertise. CAL has been recognized by Microsoft for outstanding customer commitment and sales achievement. When you choose CAL, you choose an organization with an impressive, proven track record. 
Mature Solution Microsoft Dynamics GP 
Microsoft Dynamics GP is the core financial and business platform which can also interface to unique vertical platforms. The fact that this product can be utilized in so many ways to help so many companies makes for some pretty amazing stories and shows how good the Microsoft Dynamic GP platform is.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is a mature solution that is not going to be changing a lot in the near future even with Microsoft’s investment in other platforms. CAL will continue to expand its competencies to take care of not only its present clients but also companies that are still looking for that mature ERP system. 
CAL wants to find ways to take the core platform that its customers are comfortable with and find new ways to apply it to their business’s changing needs. The new cloud based PowerGP Online allows CAL to do that. 
Testimonials of Clients 
“We put together a dream list of technologies we wanted to implement. CAL Business Solutions researched our dream list realistically and brought to the table solutions that were forward-looking, could be implemented in a realistic timeframe, and at a budget that made sense. CAL Business Solutions has delivered everything they said they would. They’ve succeeded in making us self-sufficient.” – Jason Kloter, President, Kloter Farms 
“I must say that CAL Business Solutions has restored my confidence in software providers. They know the product, don’t waste time, and don’t bill me unnecessarily. As a business owner, that matters. CAL does business the way we do business: stand behind the product and the work and make the customer happy.” – Robert Amenta, President, Modern Tire. 
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