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C3NTRO Telecom: A Synonym with World-Class Telecom Solution

In the ancient times, smoke signals and drums were used to telecommunicate. Talking drums could mimic human tones in loud pitches and were mostly used in South America and Africa. It served as an early form of long-distance communication which was used during a war, ceremonial and religious purposes. The telecommunication industry continued evolving ever since. From smoke signals and drums to VoIP Internet Telephony, telecommunication has come a very long way. One company, disrupting the market in the VoIP arena from the time it was formed is C3NTRO Telecom. 
C3NTRO Telecom is an international carrier with 20 years of unparalleled experience supplying voice, data and SMS services to the carriers around the world. It is the operator of choice providing an advanced international voice and data connectivity backed by reliable and state-of-the-art global network, with more than 300 direct interconnects and in-country partners worldwide.
C3NTRO Telecom offers guaranteed SLAs and proven business tools backed by a dedicated sales team to ensure an optimal combination of quality and cost-effectiveness to destinations around the world, terminating over six billion international minutes each year.
In addition to this robust portfolio of international carrier services, C3NTRO Telecom is a fully licensed operator in Mexico and has agreements with all the local and regional loop providers. It delivers integrated tailor made solutions for Mexico’s top 1000 enterprises, which includes unified communications, data connectivity, SMS, videoconferencing, Microsoft enterprise solutions and contact center services.
Leaders Echoing Experience 
C3ntro is backed by two of its pioneers Simon Masri, the President and Chairman and Abraham Smeke, the Senior Vice President. 
Simon is a civil engineer and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He deployed the first VoIP gateway in LATAM and today is leading over 10 Telecom Startups that are now integrated under one holding company as C3ntro Telecom.
Abraham, with 15 years of experience, manages all the commercial initiatives and processes in sales, sales support, purchasing, pricing, finance marketing and product. He has created, maintained and executed all sales plans and strategies to achieve annual/quarterly revenue/ targets.
Journey that Speaks more than Words 
C3NTRO Telecom has been recognized as an exceptional carrier in the industry due to its hard work and perseverance throughout the years. It began as a local wholesale carrier and has continued to grow by innovating its product offering and expanding its reach and knowledge in its data and SMS services. It has a customer base that includes many of the leading mobile operators around the world. With its reliability, high volume capacity and competitive pricing through its state-of-the art high performance, IP network has made C3NTRO Voice services the top choice.
C3NTRO offerings are customized to meet customers’ needs which include several cutting-edge tools for billing, reporting and monitoring. Some of the Tier 1 customers outsource their traffic to the company which they manage through its switching platform. The company provides proactive and preventive fraud detection based on human behavior information which is compiled through Big Data analytics for optimal results.
Accomplishments that have shaped the Journey 
C3NTRO Telecom has become an alternative word for a world-class network and substantial growth. Backed by its reliable state-of-the-art infrastructure, real-time reports and automated routing, the company has become the carrier for the new era that will spearhead the future of the Telecom industry.
Growth and achievements seen in the last few years includes:

  • 16 billion VOIP Minutes per year
  • Market leader in international long distance
  • Sales representation in 10 countries
  • Top 12 IP-Transit providers
  • 800+ Managed IP/MPLS metro circuits
  • 700+ VM Servers
  • 700+ Managed Networks (LAN, WAN, WI-FI, Security)
  • 200+ million SMS per month
  • Leaders in Fraud detection services for Tier 1

Fiber innovation to help transform the Industry 
With a multimillion dollar investment since last year C3ntro began deploying the newest and most advanced fiber optic n network in Mexico. It is confident about its next step in order to provide the customers with its own network ultimately propelling their country and prospectively its southern neighbors, to a faster and more reliable communication platform.
In addition to investing in fiber, C3NTRO has also successfully launched its own Cloud Connectivity program, with strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Express route and the remaining top 10 Cloud providers in the world – l Tier 1 Carriers. This has been a major investment for the company as it has become a pioneer in Cloud connectivity services projecting from Mexico.
Collaborating with Microsoft as one of its strategic partners and both companies’ ardent efforts, C3NTRO has successfully extended the Microsoft Top Partner status into LATAM. The company believes that it is a huge achievement that will not only be beneficial to each party but more importantly to the various enterprises in the region.
Mission and Foresight in the Upcoming Years 
C3NTRO is a carrier genuinely devoted to the customer satisfaction by adding value through the provision of its services and solutions. It is earning the trust by building long term relationships based on efficiency, honesty and innovation. The most productive new product has been its Value Added Services, where C3ntro manages, Monitors and Report all of a Tier 1 traffic behaviors, as well as managing the Fraud Detection services for several Tier 1 Carriers.
The company’s vision is to establish itself as the top global wholesale carrier centered in value added services, innovative solutions and trustworthy operation in a consolidating industry.
C3NTRO aspires to be recognized as one of the leading carriers in this industry. To further solidify the growth, it has become one of the leading enterprise carriers in Mexico supplying telecommunication services and turn-key solutions to Fortune 1000 Companies.
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