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By 2026, Nvidia’s Stock Could Support A 10-Fold Increase, Reaching $1,000

Nvidia, the chip design giant, has seen its stock soar 248% in the past year, and the company’s recent earnings report has further fuelled its growth. On May 23, Nvidia realized the prediction made in a Forbes post, with a strong quarterly earnings report propelling the company’s stock price past $1,000 per share.

Nvidia, which outsources its chip manufacturing, not only beat expectations and raised guidance but also announced a 10-for-1 stock split, bought back billions worth of stock, and considerably boosted its dividend. When the stock split sends Nvidia’s stock price down to around $100 per share, the company is expected to sustain the high growth that has driven its stock price soaring for years to come.

Here are three reasons why Nvidia’s shares could again top $1,000 post-split:

Nvidia’s Great Performance and Prospects

Nvidia faced an exceptionally high growth hurdle as the anniversary of its mind-blowing first quarter 2023 earnings report neared. However, the company managed to exceed the ambitious targets set by investors:

– FY 2025 Q1 net sales forecast: $24.22 billion, Nvidia beat this by $1.78 billion, generating $26.04 billion in revenue.

– FY 2025 Q1 gross margin forecast: 77.03%, Nvidia reported a 78.4% gross margin, 1.37 percentage points above consensus.

– FY 2025 Q1 adjusted earnings per share forecast: $5.50, Nvidia reported adjusted EPS of $6.12, exceeding the forecast by 62 cents per share.

– FY 2025 Q2 revenue forecast: $28 billion, Nvidia exceeded this, with a 107.4% increase above 2023’s second quarter revenue.

Nvidia’s Successful Growth Investments

Nvidia’s decision to take a bow for investors by announcing a 10-for-1 stock split, buying back $7.7 billion of the company’s shares, and more than doubling its per-share dividend from four cents to 10 cents based on the current share count, demonstrates its commitment to shareholder value.

CEO Jensen Huang’s Leadership

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s leadership has been a key driver of the company’s success. However, his departure without a more capable successor could also pose a risk to the company’s future growth.

Overall, Nvidia’s exceptional performance, strategic investments, and strong leadership have positioned the company for continued growth, and the stock split could make the shares more accessible to a wider range of investors, potentially driving the stock price back above $1,000 in the future.

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