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Oded Karev | General Manager | Advanced Process Automation Solutions | NICE RPA

Building Tomorrow’s Solutions and it’s NICE

With the intent of providing a personal robot for every employee and pushing up the scale of process automation, NICE RPA came into existence.
NICE has been active in the process optimization market for over 17 years, with a strong emphasis on optimizing the customer service agent’s desktop activities. With the rise of RPA, the organization embraced it fully and adapted its existing offering to support unattended back office and shared services scenarios, and bring to market a powerful, comprehensive RPA offering which encompasses every element needed for successful implementations.
The company believes that leadership is a result of putting customers first. In fact, its values are grounded in cherishing its customers, and NICE’s employees firmly believe that their success is a reflection of the customer’s success.
This means providing the customers with innovative, revolutionary and scalable technology that can make a real difference to their customers. Obviously, the consistent delivery of world class innovation and exceptional customer service is ultimately the responsibility of NICE’s team of dedicated professionals – and this is where its unique culture comes in. Its employees are scientists, engineers, business and thought leaders, people who are subject matter experts who boast extensive experience as experts in their fields.
The Solutions’ Cabinet of NICE 
NICE’s RPA solution is an all-encompassing solution which includes all the elements needed to succeed with RPA. What’s great about it is that it’s all inclusive, meaning its customers get it all when they purchase the RPA product: an automation authoring tool (which is a single tool used to create both unattended and attended automation flows), an embedded OCR engine, and a control tower which oversees the complete robotic workforce – attended and unattended. NICE’s Process Automation portfolio also includes an Attended Automation solution named NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant). NEVA is installed on the employee desktop, and it helps them with their daily tasks. NEVA not only does automated routine activities, but also provides next-best-action guidance to employees, so they have a much easier time in solving customer issues or processing cases. Lastly, the organization’s Automation portfolio includes a process discovery tool, which leverages unsupervised machine learning to identify the best processes to automate. This discovery tool comes complimentary with NEVA. So the customers definitely get more with NICE RPA.
In the Pursuit of Being Different 
According to NICE, the main differentiator is its intimate familiarity and experience with the contact center environment and specifically with the agent desktop intricacies. NEVA, the personal RPA bot, brings a lot of intelligence to how she facilitates the employee’s work. She ‘understands’ the context of the interaction or the process, she knows whether the customer being handled is a VIP customer needed special attention or a customer at risk who now needs to be presented with a retention offer. NEVA can be integrated with the organization’s chat bot, so employees can chat with her and ‘tell’ her what they need. NEVA even knows which CRM application is required for an automation, even when the employee has 3 instances of CRM opened on his desktop. These scenarios require a great deal of expertise, and that is something unique that NICE brings to the table. Another differentiator worth mentioning is the fact that NICE is a portfolio company, with solutions for speech analytics, VOC, Performance Management, interaction recording and much more. This allows the company to create internal integrations within its portfolio, and its existing customer base enjoys these additional benefits from having an automation solution by NICE.
The Knight Rises 
Oded Karev the General Manager of NICE’s Advanced Process Automation Solutions brings his extensive experience in corporate strategy and operations. He leads NICE’s global RPA business, covering the full spectrum of robotics solutions. Prior to his current role, he served as the Director of Corporate Strategy at NICE, leading some of the company’s key growth initiatives.
Before joining NICE, Oded specialized in delivering multi-channel strategies, operating model designs, and digital transformation projects for Accenture. Oded is a respected industry thought leader and keynote speaker in the field of Robotic Process Automation and is frequently quoted in global media.
The Robotic Process Automation Odyssey 
NICE takes pride on itself at advancing the automation industry by bringing several in-house AI innovations to RPA. These include a proprietary discovery tool, named Automation Finder, which uses unsupervised machine learning algorithms to identify repetitive patters in employees’ desktop activities, classify and prioritize them. Another unique tool developed by NICE to support connectivity of RPA tools to the underlying applications is Shape Analysis. Based on computer vision, Shape Analysis identified screen elements based on their shape and text. This is especially crucial when the RPA implementation is done in a Citrix environment and there’s no direct integration to the underlying application. Since connectivity is such a critical element of a successful RPA deployment, NICE also delivers its customers with yet another AI innovation for alerting on any connectivity break (when the robot can no longer access the screen element which is required for the automation, for example if a button is missing or changed its location). The organization calls this the Connectivity Watcher. NICE is further enhancing this capability by adding a Connectivity Repair capability which will not only alert and show where the automation broke, but will also fix it on the fly. These innovations proves NICE’s strong commitment to its clients’ success with ability to scale RPA.
The ‘X’ Factor 
According to NICE, consumer markets are becoming more intelligent, tech savvy and demanding. Just as cognitive technology can be accessed from their pockets, forming an integral part of their life-styles, consumers are expecting service providers as well as the organizations they work for, to integrate and leverage cognitive technology. With more intelligent and demanding customer markets expecting better service delivery as well as greater competitive intensity, RPA has become an essential technology to support organizations to build and improve customer experience while effectively streamlining their operational efficiencies to remain competitive. Since customer experience and employee experience are intertwined – attended automation solutions boost employee performance and motivation, naturally enhancing customer experience.
Into the Future 
When it comes to the future, NICE would like to bring innovative process automation and AI to every employee’s desktop- so they are freed from the mundane, repetitive ordinary work that is keeping them from doing extraordinary work.