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Build an Effective Marketing Strategy

3 Actionable Ways to Elevate your In-store Promotions

Promotions for in-store demos are never easy. Given the increasing popularity of e-commerce sites and online stores, many customers would now rather shop online than go to the actual store.
With that said, in-store experience now has a whole lot of meaning. It is not just a place where you can buy products from your favorite brand. Nowadays, it has also become a ground for promotion, customer service, and even a supply outlet.
So, to help you better come up with an effective marketing strategy, we have listed a few actionable ways on how you can level up your in-store promotions.

Feed the Eyes of your Customers

One of the most effective ways to gain foot traffic to your store is to make it look more pleasing, attractive, engaging, fun, and exciting. Though this strategy may sound ancient, traditional and print advertising still brings in prospects and leads to your store. Marketing collateral such as posters and brochures make any passersby look twice and do a double-take to your store. If in case you do not have any flair or interest in layout/design, you can simply hire a graphic artist to do all these for you. There are even several freelancing websites that let you hire or contract one for a relatively cheaper price.
Aside from advertising, you should also work on the overall look and feel of your store. For example, the way your store looks from the outside, the interior of your store, the way your products are arranged on the shelves, the placement of your cash register, and you can even hire brand ambassadors and influencers to increase your store’s foot traffic. These are just some of the many things that you can do in order to bring more customers to your store.

Target Marketing on Social Media

Ever wonder how local or niche stores get their word out? How do they manage to cherry-pick and advertise only to a certain group of people? Their main marketing approach is target marketing on social media.
Given the fact that 72% of the public uses some type of social media, it is no wonder why local and niche stores use these platforms to their advantage. Thanks to today’s advanced technology and data analytics, these store owners can now identify and pinpoint the group of customers they want to target. And with the help of these social media platforms, they can now amplify their brand message and promotional adverts to these groups of customers. Store owners that utilize the power of social media now have a platform where they can share and communicate with their customers in real-time.
That being the case, the only hurdle that you would have to face is to identify which platform (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.) your target customers frequently use. Once you finally identify it, the process from here on out would be much easier. Keep in mind that these platforms offer different types of services for store owners like you. So you just need to pick the best one that would work for you and your campaign strategy.

Generate Conversation around your store

There are many ways in which you can generate conversation around your store. In fact, the two tips that we have mentioned above can already build hype as well as make people talk about your store.
But, aside from that, you can generate buzz and extend the conversation around your store by hosting or joining events. For instance, you can host a community event and invite locals to attend. This way, you can gain their favor and you can better introduce your product as well. Or, if you do not have the budget to host an event, then you can simply join events hosted by others instead. Take trade shows and expos as an example. Joining these types of events is a great way to introduce your products as well as promote your store location to a great number of people.
Another way to make the public talk about your products is to provide incentives and make them want to come to your store voluntarily. As we have mentioned earlier, in-store experience now has a whole lot of meaning. For instance, you can give store-only discounts, limited store items, or even give away free products and vouchers for those who visit your store. Given that people can now buy anything online, you need to provide them with some sort of incentive and make them more willing to visit your store.


Even with the advent of e-commerce sites and online stores, local outlets and in-store businesses can still thrive. You just need to adapt and find ways to not get buried among the sea of choices and options. Use these new media and technology to your advantage, and find ways to stand out among your competitors.
This way, you would not only increase foot traffic to your store, but you would also convert leads into buying customers.