You are currently viewing BTC Duels: Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Play2Earn Crypto Trading Game

BTC Duels: Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Play2Earn Crypto Trading Game

Combining gaming with decentralized finance, GameFi often involves yield farming, staking, and other financial activities to earn rewards. Incorporating elements of crypto trading, BTC Duels is one of these new-gen games.

The play-to-earn game became popular due to its straightforward gameplay, where you simply need to predict Bitcoin prices. This feels like a natural to any crypto enthusiast, as we’ve all debated the BTC’s next move on our socials at some point. So the opportunity to earn a few extra coins while making your best guess sounds like a good idea.

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BTC Duels: Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Play2Earn Crypto Trading Game

BTC Duels features simple and catchy game graphics.

At BTC Duels, players join pools predicting price movements in the hope of earning Polygon’s MATIC if they guess right. Each round lasts only 45 seconds and the profits are divided equally between the pool participants based on their initial investment. They’ve also got two decent jackpot possibilities, but let’s dive into the gameplay first.

BTC Duels in a Nutshell

BTC Duels offers a classic play-to-earn experience, allowing players to predict Bitcoin price movements by joining one of two pools. Smart contracts underpin the game, guaranteeing security and integrity. Players receive their winnings automatically in MATIC tokens, transferred directly to their digital wallets. The game creators claim it has a solid 50% win rate, which I’ve seen to be true.

BTC Duels: Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Play2Earn Crypto Trading Game

Get paid in MATIC directly to your wallet at the end of each round

In my experience, the majority of play-to-earn games tend to be rather complicated, but BTC Duels handled the onboarding part just fine. Even if you have little experience playing crypto games or are completely new to crypto, the platform gives you a complete description of how to buy MATIC with your bank card and deposit it directly to your game wallet. The starting guide is very well-made and covers all the little details, answering any questions that new players may have.

Plus, you play with other players, and not against the house. I think that this model is awesome because it’s fair and everyone’s got a shot. You get to vibe with others, and there’s usually less of that house-edge stuff taking away your winnings. Plus, it feels great to know you’re in control of your bets and belong to a cool gaming community.

Another huge positive factor is that the game is audited by Certik, meaning that it’s safe and verified. Knowing that the game undergoes thorough audits makes it a secure choice in the unpredictable world of crypto gaming.

How to Play BTC Duels

There aren’t too many basic requirements to start playing the game. Obviously, you’ll need to have a wallet and some crypto to place your bids, but you can easily get it all directly on the platform. The official token for BTC Duels is MATIC, and you need to have it in your digital wallet in order to play the game.

Connect via social network or use your existing wallet

You can either connect with your existing wallet (they work with Metamask, Coinbase wallet, and WalletConnect) or the so-called Social Wallet. Basically, it means you’ll sign up using one of your social accounts, such as Google, Apple ID, Reddit, LinkedIn, or a bunch of others.

Then, you can top up this wallet via simple transfer, with a crypto bridge, or even buy the tokens with a credit card via Paybis exchange (there is a detailed guide on how to do it).

The game works well on both the web and mobile as long as you have a Web3-enabled browser like Metamask or Coinbase.

Step-by-step guide on how to play BTC Duels

First, you need to select your investment amount, ranging from 5 to 100 MATIC. Then, join either the UP pool if you think the Bitcoin price is going up or the DOWN pool if you think the price will drop. Just click the big green or red play button to join either of these pools.

Join Down Pool if you think the BTC price will rise 

You can see the potential profit based on players’ traders, as well as pools’ payout percentage, in the section right under the Affiliates and Winners buttons.

Look for potential profit number to calculate your chances

Once you make your bet, you just need to wait for the round to finish. If the new price is higher than the start rate, the up pool wins. On the contrary, if it’s lower than the start rate, it’s the down pool that’s in luck. The live Bitcoin rate announces the winner, and if your guess is right, you’ll receive your earnings in the digital wallet you signed the trade with.

It’s worth mentioning that profits are split equally among investors based on their share of the pools, minus the earnings fees commission (up to 10%).

Strategies for Earning and Winning at BTC Duels

After being active on the crypto gaming scene for a while, I’ve developed a few strategies on how to win more, manage risks, and not get overboard. Below is my take on mastering BTC Duels.

Start small

Begin with a conservative investment amount, say 5 MATIC, especially if you’re new to the game. This minimizes initial risks while allowing you to understand the dynamics.

Observe trends

This is a tricky one, but worth a try. Before making your move, observe the recent trends in Bitcoin prices. Look for patterns or indicators that might influence the market in the short term.

Diversify bets

Rather than putting all your MATIC in one pool, consider diversifying your bets. Split your investment between UP and DOWN pools to hedge against potential losses. For instance, allocate 70% to UP and 30% to DOWN.

BTC Duels: Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Play2Earn Crypto Trading Game

Check the BTC Duel’s leaderboard to see how top players perform

Manage risks

Set a limit on the total amount you’re willing to invest in a single round. This ensures that you don’t risk more than you can afford to lose. This is the basis of every trading and gambling venture, so make sure to stand your ground on this one.

Follow payout percentages

Payout percentages represent the potential profit for each pool. Higher percentages often come with higher risks. Evaluate your risk tolerance and choose pools that align with your comfort level.

Consider a balanced approach. While a pool with a higher percentage might seem attractive, it also implies increased volatility. Diversifying between pools with moderate and high percentages can help manage risk.

Timing is key

Instead of randomly entering pools, try to identify patterns or trends in Bitcoin prices. Look for indicators like recent price movements, news, or market sentiment that could influence short-term trends. Patience is crucial. Wait for moments when market trends are more apparent. Avoid making impulsive decisions based on sudden price fluctuations.

Review and learn

After each round, analyze the outcomes. Identify what worked well and areas for improvement. This ongoing review process helps refine your strategy over time. If a particular approach consistently leads to losses, reassess and adjust. Flexibility is key to adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.

Withdraw profits

If you achieve profitable rounds, consider withdrawing a portion of your earnings. This way, you can secure some profits even if the market becomes unpredictable. Withdrawal allows you to enjoy the benefits of your successful trades, also if subsequent rounds are less favorable. It’s another risk management strategy to lock in gains and reduce exposure.

Weekly and Monthly Jackpots

There is a Monthly Jackpot that runs throughout the month and a Weekly Jackpot that resets every Sunday. It’s an additional chance to win, and you don’t need to do anything to participate in the monthly affair. You have a better chance of winning the Jackpot if you make more trades during the month or week, as each trade counts as a ticket.

Monthly Jackpot

Anyone has a chance to win the monthly jackpot 

Throughout the month, every trade you make acts as a ticket for the Monthly Jackpot. On the 2nd of the next month, the winner is randomly chosen, and the winnings go straight to their wallet.

Weekly Jackpot

BTC Duels: Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Play2Earn Crypto Trading Game

The most active players participate in weekly jackpots

Each week, from Sunday to Sunday, your trades become your tickets for the Weekly Jackpot. On Mondays at 12 pm GMT, the winner is randomly selected, and just like that, the winnings are transferred to their wallet.

Here are the conditions:

  • 1st Prize Pool: Complete 1500 trades a week for a chance to win in all prize pools.
  • 2nd Prize Pool: Complete 1000 trades a week for a chance to win 3rd, 4th, and 5th place prize pools.
  • 3rd Prize Pool: Complete 500 trades a week for a chance to win 4th and 5th place prize pools.
  • 4th Prize Pool: Complete 250 trades a week to enter the 5th place prize pool.
  • 5th Prize Pool: Complete 100 trades a week.

How to increase chances of winning

It’s all about trading smart and trading often. For the Monthly Jackpot, just trade consistently throughout the month. To boost your odds, increase your trading frequency and watch those tickets stack up.

When it comes to the Weekly Jackpot, it’s a game of precision. Tailor your trading strategy based on the prize pool you’re eyeing. Hit 1500 trades a week for a shot at the top, or aim for 1000 trades for a chance in the 2nd prize pool. Stay consistent, and you’ll find yourself in the running for weekly glory.

Affiliate Program

BTC Duels has a 3-level affiliate program where you invite friends and get paid daily if they go on and play the game. You don’t have to be a player yourself, but you do need to connect the wallet that will become your affiliate ID and storage for all the earnings you make.

A multi-level affiliate program allows you to earn extra funds by inviting friends

You can create as many affiliate links as you want and share them via social media or send them directly to people who might be interested. Eventually, you will get a share of your friends’ paid commission. Tier 1 friends (the ones who came via your direct link) get you 20%, Tier 2 – 10%, and Tier 3 bring on 5%.

In the affiliate dashboard, you will see all the affiliate data, earning stats, and your profit. And the fun part is that if your friends win the jackpot, you win it too.


In a nutshell, BTC Duels offers a straightforward play-to-earn experience with a user-friendly interface and a commendable 50% win ratio. Its peer-to-peer engagement model, transparent processes, and very intuitive gameplay make it an appealing choice for both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers.

With additional Weekly and Monthly jackpot opportunities and a multi-level affiliate program, BTC Duels comes across as a fun crypto gaming adventure. If you love trading, Bitcoin price predictions, and the light adrenaline rush that comes with it, I’d say you should give BTC Duels a go.

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How do I get payouts?

Payouts are automatically processed and transferred to your wallet once you secure a win. Simply check your wallet balance to find your well-deserved earnings.

What is the win ratio?

The win ratio at BTC Duels is set at 50%. Keep in mind that individual experiences may vary based on trading strategies and market conditions. It’s all part of the dynamic and fair gameplay.

How do I make a deposit?

You don’t need to deposit anything, as you connect your wallet and use the funds available there. If you don’t have any crypto on your balance, you can easily buy it via credit card by following the instructions in the wallet section.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

Withdrawals are hassle-free. Go to the wallet section, select the transfer option, and follow the provided steps.

Is BTC Duels secure?

Absolutely. BTC Duels prioritizes security. Utilizing advanced encryption and blockchain technology, it ensures a secure environment for your trades and transactions.

Can I play on mobile? Is there a BTC Duels app?

Although there is no separate app yet, you can enjoy BTC Duels on your mobile device without the need for a dedicated app. The game is accessible and user-friendly across various devices.

Is it available globally?

Yes, BTC Duels welcomes players from around the globe. However, you need to make sure that your country officially allows the use of digital assets.

What are the key benefits of BTC Duels?

Key benefits include automatic payouts, transparency, excellent UI/UX, robust security measures, mobile accessibility, and a great win ratio.