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Britannic Technologies: Taking Customers on a Digital Transformation Journey

A communication and systems integrator company, Britannic Technologies aims to deliver a seamless transformational digital experience to customers. The company has a long and enriching heritage of over 33 years’ taking customers on a digital transformation journey from start to finish. Discovering their technology needs, demonstrating technology and designing their roadmap, and helping them to develop at their own pace. Delivering on their promise – we do what we say. 
The company focuses on working closely with customers as a strategic partner to understand their technology requirements, ensuring that the technology is aligned with the business’s objectives and strategy.
Britannic’s core strengths are flexibility and being agile enough to provide customers with the choice to develop at their own pace. They provide innovative, leading technology that is ahead of the competition and in some cases even ahead of leading technology vendor’s roadmap.
The Thought Leaders 
Richard Dendle is the Founder and CEO of Britannic Technologies who has spent his livelihood in Saudi Arabia in the early 1980s. During those times, Saudi Arabia was the most advanced country in the world from a telecommunications perspective. Armed with knowledge garnered in Saudi, he identified an opportunity to set up Britannic Telecom Company in 1984. The name was later on changed to Britannic Technologies Limited in 2003 following the acquisition of a development company in 2000. The new name reflects the Voice, Data and Solutions Integration that are core parts of the company’s services today.
Jonathan Sharp is the Director at Britannic Technologies who has earned a glowing reputation in the industry. With over twenty years of experience in IT & Telecoms, Jonathan has a proven ability to lead, develop and motivate teams, execute change, deliver market differentiation and achieve profitable growth. He also focuses on offering end-to-end holistic solutions to the customers in order to maximize their investment in ICT.
More importantly, since inception they both regularly attend client meetings and focus on developing relationships with customers. This has led customers to get easy access to Britannic’s services and to working closely with the customers in developing innovative solutions in return. As a result, the company’s leaders have been the catalysts for several groundbreaking developments and are highly prominent in the industry.
Tailored-Customer Services 
In a rapidly evolving market, Britannic integrates cloud applications and services with phone systems, contact centre, UC solutions and line of business systems. This helps customers gain tailored-made solutions with flexibility, ease of management, swift installation, rapid roll-out of new applications and predictability of costs. The company holds an outstanding reputation in the industry with telecoms, UC and cloud solutions and partner with the world leading technology vendors including Mitel, Avaya, and Microsoft.
Unique Strategies 
Britannic has invested heavily in cloud infrastructure and is well-positioned to guide its customers along their journeys and mitigating risk along the way.
Britannic in-house software development team is known as pioneers of innovation amongst customers and vendors with a long line of successful unique solutions offered in the market. This includes SIP, one of the first to build its own SIP platform in 2004, and the first Mitel partner in Europe to move an on-premise phone system into a virtualized environment. Apart from this, the company is still continuing to identify new technological trends such as WebRTC and conversational artificial intelligence, with a solution called Ami.
Being with the market-leading technical capabilities, it recruits the best members. Presently, Britannic has built a team of 80 people who are specialists in communications solutions and highly skilled at selling with a consultative approach. The team excels in being creative, capable and adaptable and works closely with customers to produce bespoke solutions to transform their business.
Future Roadmap 
Currently, Britannic is well placed to achieve the continuous growth in the market through its next generation services and cloud architecture. It also succeeded in implementing AI and M2M communication which is underpinned with big data / analytics depending upon the increase in demand.
Britannic focus remains unchanged and will continue to work with its customers as business partners by providing an excellence of service, tailored advice and solutions and world-class technology delivery. The company is planning to leverage the offerings from world-leaders, complemented with innovation from niche application providers and with its in-house capabilities. It is looking forward for opportunities within the market for systems integration skills and end-to-end managed services along with a flexible, agile and innovative approach. This can help its customers to integrate new and emerging technology into their business processes, workflows, digital platforms and customer experience.
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