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BrickControl: Made Managing Construction Projects Much Easier and More Efficient

Technology has changed the face of the construction industry. Today, we have software and mobile solutions to help manage every facet of a construction project. By utilizing technological advancements, many construction tech companies are driving construction forward. One such company is BrickControl.
Dedicated to the development of software for construction companies, BrickControl covers a range of needs, making the work of professionals and companies involved in a project much easier.
Responding to the multiple ideas contributed by customers for so many years, BrickControl dares to offer worldwide software that is increasingly easier and safer to use by combining the best technology with the ability to host in the cloud. It has become a powerful and convenient solution for businesses of all sizes.
We at Insights Success caught up with David Jiménez, the CEO of BrickControl, to know more about the company and how its cloud-based application helps businesses manage all of their construction projects in an easy, simple, and efficient way.
Below are the highlights of the interview:
What makes BrickControl a preferred choice among your clientele over other competitors?
BrickControl stands out for being a SaaS On Cloud solution that remains at the level of an ERP system but frees users from the tedious complications in installation and infrastructure payments that ERP systems entail. We use advanced technology.
It is an extremely powerful system that allows the parallel management and at any level of detail of multiple projects, multi teams, multi languages, and multi currency. The system has no limits in construction management.
The cloud service generates maximum security thanks to the DataCenter Amazon Web Services in the US and Europe, guaranteeing automatic backups in real time for optimal management.
It offers an API to run multiple integrations with accounting, financial and human resources systems, among many others.
In addition, consulting services, training, technical assistance, and support of all kinds are offered. The correct performance of each client is the main thing.
The prices are highly competitive, BrickControl offers different scalable subscription plans, adaptable to all types of companies and their specific needs.
It has been the combination of these elements that make BrickControl a Leading System in Construction Technology in the world.
Describe your top-notch features that address the need of your customers.
In BrickControl, the budget management function is integrated with all the departments involved in the organization to ensure comprehensive management.
This software allows you to create an infinite number of studies, as well as to prepare budgets simply and efficiently, generating the sale automatically from cost. Either by importing Excel files or by creating them, budgets can be copied, exported, printed with their own designs and much more, thanks to its multiple nesting level.
Project monitoring and progress: BrickControl’s capabilities as measurement software exceed user expectations, and it has been a fundamental point for the recognition of this software.
Entering work progress measurements is as simple as registering work units executed by quantity, by percentage or by measurement lines in BrickControl. The system allows to compare them with the project measurement and print using personalized templates with logos, images and colors.
After the introduction of the project progress, cost deviations can be easily monitored and analyzed, to allow control of the execution of the work in progress.
Calculation and management of resources: BrickControl generates, from the budget and automatically, the anticipated needs for the execution of the work at the project, chapter and work unit level; calculates its cost and integrates this information with the control, monitoring and analysis of the project.
Variance analysis: provides control over budget variances, offers a real-time projection of variance and variance analysis. You can find the origin of the deviations and determine if they are due to consumption or prices, at the chapter, task and resource level. It makes it possible to know in which resource the deviation is being generated to insert corrective measures.
BrickControl also has many other functionalities such as warehouse management, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, integration with accounting…
What is your opinion on the necessity for businesses to align their offerings with newer technological developments, especially when it comes to Digital Transformation?
We are currently experiencing one of the most important changes in the construction industry. New products have appeared on the market much more powerful that have joined the need for the digital transformation of companies. Web products in the cloud such as BrickControl help the digital transformation of the construction sector at a very affordable cost for companies of any size.
Companies that distribute products and services for digital transformation must adapt to the most advanced products on the market, which are in the cloud, SaaS, and must offer integrations through APIs to their customers in order to meet the current demand of companies.
The end customer must evolve towards the new digital transformation because this way of operating will allow them to be more competitive and efficient in their work.
In what ways have you or BrickControl contributed to the community?
Acelera Pyme is a Spain program that was created to help SMEs and freelancers in order to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on their activity.
BrickControl is an Official Collaborator of the Acelera Pyme Program, to provide all possible technological help and contribute assertively in the digital transformation process of entrepreneurs, freelancers and all types of companies in general.
We are committed to the success of the construction sector, we do it through our assistance, and through our efforts to improve technologically to ensure the best performance in the construction process.
What, according to you, could be the next big change in the Construction Management Software industry? How is BrickControl preparing to be a part of that change?
We believe that an important change that is going to take place, is that the most technologically advanced products automatically integrate (without added developments) with each other in real time through APIs so that companies choose the best product in each category. Until recently, companies were looking for an ERP that would solve all the problems of the company, this often resulted in integrated software, but with many shortcomings in some areas and difficult to use.
Currently many products on the market should no longer be seen as competitors, but as partners where we can unite to provide the best solution to customers.
In this way, clients can choose the best work control and execution software, the best BIM software, the best accounting software for their country, and more; All these software can work fully integrated as if it were a single product.
What are your future aspirations? Where do you see BrickControl in the next five years?
Our future aspiration is to continue to consolidate ourselves as a reference in construction project management software and to continue expanding in more countries.
With our technology to manage all construction processes, we have helped hundreds of companies in 2021, and we are committed to continuing to grow; the improvements that we are planning for 2022 we are sure will benefit all the agents involved in the construction sector.