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Brewer Science: The pioneers of anti-reflective coatings

The significance of nanotechnology can be acknowledged by the fact that the first generation of computers used to occupy huge space, while today, much faster and updated versions of the same can fit into one’s pocket. It has enabled us to retrieve the most out of what is known as one of the greatest innovations of mankind, electronics. The companies in this space are working aggressively towards making devices perform faster and better. Such is the case with Brewer Science.
Brewer Science is a privately held company and is based in Rolla, Missouri. Since its inception, Brewer has been a reliable global technology leader in developing and manufacturing innovative materials and processes for the fabrication of semiconductors and microelectronic devices. The company got its start in semiconductor materials, specifically in materials used in front-end processes. Brewer Science produces more than 70 types of materials used in lithography processes.
From front-end materials, the company expanded to back-end advanced packaging materials, and from there to printed electronics systems. The company prides itself on being committed to an environment that fosters innovation, diversity, and professional development in an industry of constant change and growth.
The employees of Brewer Science strive to create an environment that fosters innovation, diversity, and professional development. Every member of the team is focused on helping the customers reach their technology goals through its results-oriented approach to problem solving. Brewer Science’s customers’ long-term success is important to the company, and it prides itself in exceeding their expectations with its personalized care and commitment.
A Comprehensive Product Line 
The company offers anti-reflective coatings, multilayer systems, planarizing materials, protective coatings, temporary bonding solutions, and printed electronic sensor systems. Its business model and in-depth knowledge and expertise in materials science, chemistry, physics, optics, modeling, and process integration distinguish Brewer Science from all other material suppliers worldwide.
From Innovator to Industry Leader 
Dr. Terry Brewer is the Founder and CEO of Brewer Science. He believed that his invention of anti-reflective coatings would progress microelectronics and decided to become an industry leader. He states, “If I was really going to get something done in my life before it was over… I had to start my own company and build it up from scratch.” Dr. Brewer’s discovery resulted in a revolution in the global microelectronics industry and ushered in today’s high-speed, lightweight electronic devices.
Under Dr. Brewer’s leadership, Brewer Science has grown to be a global leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials and solutions for the reliable fabrication of cutting-edge micro-devices used in electronics such as tablet computers, smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, and LED lighting. As a privately held organization, Brewer Science has the freedom to guide the industry in the continued development of leading-edge technology.
“We believe that by staying at the leading edge of technology and product development, we will assist our current customers as well as gain new customers through an expanded portfolio,” states Dr. Terry Brewer.
Stimulating the Technology Advancement for Products of Tomorrow 
Brewer Science is one of the recognized franchises within the Semiconductor Business and it believes, there’s a large push to get down to the 5/7-nm process node. The industry has spent much time and effort on expensive equipment solutions, yet there still remain issues for perfecting these processes. Brewer Science has over 35 years of material knowledge that will foster the technology advancements for the products of tomorrow. Perfecting the quality and cleanliness of materials is a huge factor in achieving these new process nodes. To achieve this, the company is looking for more environment friendly materials that improve the carbon footprint of its processes as well as those of Brewer Science’s customers.
Staying on the Edge 
Brewer Science’s R&D team works around the clock to keep the organization on the edge of what’s next. Apart from the team’s extensive expertise, the group of scientists, engineers and researchers have fostered relationships with multiple academic institutions and national laboratories around the globe. Obtaining industry support for Brewer Science’s programs has been one of the many invaluable benefits resulting from these relationships. Its R&D division also consistently attracts government support for the research efforts. Brewer Science has been the recipient of numerous Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and non- SBIR awards from federal agencies, including the Navy, Air Force, National Science Foundation, Strategic Defense Initiative, DARPA, and the National Institutes of Health.
Optimum Quality, Zero Waste 
Brewer Science’s strict Quality Control standards ensure that all of its materials are consistent and high quality. Its leading-edge metrology offers the highest degree of sensitivity and accuracy available in the industry, and its zero-escape policy for releasing nonconforming materials ensures that only the finest products make it into the hands of its customers. The company’s advanced analytical metrology enables full characterization capabilities in-house, and its predictive batch analysis optimizes the processes and characterizes the materials at each process step.
Brewer Science is one of the growing number of companies that have obtained GreenCircle Certified® Zero Waste to Landfill certification, and it is the only company in the semiconductor industry to hold this status. The Zero Waste to Landfill Certification represents Brewer Science’s commitment to the responsible management of end-of-life materials and demonstrates the company’s commitment to waste diversion practices.
Aspiring Leadership 
Brewer Science has been a market leader in providing production nanotechnology, supporting 90-nm lithography nodes with film thickness in the 20-nm to 60-nm range. That has extended to today where many of its coatings are in the 10-nm to 25-nm thickness range and is used to produce semiconductor structures down to 10- nm dimensions. The company has been an industry leader in advancing directed self-assembly from block copolymers for 15 nm and smaller patterns. This remains in development but has demonstrated the ability to pattern structures to near 5 nm. Much of Brewer Science’s future focus is monolayer and selective surface materials in the 1-nm to 5-nm film thickness range for use in building future lithography nodes at 7 nm, 5 nm and 3 nm. It has also worked extensively in the more classic nanomaterials industry since 2005 with carbon-based electronics using carbon nanotubes and graphene materials. Today, these are used to produce a broad range of printed electronics systems that have fast response times and sensitivities to small changes that can be an order of magnitude better than traditional sensor technologies.
Looking Beyond the Industry 
When it comes to the future of the organization, Brewer Science is planning to maintain and improve its market share in the semiconductor industry by enhancing its materials portfolio to achieve next-generation technology for front-end and back-end processes. While looking beyond the semiconductor industry, the organization is evaluating new avenues to enhance the quality of life around the world through new innovative technology based on its materials expertise. The first step is Brewer Science’s printed electronics program within its Emerging Technologies unit. This program utilizes Brewer Science’s unique material characteristics to design sensing technology that will take artificial intelligence and machine learning to the next level through multi-point (array) sensing.