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Breaking Boundaries with Data Analytics: 5 Career Opportunities To Look For

Like bricks are the foundation of a building, data is the foundation of technical decision-making in the modern era. Every transaction, interaction, and process creates data, a silent record of our daily activities. However, this generated data is raw and unrefined in nature, much like a pile of bricks.

As bricks are required to build a structure using blueprints, data analytics is the architect who finishes the process. It is vital to help us identify trends, patterns, and information concealed within the data, allowing us to make better, well-informed choices. This blog will explore what data analytics is and what top career opportunities to look for.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is analyzing raw data and using them to answer questions and find industry trends. It can be used in almost every sector that requires data handling and analysis.

A data analyst is an expert in collecting and analyzing the data. They are also incharge of developing and testing different analytical models based on the analyzed data. Firstly, the unstructured data from different sources is collected and clubbed into a combined format. This data is then loaded into the data analytics system, such as Hadoop cluster, data warehouse, etc.

The next step is to cleanse and profile the data to ensure it is error-free and consistent. The last and most crucial step is to perform the main operations in data analytics.

Here, an analytical model is built using different programming languages like Scala, SQL, Python, etc. Lastly, the results of the analytical model are used to obtain desired results.

Best Career Options in Data Analytics 

Here are some of the high-paying and high-demand jobs you can secure after excelling in a data analytics course in Singapore.

Data Scientist

Data collection and analysis are key activities of data scientists, and they are able to make appropriate decisions by means of visual representation.

A data scientist must be able to view the data from a holistic point of view and have the ability to see and analyze data effectively through programming languages such as Scala, Python, SQL, or any other.

The average salary of a data scientist is $7503 per month and goes up to $10,000.The average salary of a data scientist is $7503 per month and goes up to $10000.

Data Engineer

The work of a data engineer is to help in the design, implementation, and optimizing data infrastructure that surrounds the data analytics processes.

Generally, a data engineer handles large sets of data and aids in making this data easily readable for other data scientists by data profiling and cleansing.

The average salary of a data engineer is $120,000 – $170,000.

Business Analyst 

In the business world, business analysts are problem solvers. They’re using data analysis to crack the code of an organization’s problem.

To find the root causes of these problems, those analysts dig into business models, reports and technical documents. They come up with strategies to drive their business forward, guided by the insights.

The average starting salary of a business analyst is $5667 per month.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is responsible for analyzing and interpreting statistical models and algorithms for data analytics using machine learning.

In-depth knowledge of statistics and programming is vital to have a fruitful career as a machine learning engineer.

The average salary of a machine learning engineer is $90,000 up to $170,000 per year.

Quantitative Analyst

A quantitative analyst’s main role is to solve different financial problems using data analytics to further analyze large amounts of data to understand investment patterns, exchange rate trends, the stock market, financial risk management, and many others.

The average salary of a quantitative analyst is $157,000 per year.


Data analytics has been taking over the employment world, being one of the highest-paying and high-demand jobs. In this article, we have highlighted just a few of the many career options that require data analysis.

However, the field of data analysis is very broad and provides an endless number of opportunities. In the field of data analytics, there are a lot more career possibilities and an even greater potential for growth.

A career in data analysis is, therefore, a promising prospect with considerable scope and growth over the coming years.