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Brandon Hernandez | Co-Founder | Whole Brain Consulting

Brandon Hernandez: YOUR Trusted Partner for Outsourcing Services in Consumer Products Industry

With a mission to provide the highest level of outsourced operations focusing on QA/QC, supply chain, co-man sourcing, R&D, and private equity operational due diligence, Brandon Hernandez co-founded Whole Brain Consulting.

After earning his degree in Biology from Colorado State University, Brandon began his career in food safety, supply chain, R&D, and general plant operations management starting at Zateca Foods now Teasdale Latin Foods. He spent several years working his way through the operational, research and development, supply chain, and quality assurance aspects of food manufacturing and now plans to use those skills in the Boulder/CPG communities.

Embarking Excellence

Brandon started the company from scratch, enduring several challenges ranging from non-payment, disagreements, expanding the brick-and-mortar aspect of the business while gaining traction in a highly competitive industry. However, he overcame these hurdles and demanding the best f\rom his team.

Brandon’s journey has been a constant roller-coaster, but he always manages to change the tides building strong relationships and imprinting his mark on the industry. He shares, “Gaining the respect of people in the industry was just as rewarding as building a prosperous company. Sometimes visions align, and sometimes they don’t, but I would hope that everyone would recognize the guidance we give comes from a place, of what we believe, is in the clients’ best interest.”

Outsourcing Experts

Whole Brain Consulting takes a complex large industry machine and makes it understandable to even it’s most novice clientele. Brandon feels logistics and supply chain can feel daunting to anyone, and even more so to a novice, so we use our experience to flatten the learning curve for our clients.

By integrating across multiple platforms, Whole Brain Consulting differentiates itself from the rest by cultivating and maintaining friendships with members of the logistics/supply chain communities. We have found that it doesn’t matter what type of technology you have, if you don’t know how to use it.

Ready, Set, Initiate

According to Brandon, the advent of AI techniques and analyses will be pivotal for the manufacturing environment. He believes that AI will undoubtedly make its logical way into manufacturing. Outside of operational efficiency, QA is the next logical place for AI to advance processing. He notes, “From intelligent foreign material detection devices to microbiological analysis, AI will start to shape the way we understand our processing environments. At Whole Brain, we simply continue to monitor those advances and adapt our consulting accordingly.”

Going Beyond

Brandon’s future goal for WBC is to learn from the industry and start applying them to other sectors/categories. Ultimately, he wants WBC to fulfill its goal as a business and trusted industry partner, leveraging into the philanthropic space ensuring a better world for those coming behind us.

A Piece of Advice

Brandon advises aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the supply chain industry to never stop learning. “The supply chain world will continue to change and evolve, and I think that will only accelerate as blockchain and other technologies make their way into the sector and technological advances continue.” Brandon concludes.