BPM-D: The Innovative and Reliable Business Partner

Applying BPM discipline is of vital importance and there is no denying in that. However, it also demands innovative approach and business partner who will take care of the process for you. One such innovative and reliable business partner is BPM-D that helps organizations to increase performance and productivity through cross functional business and information technology initiatives faster, but at minimal risk. The organization is an expert in establishing and applying a BPM discipline providing better value through systematic strategy execution in a digital world. With years of experience in the world of BPM, the organization was set up. All the offerings of the company are based on the BPM-D Framework which eventually increases value through BPM, and speeds up various initiatives and reduces risk. The offerings support a completely focused and dynamic approach to process management and improvement.
Pillars of the Organization
At the end of 2013, BPM-D was co-founded by Dr. Mathias KrichmerManaging Director and Peter Franz, Managing Director. Before the foundation of BPM-D, Mathias was with Accenture for seven years, where he led the global business process lifecycle management team as the Managing Director. Before Accenture, he served as a CEO of the Americas and Japan in a mid-sized consulting and software company named IDS Scheer for seventeen years. He specializes in digital business transformations and the set-up of process management organizations. Additionally, he has been teaching at the University of Pennsylvania for more than eighteen years and has published as much as eleven books. Other than that, he is a visiting professor at the Business School of Widener University and the Universidad of Chile. Back in 1984, he received a research and fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems from Saarbrucken University, a master’s in Business Administration and Computer Science from Karlsruhe University, as well as Master’s in Economics from Paris-IX-Dauphine University. The other co-founder, Peter is based out of London and has been working at the forefront of Business Process Management for quite a long time, as a part of a thirty years career with Accenture. Since the foundation of BPM-D, he has continued to assist a number of companies in strategic execution and in order to establish BPM discipline. Peter has a deep understanding when it comes to the application of Business Process Management discipline to drive real business results. He is also an author of a book, on this subject and has developed related executive-level courses that can be adapted to various audiences. Peter holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and is a Certified Business Process Management Professional.
Tackling Rough Patches 
BPM-D believes that there’s still a lot of confusion revolving around the BPM industry and many of the organizations don’t have the idea regarding what BPM really is. So, many organizations are finding it very difficult to recognize the perfect timing and need of implementing BPM solutions. However, due to more and more a consensus in practice as well as in academia that BPM is a key catalyst to move strategy into people and technology based execution at pace with certainty, which eventually helps to create an integrated and consistent view on all BPM related services and software products. BPM-D positions itself as a key enabler when it comes to strategy-execution in the digital world, helping various organizations to establish and apply the discipline needed to improve efficiency quickly, enhance the client experience, standardize processes and get a full value from process related technologies. Having been in the industry for only three years, BPM-D has already worked with more than forty small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses as well as provided training to over 400 executives in the company’s value-driven process management approach.
Creating Superior Value and Tackling Rivals 
BPM-D believes that process management is a way to create better value by working across different departments and aligning business & technology. So, BPM-D can help companies to realize the full value of digital initiatives, like robotic process automation, but can also help to reduce costs, cycle times, or increasing customer experiences in a traditional setting. BPM-D is the expert in establishing and applying the disciple of BPM, providing better value through systematic strategy execution in a digital world. All the BPM-D offerings are based on the patent-pending BPM-D Framework. The offerings support a focused and dynamic approach. The framework speeds up process initiatives, minimizes risk and enables the development of tools and methods to establish a BPM discipline in an organization, which is fast and at minimal risk. Presently, the organization integrates its different tools into one cloud-based application for the management of a BPM Discipline. The patent-pending new framework, Innovation potential through the close link to academia and deep, relevant practice experience differs BPM-D from other players in an ongoing race in the BPM space.

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