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BOS Innovations: A Revolutionary Automation Solutions Provider

BOS Innovations is an industrial automation solution provider which aims at assisting companies to reach greater productivity and profitability through machine building and integration of robotics. The company was originally setup over 20 years ago by its founder Casey Huigenbos. With the passage of time, it has become a leading industrial automation solution provider that works with some of the greatest and most progressive companies.
An Enthusiastic Leader
The person responsible for leading BOS Innovations towards this path of success is none other than Ben Huigenbos, the President of the company. He started as an employee at BOS in 2000, and was thrust into Presidentship at BOS upon the sudden passing of his father in 2008. Since then, Ben has helped grow the company from 15 to over 80 employees, and the revenue from $2 Million to $15 Million. Ben and his team have secured steady growth for BOS through intentional and incremental advancements in new technology sectors in robotics, welding, lasers, and advanced vision systems.
Dedication towards Quality Service
BOS develops factory automation solutions to help companies achieve greater productivity and profitability through automation. It offers complete services in machine building and integration of automation and robotics. A wide range of products and services is provided by BOS including:
Assembly Systems
Engineered integrated system development featuring advanced vision, robotics, sensor and tooling technology to assemble with precision, speed, and quality.
Laser Automation
Advanced medium to high accuracy multi-axis coordinated motion robotic laser welding, cutting, marking and surface treatment systems.
Welding Automation
Flexible advanced welding automation with adaptive welding, vision guidance, path tracking, and even advanced path generation solutions.
Machine Tending and Post Processing
Flexible integration with its customer’s core processes such as machine centers, metal presses, or mold machines, with value added post processing to eliminate its clients’ work in process and to maximize automation investment.  Post processing may include vision and sensor inspections, metal or plastic finishing operations or assembly and packing operations.
Collaborative Robotics
BOS has experience and success to back up its claim as a top co-bot integrator for operator assistant robots for ergonomic task help, elimination of simple unskilled human tasks, and we are currently developing advanced quality control collaborative robots with advanced sensors.
Challenges and Achievements on the Road to Success
As a leading automation solutions provider, BOS has overcome many obstacles and has achieved many goals throughout its illustrious journey. Ontario was previously the core market for BOS, but the declining manufacturing environment never rebounded here like it has elsewhere, mostly due to government policy and energy costs.  Growth has come through market share advancements and improvements in penetrating and supporting new markets.
It has also fared well in talent recruiting and skills growth in spite of being in a growth trajectory in a technology company. Its biggest achievements have been successful launches of new technology segments every 2 years for the past 8 years, leading to a 700% sales growth over that same period.
BOS credits the increase in its workforce and the influx of new and talented people for its success. It acknowledges that introduction of latest technology over the years has unlocked its potential and has allowed it to flourish.
Commitment to Development
BOS has a strong commitment to help imparting STEM (Science, tech, engineering and math) and robotics education fostering the next-gen leaders. It will be the Lead sponsor for 2018 FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) Western University District. It continues to work with many local post-secondary schools in supporting many co-op students year round, and hiring of new grads in order to expand the talent in this growing industry.
Future Plans
BOS marches ahead with not only the objective of growing, but also to become the best in the business. It believes in honestly achieving the goals, as success will automatically follow. BOS has and continues to develop a complete machine building team and contractor base for all machine building and engineering disciplines with a complete network of support staff and processes. It aims to achieve full spectrum capability that its customers can rely on.
Although new and innovative technologies can increase risks, BOS considers it important to invest in these technologies to be at the leading edge. It strives to find a healthy balance between projects that deploy proven technology at lower risk, with technologically challenging projects that advance both BOS and its valued customers.  It plans to launch a robotic inline dimensional inspection system that can be deployed on conventional or collaborative robots in the 2nd quarter 2018. It also intends to continue to move more advanced technologies into the established technology category through successful development and deployment, while improving both BOS and its customers.