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Boris Kontsevoi, CEO and President, Intetics

Boris Kontsevoi: Bringing Concepts to Reality

The journey from a business leader to a chief executive officer isn’t just connected with personal goals and ambitions. It also always aligns with a global mission to bring meaningful value to business society and engage talented people in strategically planned business with a vivid and clear mission, vision, and a road map. But in the beginning, usually, one has only enthusiasm, a spirit of an innovator and experimenter, and the desire to face challenges. To achieve the results, one had to be dedicated, persistent, and industrious; akin to these qualities is Boris Kontsevoi.

As the CEO and President of Intetics, Boris leads a global software engineering and data processing company focused on creating and operating effective distributed teams for application development, systems integration, GIS solutions, and back-office support. Intetics celebrated its 26th-anniversary last year, and it is progressing, innovating, and making an impact because of the individual efforts of every employee.

Transformative Journey

Boris’s professional career started in 1984. Ten years later, in January 1994 he’s founded a company and started the entrepreneurial journey when he and four other software engineers huddled over a laptop and began writing software for their US-based insurance clients. Originally, Intetics was founded in Minsk, Belarus, and initially operated under the name “Client-Server Programs.” Boris states that in the era of no internet in the post-Soviet Republic, none in  Belarus could understand its name and type of business.  Modem calls were made to Berlin because there were no Internet providers in Belarus and the phone bills were around 800$, the total price was $2200 per channel at 128 kbit/s; moreover, it was tricky to deliver the software to the client because “heavy” files couldn’t be downloaded via the internet. It needed to take a floppy disk, get on a plane, and fly to the USA.

Only in Spring of 1995, finally, the opportunity to access on the internet appeared in Belarus

Eight years later, Boris moved to the USA and “Client-Server Programs” became one of the development centers at  the American company – Intetics Inc.   It has found more offices in the USA, Belarus, Ukraine, UK, Poland, and Germany. Yet, despite all the odds, the company grew to the global level. In 2021, it has achieved clients in 30+ countries. It has 700+ employees at the company; they are spread across 11 offices and work offline and remotely.

Vision of Intetics

Intetics has been facing a rise in recent years, with a need to execute customer-centric marketing strategies across multiple channels using various data. It met the need to coordinate and adjust the approaches to its brand awareness.

Boris describes the vision of Intetics through its brand style. On the design level, the updated corporate style has become closer to the “White and Bright” approach and thus emphasizes the logo, its color, and history. Orange is a consequence of being bored by uniformed “blue chips”, in 90th they have been called BLUE chips by Wall Street exactly for the reason that all IT companies had blue logos, sometimes green.

Through its color and design, the Intetics logo embodies the company’s mission and vision. Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, success, happiness, fun, balance, and fascination. This sunny color sets the company apart from the mainly blueish and greenish IT community and draws attention to its ability to create new business models, deliver value and strive for innovation.

The Intetics star is a guiding star to success and value, the symbol of connection between our spirit and all the elements of this world. It further represents the global vision behind Intetics’ innovation and its intended future: to rise as the number one star in the software services industry (a title that has been earned already according to the IAOP’s list of Top 100 Global Outsourcing Companies.) It also reflects the company’s roots in Eastern Europe, and its current headquarters in the USA, where the star has a very special meaning of the goals to which humankind aspires.

Thriving Expertise

In the pursuit of being the best, Intetics’ daily work is dedicated to making an impact. Intetics would like to highlight three cases in different industries: transportation, education and healthcare.

The Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team® scaled a logistics company business to transport millions of tons of cargo every day. The challenge concerned the Client’s need to enhance the product, improve the quality and to execute the maintenance with a development team’s help in a very short term. The results  that were achieved:

  • The Transport Management System was scaled and optimized with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements.
  • The legacy hierarchical database gradually migrated to Oracle.
  • With a united reliable and autonomous team, the number of issues decreased 5 times.
  • With a third-party systems integration, the Client could exchange live information in several months.

Another case, regarding to the Edtech, Intetics team did the redevelopment of an omnichannel eLearning Platform, which 9.5 million students use across America. The main challenge was migrating to a platform with greater flexibility, scalability, and more modern cutting-edge architecture. As a result: 87% of students said that access to learning analytics positively impacted their studies, and 77% increased their engagement with course materials.Boris asserts that to impact the healthcare industry, they  have developed the publicly available diabetes & glucose monitoring Mob App. The challenge was to create a powerful and flexible desktop app to interact with the Client’s miniaturized modular diagnostic imaging hardware platform. As the result the best-in-class digital microscope is operated by Intetics software.The Client continues the development based on the present architecture.

Value-Driven Culture

Intetics in its brand name means internet. Technology. Ethics.

Boris states Intetics’ Code of Conduct underlines the main principles of its daily work ethic. The values emphasized here help it drive quality results, deliver satisfaction to its clients, and build professional relationships in the company. These ideals have guided Intetics to become who it is today. He says, “To attain even greater success, it is vital that we rely on and apply these values to our decisions every day.”

Implementing Technology  ( the initial question was  5.   Undeniably, technology is playing a significant role in almost every sector. How are you leveraging technological advancements to make your solutions resourceful?)

Talking about the significance of technology, Intetics leverages AI/ML, IoT, blockchain, and GIS/UAV/LBS technologies to make resourceful solutions.

To pick up on the Intetics’ Case Study, Boris asserts that Artificial intelligence has huge potential to increase an institution’s student outcomes – students will be on equal footing, no matter who their teacher is or what their background consists. AI systems can flag students who are at risk so that educators can provide them with additional support. The curriculum will be the same from teacher to teacher, so there is no learning gap between the two classrooms. And, due to strides in AI attendance monitoring, there will be less persistent absenteeism, increasing learning hours. While institution-facing AI might be behind learner and teacher-facing applications, it still has the power to change the educational system for the better. Thereby implementing technologies in every industry we might see its evolution in business processes.

Farsighted Goals

Boris states Intetics’ future goals are as follows:1. Continue to transform businesses by providing leading digital technologies and innovative technical talent. 2. Capitalizing on its Centers of Excellence of Cloud and DevOps, Test Automation, Data Science and Big Data, Machine Learning and AI, Internet of Things, CX/UI/UX design, Geospatial, GIS and LBS solutions, UAV/drones, Low Code, Chatbots and Conversational Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and more.

  • More scientific research in software development technology.
  • Achieving 2000+ employees as a part of the Intetics family.

Bequeathing Guidance

Boris strongly advises budding CEOs to go to 100 potential clients and speak up about an idea to get feedback. Follow feedbacks to analyze the results to make an MVP of the product. “Entrepreneurs shouldn’t just rely on their own will when developing a software product because, ultimately, no one will buy it. So, first, do your customer development,” concludes Boris.