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BocaVox LLC: Providing Academic Institutions with a Superior Solution

Today the present system of education focuses on the implementation of learning platforms that are driven by the latest technologies. BocaVox provides academic institutions with a superior software solution to support school administrators and other stakeholders while empowering students to succeed. BocaVox CEO, Sue Diseker, is a former educator dedicated to creating technology to reduce the bureaucratic tasks which burden educators and administrators.
Maestro as the Central Software 
BocaVox is the developer of Maestro Student Information System, a software (SIS) that consolidates the many moving parts to managing an educational institution into a single, centralized platform to manage the student lifecycle, from registration to alumni. Maestro has an API to connect to other third party systems such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), payment gateways, or HR platforms, etc. Maestro SIS gives educators and administrations the data they need to help students succeed.
Everyone who works at BocaVox is passionate about Maestro SIS. As one customer put it, Maestro SIS runs schools! It serves as the central repository, or backbone of a school’s infrastructure, automating management of a students’ entire academic journey from lead and registration, communications, demographics, and academic history, including grades, attendance, disciplinary actions, and progress toward graduation to final transcript. Maestro SIS provides hundreds of reports and a custom report builder, as well an easy way to query the grids for data. Reports can be viewed as analytics, on role-based dashboards.
Maestro’s high notes are the vast reporting capabilities, the various communication options, and the Plan of Study, or Graduation Plan feature, which tremendously facilitates the job of the registrar, as well as encouraging students and parents to keep track of their progress toward graduation.
When an institution chooses Maestro as the central software that runs their school, they are not only purchasing a software tool, but they are entering into a partnership with a company that they can depend on to be available when they need assistance. With BocaVox, clients get far more than what they pay for.
Helping Partner Institutions Expand 
BocaVox rebuilt Maestro as a SAAS solution in 2010 so it could scale – giving it the ability to adapt quickly to governmental compliance, and pass along new features and patches to all its clients. Over the years, BocaVox developed various tools for its customers such as dashboard analytics; an individualized graduation plan; a reportable forms manager for surveys, registration forms, individualized learning plans (ILP), or state reporting documents; and a number of other features to support large, multi-faceted EMO’s (Education Management Organizations). These features have enabled many of its partner institutions to expand their organizations exponentially. The last Maestro SIS release included a rebuild of the user interface to be ADA compliant and mobile ready. The upcoming release includes support of competency grading for a statewide virtual school that communicates with the competency features in the Canvas LMS platform.
The BocaVox team built an engine that can generate the core code base in a few hours, and a number of tools and processes that enable it to add new features and configurations within minutes, in lieu of days, saving its time and its customers’ money. BocaVox provides tremendous support and step by step requirements during implementation to guide new partner institutions through the process of documenting their specifications in detail, for seamless onboarding.
Maestro has tremendous flexibility, with over 350 optional parameters that can be set depending on the institution’s needs, and for large institutions that manage hundreds or thousands of schools or colleges in over 100 countries, Maestro SIS enables them to manage different schools and/or programs with different business rules. One of the clients of BocaVox manages over 2000 affiliate programs – including both public & private schools, and a prison education initiative – all in a single Maestro SIS database.
Software Serving All Learning Models 
BocaVox has partner institutions in a number of different markets – from large K12 charter groups to colleges, universities, and state virtual schools, etc.
The company was founded in 2003 by CTO Jose Sabat, PhD. BocaVox’s CTO and CEO are actively involved in the company, and are committed to mentoring the rest of the team.
BocaVox’s CEO, Sue Diseker, a former educator, spearheaded the effort of rebuilding Maestro SIS from a standalone to a SAAS solution, and ultimately a comprehensive, enterprise management system to serve all learning models – online, classroom and blended learning – noting the trend of every institution to offer at least a parttime virtual option. Dr. Sabat and Ms. Diseker are the sole owners of BocaVox.
Team Committed to Innovation 
BocaVox communicates often with its partners, who give it great insights about their needs, and make frequent enhancements to existing features or build new ones based on their input. BocaVox team is committed to innovation. Two members of the team works full time to update the knowledge base to keep it current for its users, while others spends the first hour of their day reading industry news, to stay in the know about education and make sure Maestro SIS has the tools to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends. BocaVox’s model works so that it is incentivized to do all it can to enable its partners to grow.
Future Aspirations 
In the future, BocaVox envisions merging with a strategic partner – perhaps a very large school or group of schools trying to get free of the cost and responsibilities of maintaining an in-house dev team. Its goal is to build the most powerful and intuitive SIS available, going above and beyond to serve its administrators, teachers and students – to help increase learning outcomes. As the organization expands, it is gradually branching its development team into a new features team, and a team dedicated to existing client needs.
BocaVox sees Maestro SIS as the product of the future, which will outlive and surpass all others. Its future goal is to continue on our upward trend of sustainable growth.
Grateful Clients 
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for helping us out tonight. You guys are a Rockstar team and a great partner! Thank you a million times over!” – Amy Junge, Edmentum “At some point soon, I will reach out as I always enjoy chatting and ensuring we are all on the same page. Sue, thanks for your support and working so closely with our team (Maria); we truly appreciate it.” – Kip Pygman, Director, Illinois Virtual School.