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Bob Gold & Associates: Building and Burnishing Brands from IoT to IT and Back

Quick: What’s the difference between a squirrel and a rat? Answer: PR
That’s a simple fast way to consider how public relations and good storytelling makes a brand.
Whether it’s a missed media opportunity, a client miscommunication, an office drama, or the reaction to an Alt News piece, bad things happen in business all the time. And as a rule, poor stories and story-telling was the likely culprit. To build the right story that is authentic to the brand requires good strategies. A strategy is the same for all organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
Bob Gold & Associates, an independent PR and marketing agency, provides its clients with strategies that resonate and engage, propelling their business forward with an immediate and positive impact on the bottom line. This core messaging becomes a foundation upon which to elevate its CEO, define the organization and provide comforting shade within the industries it serves. The company leverages numerous disciplines including public relations, social media, content marketing, advertising, special events, and new business development to help clients reach their target audience and thrive.
In today’s world, it appears the priority is all about the speed of innovation and how we move content safely, effectively, efficiently and securely. But if no one knows about your solution, how will they purchase and use it? And where on earth are folks getting their information?. As we all know, there  has been an explosion in digital media, bloggers, social media platforms, in addition to traditional media outlets. Someone has to track all these changes professionally and understand the dynmaics in building a brand.
The Particulars of Bob Gold & Associates
Founded in 1997, Bob Gold & Associates (BG&A) is an independent Southern California-based public relations agency, with offices in New York and an established internatiohal network of high tech PR agencies around the world.  The company delivers meaningful connections for its clients through integrated communications programs.
The company’s core specialty is in the entertainment technologies content production, distribution and monetization – from content creation to the technologies that connect consumers with brands. The company is internationally recognized for its unique expertise in the telecommunications, broadcast, distribution, programming, sports, production workflow, IT, security, and digital content sectors.
The company co-founded the Whiteoaks International Network, comprised of 17 PR agencies in 37 countries across four continents, providing a blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation, and technical excellence. Bob Gold & Associates has the experience, track record, contacts, and personalized attention to ensure the client’s organization receives the best communications counsel and tactical execution possible.
About the CEO
Bob Gold is the Founder and CEO of Bob Gold & Associates. During his more than 30 years in public relations and marketing, Gold has helped launch a dozen companies, re-branded many others, and created successful campaigns for numerous startups and Fortune 500 companies. He has also helped to raise millions of dollars for charities, taught hundreds of students, and helped to create further strategic business plans for numerous businesses.
Gold holds a Master’s degree in Communications Management from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California, where he also sits on the Alumni Board of Directors.
Solutions and Services
Bob Gold & Associates provides services to various industries such as telecommunications, broadcast, distribution, programming, sports, production workflow, IT, security, and digital content sectors. The company tackles these industries from every angle. Clients include Amazon Studios,  Cisco, Ooyala, Penthera, and the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA). Other clients are Hitachi, Hitron, placemedia, Universal Electronics, Viamedia, and Zone TV.
With a team of top-caliber professionals, the company is dedicated to furthering the clients’ brand and communicating their unique benefits and value. They are skilled at reputation management. Since the company’s inception in 1997, the company has consistently delivered powerful results through strategies that reflect unparalleled connections and industry insights. It has expanded its reach globally. As companies increasingly require global communications programs, Bob Gold & Associates now delivers a cohesive international campaign with one single US-based leadership and account management contact.
While doing business with Bob Gold & Associates, the clients get many benefits. “Our publicity and PR campaigns result in real business sales – most recently our efforts for one of our clients resulted in Comcast calling them to launch their service,” Gold said.
Bob Gold & Associates remains at the pinnacle in the industry because of its strategic counsel, creativity, and breadth of contacts in the industries it serves. They also strive to provide the highly personalized approach. For example, the team listens to the clients and summerizes their communications objectives and value propositions to tell the strongest story possible across all the appropriate mediums.
Challenges for IoT Companies
Bob Gold & Associates outlines some challenges that IoT solution provider companies face:

  • Adoption and ROI: The companies need to work together for speedier adoption of connected cars, homes, and businesses.
  • 5G: As 5G promises to be the ultimate platform for IoT applications and deployments, the companies need to create the roadmaps and timelines.
  • Data Overload: In order to manage smart homes, connected cars, and IoT service businesses, the companies must define the role of mobile networks in managing all the data seamlessly.
  • Technology Innovation: The companies need to overcome technological hurdles to deliver new IoT experiences to customers.
  • Security Everywhere: IoT security remains one of the biggest question marks for businesses and consumers.

Future of IoT Sector
IoT is an inevitable and unstoppable wave that inserts itself into every imaginable and unimaginable function in business, facilities, municipalities, and our personal lives. The most important job is to continue to communicate each company value and innovation to further drive growth and standardization across the industry and all geographies.
Bob Gold says his company expects even more engagements with IoT focused companies in IoT the near future.

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