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The digital world, it is imperative for IT to deliver services that are guaranteed to provide the right level of quality and performance and to support business agility. To ensure IT hits the mark, BMC Software is introducing the TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10 solution to extend its current cloud capabilities to the OpenStack platform and to help align IT infrastructure needs with business priorities.
“Businesses are struggling to understand the dynamics of performance within the cloud and need cost-effective and agile solutions to better manage IT infrastructure,” said Tim Grieser, program vice president, enterprise systems management software at IDC. “With the addition of OpenStack cloud support, BM CTrueSight Capacity Optimization extends its support for physical and virtual environments and provides a level of overall visibility that allows enterprises to cost-effectively leverage cloud resources and tie recommendations directly to business outcomes.”
The BMC True Sight Capacity Optimization solution uses advanced analytics to define the most agile, cost-effective IT architecture based on business goals, capacity usage patterns, predicted growth and planned projects. IT can now expertly manage capacity across all compute environments — physical, virtual, and cloud including data center resources like storage, network, and database.