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Selinay Filiz Parlak, Co-founder and COO, Bluedot

Bluedot: Making Charging Experiences of EV Drivers More Engaging and Rewarding

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are growing day by day. There is no doubt that electric cars will be seen in large numbers on the roads in the near future. The only thing that needs to be uberized is the charging ecosystem.
With the belief that the charging experience should no longer be a hassle, Bluedot came into the inception. Bluedot believes that the charging eco-system is somehow stuck in the past with lots of apps and cards and ineffective charging solutions for end-users. Thus, it provides charging station owners with state-of-the-art tools to manage and makes the charging experiences of EV Drivers engaging and rewarding.
We at Insights Success caught up with Selinay Filiz Parlak, the Co-founder and COO of Bluedot, to know more about the company and how it is shaping the better future of the EV world.
Connecting the Dots
As one of the early adaptors in the EV industry, Selinay had a chance to meet with electric cars earlier than the majority of the people and was fascinated by how they offer her an experience that is connected, clean, soundless, and coming with purely new driving adventure. Besides, she was always passionate about the products and services that empower the intersection of sustainability and technology. Connecting the dots while experiencing the new immature stage of electric car charging experience in her early career, Bluedot was founded.
Bluedot’s first starting point was making use of the time that it spent around charging behavior and questioning how it can make most of it? Currently, Selinay is leading operations at Bluedot and facilitating more partner businesses to join its force while preparing the launch for the US market.
Making EV Charging Investments Profitable
Bluedot converts EV-charging stations into a billboard with no hardware cost. It is making EV-charging investments profitable faster via sustainable advertisement. To do that, it provides a complete solution that improves the advertising effectiveness and ROI of charging stations. In this chicken-egg EV charging, electric car times to fasten the EV adoption in potential drivers, it has built the EV-specific reward program, creating engagement around charging stations.
Adapting to new customer needs, Bluedot created the world’s first all-in-one marketing tool for charge points. This state-of-the-art digital billboard gives charging station owners and nearby businesses the ability to track user activity, view event logs (including charging activity and shopping footprint), and interact with dashboards to promote their business.
Bluedot’s mobile application enables businesses to connect with drivers that are targeting the EV driver segment to EV drivers who it touches upon every step of EV drivers. When they start driving, Bluedot encourages EV drivers to drive with it via its gamified reward program, spend their points earned in partners’ business. EV drivers can reach charging stations in the spots they can spend time in (restaurants, fitness centers, hotels, etc.) and nearby locations through Bluedot’s mobile application.
Values Bluedot’s Products offer are:

  • Electric car drivers are tracking their carbon footprint and earning Oxygen Points in their every electric drive.
  • Electric car drivers can check the charging station in restaurants, hotels, and fitness centers, reserve them and get discounts with their existing purchases.
  • EV drivers can engage with nearby spots (such as retails) without charging and get coupons or discounts while charging their cars.
  • Brands that are targeting EV drivers can launch a campaign using Bluedot’s dashboard and campaign management tool with Bluedot Megaphone.
  • Sustainable brands can sponsor the charging sessions of EV drivers and do carbon offset projects.
  • Bluedot’s drivers get 15% off on their spending as cashback and can make ~$3000 saving annually.

Putting Learning First and Celebrating Diversity
Bluedot concentrates on what people need to do rather than what they need to have. By putting learning in the first place, it creates a better environment. To do that, it creates a budget and time for its colleagues to improve themselves while working. Also, diversity is a cornerstone of who Bluedot is and what it does. For Bluedot, diversity means collaborating with people from different cultures and backgrounds to create the best solutions for its clients and increase its creativity and knowledge by working with people from a wide range of sectors.
Moving to Next Level of Future Sustainability
One of Bluedot’s missions is to improve the ecosystem with partner companies. Thus, it is always looking for new peers and companies to move it to the next level of future sustainability!
Empowering Electric Car Drivers in a Cashless Society
Bluedot helps charge station locations, SMEs, and enterprises to engage with next-gen drivers. Its technology helps businesses transform their locations by becoming a destination where customers can stop, charge, and shop. They can utilize its first-party location and POI data to run geo-targeted offers and reach customers at the right time. Besides, Bluedot uses decentralized wallet technologies to make EV-charging payments. Bluedot is the first EV-only reward program that empowers electric car drivers in a cashless society.
As the next steps, Bluedot is heading to create its own payment system integrated with Oxygen points.