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Per Juul Nielsen | CEO | UVD Robots (a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics)

Blue Ocean Robotics: Developing Effective Robotics Technology for Healthcare Industry

The application of robotics has come a long way, and it has been spreading its roots further into several industries, making it a reliable source of efficiency. Healthcare has been integrated with robotics for a long time, and it has been continuously improving and adapting with newer requirements to further help medical experts with their work. Blue Ocean Robotics is an industrial automation organization that creates and commercializes robots for various purposes.
Blue Ocean Robotics is a company that develops, produces, and sells professional service robots. The robots are primarily sold in healthcare, hospitality, construction, and agriculture. The company houses three robots, set up under their separate brand names, used throughout the commercialization, global distribution, and growth.
Its portfolio includes:
UVD Robots: An award-winning autonomous UV-C disinfection robot to help reduce healthcare associated infections.
GoBe Robots: A mobile telepresence robot used for communication, social inclusion, and CO2 reductions.
PTR Robots: A patient transfer and rehabilitation robot to secure easy patient transfers, faster rehabilitations, and to reduce injury risks in hospitals and nursing homes.
We at Insights Success got into the conversation with Per Juul Nielsen, the CEO at UVD Robots (a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics), to know more about UVD Robots and how it is preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, viral, bacteria, and other types of harmful organic microorganisms in the environment.
Effective Products
When looking at UVD Robots, both Blue Ocean Robotics and the involved hospitals see huge potential with the UV Disinfection Robot to reduce HAIs, COVID-19 and provide a better hygiene standard for existing and future hospitals.
UVD Robots provide an innovative way of making safe environments worldwide, using UV-C light to disinfect spaces such as hospitals rooms, schools, and offices. In this way, the UVD robot ensures a safer and better hygiene standard, especially in healthcare environments.
Leveraging Technologies to Save Lives
Per Juul Nielsen expresses that in the healthcare sector in general, a business that offers and tries to introduce new technology will have the most success in its development with evidence-driven and proven procurement.
Working closely with Odense University Hospital from the beginning of the development of the UVD Robot has proven to be very giving for the company, and it still is. Introducing new technology to the healthcare sector is ultimately very important as it saves lives in the end.
The Pandemic Effect
Per Juul Nielsen states that since the global crisis started in November 2019, the world’s health has been threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic.
One of the reasons how Blue Ocean Robotics increased its business is because of the development of its subsidiary UVD Robots. During COVID-19, the UVD Robot has hugely impacted the fight against the virus and has done efficient work. Therefore, UVD Robots have received a lot of success during the pandemic. This is because of the innovative technology that has proved its worth by saving lives via autonomous disinfection via the UVD Robot.
Before the anticipated COVID-19 vaccine, the UV-C light disinfection was one of the most powerful ways to stop the spread of bacteria, as it kills the virus on surfaces and in the air.
Following the Pandemic
Blue Ocean Robotics has established a team that includes some of the world’s leading robot engineers. It has found the gap in the market that allows it to develop robots that can help humans with work-related tasks.
Humans using robots from Blue Ocean Robotics such as the UVD Robot can experience a positive change in how they work. These changes have resulted in a healthier and more meaningful workflow.
A Helping to the Community
Most of the UVD Robots are delivered to the healthcare sector, and others are supplied to a large range of industries. These industries want to use modern technology to efficiently protect humans or areas that could be infected with viruses.
Blue Ocean Robotics uses the UVD Robot as an autonomous disinfection solution applied in healthcare and multiple other industries to aid communities all over the world.
Envisaging the Future
In a cutthroat and volatile business world, Blue Ocean Robotics has created very strong and visible results by inventing the world’s first Robot Venture Factory. The business model of Blue Ocean Robotics has resulted in an extreme exponential curve for creating jobs in the robot industry in Denmark.
To support global growth, Blue Ocean Robotics has scaled significantly up in recruiting employees in all parts of the company, including sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and production.
A Valuable Guidance
In order to venture into the healthcare industry, one has to have an idea which they trust and believe can revolutionize this industry. Of course, it is heavily regulated as it comes down to human lives, which makes it difficult to venture into. “I would advise aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the medical industry to find a partnering hospital or similar to work closely together with in order to get the best feedback from industry professionals, and by that creating solutions that will help humans in the best possible way,” concludes Per Juul Nielsen.