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Bloom Communications: Specialized Marketing & PR Agency Serving Clients Committed to Giving Back

Bloom Communications is an integrated communications agency bridging the gap between the marketing, market research, and public relations disciplines. Since 2012, Bloom has provided strategic consulting services to organizations making an impact in their communities. With specialization in nonprofit and healthcare, Bloom represents a portfolio of happy clients in a variety of industries from its offices in Austin, Texas, Portland and Oregon. Dedicated to the growth of nonprofits and socially conscious for-profit companies, Bloom’s mission is simple: You win. We win. The world wins.
Brianna McKinney is the founder and President of Bloom Communications. She is widely recognized as a thought leader and innovator in marketing, public relations, sales and brand management. Brianna founded Bloom Communications to build a seamless bridge between the marketing, market research, and public relations disciplines while serving the global community.
Her perspective of measuring growth is very telling of her experience as well as her unique vision of leadership. When asked to define her success in her own words, she said, “On a per-campaign basis, our success is measured by the success of our clients. Overall, success for us comes in building a team of talented, like-minded individuals whose personal beliefs and quality of work align with Bloom’s Core Values.”
Brianna is fortunate to love what she does so much that she would do it for free. And because of that, she often found herself doing more free than paid work – specifically for causes and organizations seeking to solve some of our most critical social challenges. So, she considered starting a nonprofit organization, until a lunch conversation with a nonprofit executive friend caused a lightbulb moment. She determined to use her experience and passion for marketing, PR and market research to propel those who could truly benefit – nonprofits and socially conscious for-profit companies.
During its initial journey, Bloom could have easily been overshadowed by the tsunami of countless challenges that await new, small businesses. As the founding days of Bloom were personally funded by Brianna, she spent the first three years building up enough capital to begin hiring a team. Bloom started with a one-client portfolio in 2012. Since then, the company has grown to employ a team of ten, has experienced over a 1066%  growth in revenue and remained profitable year after year.
As a small business founder and owner, Brianna could have pursued faster growth and higher margins by taking on different kinds of clients, but instead stayed true to her personal mission of giving back to the community, and through that focus has created a business that is truly unique, while also being financially successful.  In 2017 alone, Bloom experienced a 149% revenue growth over 2016, and personnel grew by 60%.
Under Brianna’s leadership, Bloom’s unique, differentiated business model serves to attract potential clients, itself. Not many agencies can say they are exclusively dedicated to serving organizations that make a positive impact in their communities.
Bloom’s purpose-driven business also attracts staff at all levels that are aligned to Bloom’s mission and vision. Brianna has designed a uniquely flexible work model that attracts highly experienced staff who are seeking improved work/life balance. Through these two methods, Bloom is able to offer all nonprofit clients regular access to highly experienced staff, ensuring work remains high quality — at a level typically reserved for clients with big budgets at other agencies.
In parallel, Bloom is able to offer staff interesting projects, working with organizations that are making an impact in their communities, leading to high employee retention. In conclusion, in founding Bloom, Brianna created a business that treats staff with respect and dignity and treats nonprofits better than is typical in the agency world. Providing heartfelt, high-quality and meaningful work is how the Bloom team continues to grow professionally as individuals and collectively as a team.
As another unique component of its business model, Bloom invests 30 percent of agency services directed toward nonprofit clients as pro bono, making Bloom’s services more accessible to a wide range of nonprofits who are then better able to achieve their missions through the agency’s combined efforts. In 2017 alone, Bloom contributed 562 hours in pro-bono communications services to nonprofits and faith-based organizations, a value of over $123,000. Overall, Bloom Communications invests a minimum of ten percent of its gross revenue in our communities on an annual basis. In 2017, Bloom’s investment was nearly twenty percent.
Bloom’s long-term vision is to thoughtfully grow to 25 employees over the next three to five years, while consistently increasing its long-standing commitment to the social impact space. It aims to continue to serve the local and global community through the success of its clients, acting as their communications consultants, and ultimately, their advocates.
With a sole focus on serving nonprofits and socially conscious for-profit companies, Brianna pushed forward in building a business that people told her would fail. In fact, the most common refrain Brianna heard when conceptualizing Bloom was “you’ll never make money working with nonprofits.” Every day she proves that’s wrong. Leading from a place of heart and genuine caring for others, and building a staff of like-minded individuals who believe giving back is good business, Brianna is able to care for a community of employees – and the community itself – by running a company that is true to her convictions.
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