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Blockchain Foundry: Revolutionizing the Technology of Businesses

Blockchains are not like any other innovations which you can see and touch as easily as a smartphone or a package delivered from an e-commerce website. However, they are on the path to exert significant impact on a world where anyone can add or edit any data on the internet. Blockchain technology is a viable answer to a question we’ve been asking since the dawn of internet — how can we collectively trust and secure what transpires online?
Finding a core platform that can protect online data of any company with provable and unbreakable encryption is a tough ask. Blockchain Foundry Inc. is one of the leading companies in the industry. The company is dedicated towards building reliable, high-performance, and scalable blockchain products and providing foremost blockchain services to its clients, with primary emphasis on data security.  The company is specialized in building products on top of the Syscoin blockchain. Syscoin is a business-infrastructure focused cryptocurrency which provides a range of decentralized services on its Blockchain, including identity management, decentralized marketplaces, escrow, and digital certificate, and messaging and asset creation.
Disrupting Markets by Leveraging the Potential of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain Foundry envisions disrupting markets by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology to solve challenging business infrastructure problems of its customers. For example, the Company is currently designing a private remittance network for a telecom customer using the Syscoin asset service. Additionally, Blockchain Foundry also maintains and develops Syscoin, an open-source blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Syscoin is a fast, high-performance public blockchain that provides a range of decentralized biztech services, and features an advanced zero-confirmation technological infrastructure which further enables instant payments and asset transfers.
The company has a breadth of experience with Blockchain development and has customized unique software solutions as per customer requirements. Unlike traditional software where company’s data is in a central location on servers requiring maintenance, staff and regular backups, the company uses blockchain and distributed storage systems as its foundation. The solution allows free, globally distributed data with limitless redundancy, eliminating the need for backups, maintenance, staff and the rent or purchase of expensive hardware.
Blockchain Foundry is committed to unlock the potential of blockchain and is not focused on a specific blockchain protocol. It believes that different blockchains have different features and different benefits. Thus, it emphasizes on the right tool for the right job. The company has also captivated applications of blockchain technology outside the financial sector. It offers blockchain consulting services for its clients, who are exploring the benefits of private blockchain for their organization. Blockchain Foundry’s position as the core creator and maintainer of the Syscoin blockchain allows it to be highly competitive in designing and implementing business solutions. The solution has set a mark of efficiency and agility with a long-term assurance of positive ROI.
An Innovative Individual Managing the Company with Wisdom
The prime facilitator of the innovation is Dan Wasyluk, the CEO of Blockchain Foundry. He is also the co-founder of Syscoin. Dan has been involved in the cryptocurrency space for many years, and has a depth of experience in the vertical. He has launched and managed the teams for two cryptocurrency projects, including its flagship product – Syscoin. The company is also aiming to accelerate innovative projects using other blockchain protocols such as Lisk and Ethereum in the near future under his leadership.
Need for a Profit Vehicle
Blockchain Foundry was originally founded by the creators of Syscoin. As earlier described it is a high-performance blockchain with a flexible set of biztech services, designed to serve decentralized business application needs. Syscoin core codebase is open-source. Thus, the company looked-for a profit vehicle which can engage the partnerships and clientele, and expand its reach to the best possible level. However, Syscoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies to launch a public distribution round (ICO) and establishment and progression of Syscoin was fairly easy. The fast paced evolution of flagship innovation further stimulated the Blockchain Foundry platform and the company was formed within a few years, subsequently.
This type of technology is especially critical in markets where seconds of delay in supply chain can lead to massive revenue demise. The company removes middlemen, clearing houses and other such mechanisms that negatively affect associate’s bottom line which can also lead to errors, mistakes and security breaches. Blockchain Foundry mentions that “we have a deep technical problem solving background that enables us to quickly and accurately analyze our customers’ requirements and design the appropriate architecture to fit their needs.” It also believes that its solutions have a potential to fundamentally change the organization’s thinking about undertaking business and aims to continue innovating on Syscoin and creating blockchain products that work for its customers.
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