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Judy Sunasky | Managing Director | Blendwell Chemicals

Blendwell Chemicals: Proficiently Contributing to the Sustainability of the Environment

The chemical industry has many roles in sustainability. It provides chemicals, materials, and technologies that enhance safe and efficient use of energy and natural resources. It delivers them in a way that protects human and environmental health. One such organization that is contributing to a sustainable environment is Blendwell Chemicals – a company specialized in manufacturing cleaning products.
The below excerpt is an exclusive interview with team Blendwell Chemicals (BC) showcasing their distinctiveness and curated acumen in passing on a better earth to the Generation Z.
IS: Tell us about your company, its inception story and the vision behind.
Team BC: Blendwell Chemicals was founded nearly 30 years ago. It’s founder Charles Marais saw a gap in the market to supply quality cleaning products to the reseller market. The idea was to manufacture a comprehensive range of cleaning products for resellers, who would in turn market the product range under their own cleaning brand. This business model remains the foundation of our traditional product range.
The second-generation owner, Judy Sunasky has further developed the range of high-quality product by adding two additional ranges. H-Range was developed specifically for the food industry, whereas Enviroblend is an internationally certified, environmentally friendly range of product for cleaning service providers in the general cleaning space. Blendwell’s Enviroblend products do not harm the people that use it, the environment it comes from or the environment it is used in.
IS: Kindly provide a brief overview of the products and services.
Team BC: We provide our clients with high-quality cleaning products that they can trust. Blendwell Chemicals is fully certified to manufacture cleaning product and disinfectant that is food appropriate and backs up the service with training to ensure compliance to the food industry. The green product range provides peace of mind to the client or service provider using it with the knowledge that a cradle to the grave concept has been proved by the GreenTag certification which is highly recognized by the Green Building Council of South Africa. These ranges are also Halaal certified.
We provide training for our clients in two different ways. We run regular training sessions throughout the year on a variety of topics. These courses start at the basics of cleaning and include educating people on green cleaning means and compliance in the food industry. We also offer is on-site training for food facilities where each staff member is trained to ensure food safety.
IS: With regards to the profound industry experience, what’s your company’s take on chemical industry and market evolution and what can be expected in the forthcoming years?
Team BC: The cleaning chemical industry has evolved over the years with fewer non-accredited factories being able to meet market needs. As laws become more stringent in food safety, reputable companies cannot afford to skimp on cleaning practices and specific products and procedures are now are required.
There has also been a wonderful shift towards needing greener products that do not harm people and the environment. As time goes on these products have become more affordable and even better at being eco-friendly. There was a perception that green cleaning products were not as strong as others, however, the technology within the industry has advanced and in keeping up with modern trends, we can produce a product that is effective and concentrated. Clients want cost-effective solutions that meet the demands of today’s world. We will continue to see product and service being brought together with digital concepts that improve efficiencies.
IS: What are the benefits gained by the clients/users from your products/solutions/services?
Team BC: Our clients have been able to able to reduce risk, offer turnkey solutions to their clients and meet the delivery demands of modern times. We have an in-house product development team who are always looking for more effective, more eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our product offering is in constant development and we meet our client’s needs by having stock available and quick turnaround times for delivery. Also, we provide education through short training courses – the key to meeting clients needs is understanding where the gaps are for them.
IS: Tell us more about the present owner and her contribution towards the company and its success.
Team BC: Judy is passionate about the eco-friendly space and ensures as many people as possible are educated about the world around us and the impact our actions and what we do have on the earth, people, and animals. Blendwell has grown organically, and there have been some tough lessons. As a leader, you need to bring your team with you, have faith, believe in your dreams and keep your eye on the bigger picture. People are everything and we work constantly to provide opportunities for growth for our staff, ensuring a cohesive team and always communicate, communicate, communicate.
IS: In what ways does your organization contribute towards the Corporate Social Responsibility cause?
Team BC: We choose to support local projects and like to get involved in and around local area, whether it is in a clean-up project, bringing in interns from local colleges and universities or aiding and supporting children’s homes. We support women to support women and children.
IS: Considering the necessity of adapting to the volatile technological disruptions and development of cutting-edge solutions, how does your company sustain its competency in the Chemicals market?
Team BC: Our company is very process-driven though all procedures being part of a system that has the potential to duplicate itself into all areas. We engage our staff through regular training and hold our core values of quality and customer satisfaction to the highest regard. Our systems are a constant work in progress, ensuring better efficiencies and 2020 will see us with a new technological tool.
IS: What obstacles and limitation does your organization face while growing, sustaining or retaining its clientele?
Team BC: The question of funding is always a consideration and limitation. Our current economy has been challenging, making the market extremely competitive. Having said that, the opportunity is always there to find the gaps. Change is inevitable in this climate and smaller businesses now have the edge in adaptability and agility.
IS: Could you list out the most growth-deteriorating challenges for your organization till date?
Team BC: South Africa’s economy has not been in a strong growth cycle We have seen clients close up shop, downsize and restructure frequently over the past few years but we continue to look ahead as people will always need cleaning products and the market expects great quality and efficacy.
IS: What does the future hold for your organization in terms of internal as well as holistic development?
Team BC: People are the key to any business. A strong team that holds each another accountable and communicate well. We have developed a cohesive environment, an understanding for each other, our diversity and differences and understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses. People have to deal with constant change and learning is now a continual. Modern technologies allow us to work differently and we are adapting accordingly.
IS: Would you like to highlight any awards, accolades or testimonials your company has achieved throughout?
Team BC: Blendwell Chemicals was one of the first companies to be awarded GreenTag certification in South Africa in the cleaning product category. We also won the SABC3/ Enviropaedia award in 2009 and 2014. Judy Sunasky is a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization and was an International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (mentee) in 2018. Judy was selected as an EY Winning Woman in 2017.