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Josh Usheroff | Co-Founder | Black Box Productions

Black Box Productions: Crafting Visually Engaging Stories

From broadcast commercials, to branded content, and live virtual conferences, there is a growing appetite for video content. Strong visuals with a clear message are a must have for any organization. Black Box Productions helps clients navigate the possibilities to achieve their business goals.

Black Box Productions was founded with the mission of helping brands use video to connect with their audiences and potential customers. The production company’s Founders, Ben Goloff and Josh Usheroff come from backgrounds in filmmaking and communications.

Concept and Development 

Black Box Productions’ bespoke full-service productions are getting noticed. They create engaging commercial campaigns and branded content for major global brands, agencies and innovative start-ups. Their work is distributed digitally across multiple platforms, as well as through traditional broadcast channels. Black Box offers turn-key solutions from scripting and conceptualization, to execution, post-production and delivery.

Black Box Productions develops creative concepts based on campaign objectives. From an original concept, the team creates a compelling script and arranges the necessary logistics of crew, equipment and locations in order to deliver the project on time and within budget.

Multi-talented Leadership Team 

The multi-talented leadership team of Black Box Productions is passionate about crafting visually engaging stories. As both producer and cinematographer at Black Box Productions, Josh Usheroff fills a unique role within the industry. Always passionate about producing quality content, Josh’s varied body of work speaks to his deep and multifaceted understanding of filmmaking.

Recognised by his peers in the industry for his talent, Josh has directed shorts that have screened worldwide, produced award-winning films that have premiered at international festivals, and has been the cinematographer for multiple high-profile music videos and commercials. Josh has capitalised on his diverse experience, and applied it to the commercial world. He currently films and produces digital branded content, as well as television commercials for global brands.

High Quality Cinematic Productions

The approach of Black Box Productions is simple, to maintain the highest quality of customer focused service, while pushing creative boundaries. Black Box Productions is always focused on ensuring that the content they produce is of the highest quality and ultimately aligns with their client’ business goals.

The customers of Black Box Productions value the personalised services they receive as well as the high quality cinematic productions. Black Box Productions supports their clients and maintains clear communication throughout the creative process. The leadership team offers key insights into commercial production best practices, and develops bespoke creative treatments according clients’ needs.

All Levels of Production Services 

Black Box Productions provides all levels of production services for projects big and small. From large-scale commercial and cinematic publicity, to lean social videos for web, it delivers a full range of production capabilities to suit the needs of any agency or brand.

Technical and Stylistic 

The focus of Black Box Productions is to create high quality visual content. The production company’s strength is in its vision, resourcefulness and skilled production partners. Black Box Productions continues to invest in new technologies and training to ensure that it is at the forefront of production, both technically and stylistically.

Whether its material previously shot, or an original production, Black Box Productions’ talented team of editors and visual effects artists deliver top-quality content that meets the highest technical standards.

Growth Possibilities for Clients 

2020 has seen a huge change in the way brands and corporations connect with their customers. Black Box Productions helps its clients use video to maintain that connection and find possibilities for growth. For example, this year IBM pivoted to a virtual event for their annual Think Summit conference. Black Box Productions helped IBM Canada produce high-quality videos that served to communicate key information about their products and services, while maintaining interest and engagement by developing an entertaining creative approach.

The focus of Black Box Productions is to help brands achieve their business goals by using video. Their commercial productions are increasingly ambitious in scale and scope, while their branded content focuses on small, nimble productions that connect with audiences.

Amazing, Flawless, and Gorgeous Execution 

“The engagement was the most flawless execution I’ve ever had with a partner. The videos were beautiful. We received feedback expressing how amazing and gorgeous they were. Our client was absolutely thrilled with the results of how the videos turned out.”
Melissa Elliott, Managing Partner & Exec. Producer, Blackbox Communications Agency

“Black Box is always willing to go the extra mile to deliver amazing content. We often face complicated constraints on our side, but they were always patient with us and accommodated our needs.”
Simon Lemieux Marketing Coordinator, Espace pour la vie, Ville de Montréal

“Black Box Productions prioritizes taking care of the customer.”
Salman Sajun, Manager of Creative Studios, Mattel