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BizMerlinHR: Transforming Organizations Since Inception

Nowadays every organization needs Human Capital Management or HCM so that they can measure the current value of its employees whose future value can be increased through various investments. Enters BizMerlin, the next generation of AI-powered human capital management solution that allows organizations to function at its best. The company offers various key modular solutions including Centralized Employee Records, Optimal Allocation and Financial Planning, Electronic Document Signing, Applicant Tracking System, Performance Reviews, and Smart Goal Management to make sure that HR has all the needed tools it needs to be a true leader, bringing out the very best in the workforce. Thanks to the rich native apps for iOS and Android, BizMerlin can be accessed from anywhere as well.
The Passionate Founder of BizMerlin
Dr. Amrinder Arora, Co-founder, and CEO of BizMerlin has spent over a decade researching and applying data analytics and artificial intelligence for various commercial and government entities. Amrinder decided to focus on this industry only after observing several inefficiencies in the human capital management and resource management processes. He has earned a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from George Washington University and completed his Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. Now, he is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at George Washington University, he is also one of the leading experts in data analytics in the world and the author of a book named “Analysis and Design of Algorithms.” Till date, Amrinder has received numerous excellency awards from Food and Drug Administration, Association for Computing Machinery, George Washington University, and Bowie State University. Back in 2016, Amrinder was recognized as one of 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs.
Tackling the Challenges 
BizMerlin believes that the tools of yesterday are clearly misfit for today, and traditional HR tools are nothing but glorified and beautified spreadsheets data in, data out artifacts. These tools make it easy for people to collect and organize data, however, at the end, the user gets exactly what he/she had stored and nothing more. Smart tools need to accomplish more than all that. According to the organization, an HCM solution cannot be called “modern” if it fails to give the needed insights that the user never knew were possible. Adding to these challenges, is the formidable concern about data security. Companies now trust their critical data to outside entities that need to have appropriate controls in place. BizMerlin is a leading participant in SOC and SSAE compliance programs in North America and Europe, and also regional initiatives in global markets, which include Latin America and Africa – where it is a leading provider.
When AI is the Key Component
Since the inception of BizMerlin, Artificial Intelligence has been a key component and it manifests in various ways – whether it is using the flagship ATS that gives smart recommendations about candidates, or the amazingly simple Company Wall of Fame, the strategic Resource Forecasting and Optimization solution, or the irreplaceable Expertise Evolution Pathways; BizMerlin is fundamentally different from other HR organizations and companies. “We observed that despite immense technological development, most HR software were simply pretty address books, and companies were still running their strategic planning in Excel or Google sheets.” says Dr. Arora. After observing various inefficiencies, the BizMerlin team came together in order to develop solutions that can take the human capital management a notch higher. According to the organization, BizMerlin is not just a ‘Data In Data Out’ tool – it is an AI-powered turbo charged machine that transforms the entire organization.
Working Endlessly to Make the Industry a Better Place
According to BizMerlin, HCM solutions industry nowadays face four main roadblocks – price, misrepresentation of a spreadsheet as an HCM solution, trust issues leading to the data being in the cloud, and integration challenges with other solutions used by the organization. However, BizMerlin has successfully overcome all these obstacles. All thanks to its innovative pricing; the company ensures that each organization has a shot at being the best by having the premier HCM solution within its means. Adding to that, BizMerlin is a complete HCM solution and not just a glorified spreadsheet, and it invests heavily in obtaining every form of compliance, the organization raises the compliance and trust bar that each HR solution should strive to achieve. Lastly, BizMerlin uses its seamless integration to other industry-leading solutions like Atlassian Jira, Salesforce, ADP, Square, Stripe, Freshbooks, Freshdesk, Wonscore, Slack, and Atlassian Confluence. BizMerlin ensures that if its customers are using leading solutions for other things, they should be able to use the leading HCM solutions as well all in their integrated ecosystem.
Transforming Organizations Since its Inception 
BizMerlin is a complete Artificial Intelligence powered machinery that essentially transforms organizations. The machinery covers the entire gamut of human capital management needs, starting from the hiring process, work allocation, employee’s growth, performance management, all the way till retirement and offboarding process. BizMerlinHR helps organizations in resource planning and forecasting by incorporating smart algorithm in a friendly user-intuitive manner, leaving a direct impact on organization’s financial performance. BizMerlin is an absolute necessity for companies where people work across multiple projects.
Future Roadmap 
According to BizMerlin, human capital management is changing rapidly, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays, it’s not about hiring a great employee, or making sure they are onboarded correctly, or making sure they have the right objectives, rather it is about the ability to do all those things, and in a landscape where work assignments are short-lived and dynamic, and the strategic definition of talent and success is itself evolving. Modern HCM, such as BizMerlin, are all about using the true power of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics both in tactical and in strategic senses while the “traditional” HR has pretty much gone the way of the telegram. Today’s organizations have everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers working for them – either as full-time employees or contractors and consultants. These different groups have different motivations, different compensation expectations, and even different job security and reason to be engaged – the days when one spends 10, 15 or 20 years at the same company are virtually unrecognizable now.

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