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BizMerlin: Combining the Power of AI and Cloud Technology to Deliver Intelligent HR Management Solutions

HR management platforms are increasingly becoming an integral part of the corporate world, to be dubbed as the backbone of operational efficiency. Just like a spine of a body, Human Resource platforms are central to hiring, retaining employees, and doing so with optimal efficiency. However, there is a need for current HR platforms to take the next big step and combine the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with cloud technology to provide management with real and actionable insights. This is not a distant dream. BizMerlin is helping small, large and medium-sized businesses achieve this exact goal via cloud technology to bring-in maximum efficiency in operations.
BizMerlin aims to evolve with times and grab the complex world of hiring today with its horns. The world of recruiting today is undergoing significant changes. People are no longer working just to make a living; many highly value satisfaction, long-term association with a brand and the enriching experience of learning. Additionally, these individuals with a holistic understanding of life are at the forefront of innovation, excellence and taking the economy forward with their bright minds. Hence, BizMerlin is helping companies keep up with times by analyzing patterns and trends in recruiting using Big Data and complex algorithms.
An Intelligent Investment in Business  
Today’s business world demands different expectations than it did a decade ago. Currently, the work output is often driven by creativity and one of the important parameters is quality. Additionally, projects are often outsourced on yearly contracts and require various different skill sets to complete. In order to solve these challenges, BizMerlin prepares itself with the same tech-savvy inspiration that drives various companies to succeed and over the years, it has developed a concrete plan to give its competitors a run for their money. For example, apart from providing actionable insights, the BizMerlinHR platform automates tasks and HR processes. This has resulted in saving valuable time and provides a peace of mind to clients to focus on core products and services.
The uniqueness of the BizMerlin HR tool lies in its ability to process data intelligently and respond to with recommendation based on historical data driven by complex algorithms to support the decision making. For example, the flagship ATS feature has the power to analyze each application and provide smart recommendations about candidates. Moreover, the platform integrates simple and advanced features such as Company Wall of Fame, the strategic Resource Forecasting, and Optimization solution, and the irreplaceable Expertise Evolution Pathways. BizMerlin HR platform is not merely a software application, rather a unique bridge between technology and people that speak the universal language of HR professionals.
A Seed of Aspiration and Inspiration 
Every leader brings a unique dimension to an organization and guides the spirit of their team with a rock-solid belief. BizMerlin too is led by such an inspirational figure with a deep insight into areas of HR consulting, data analytics and artificial intelligence. The company is led by Dr. Amrinder Arora, the Co-founder and CEO  -highlighted that there were several inefficiencies in the current recruiting process and he envisioned a wholesome platform to fill this gap.
His name in the industry requires no introduction as he has won numerous awards and has made a giant contribution to the industry. He was recognized as one of 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs in 2016 and has published a book titled, Analysis and Design of Algorithms.’, which continues to fascinate experts on Artificial Intelligence. His first-hand observations about the vast inefficiencies in recruiting have led BizMerlin to create a top HR management solution and inspire a success story which is as personal as is professional.
A Challenging World of Business and a Rewarding Opportunity
Earlier, HR portals were too often complex, required installation and were unreasonably expensive. BizMerlin addressed these historical challenges with a unique direction and path to success. The company offers the free trial of its platform to interested clients. These clients can sign up a trial, import their data, onboard their employees, and roll out the system to their workforce, all in the space of a few hours The company has also integrated its platform via the cloud, which lowers the cost, outsources management of the portal and gives employees an unparalleled access.
One of the primal strategic ploys embedded by the company to become successful is the meaningful interaction between the HR professionals and the platform. The company is confident in its rock solid product, and the free trial would enable the HR management to apply their instincts and easily manage processes with a highly flexible solution.
Over the years, BizMerlin has undergone an eventful journey to become a quality provider of intelligent HR management solutions. It has evolved like most by responding to client demands and sticking to its principle to become an intelligent value provider to its clients.
BizMerlin recently launched retention management solutions to help organizations identify the causes for the churn rate and thereby take necessary steps to mitigate the risks of losing people. BizMerlin leadership will also focus on creating a synergy between its partners and BizMerlin HCM. It also plans to build a bridge between the already established state of the art applications like Monster, ZipRecruiter and Indeed in the near future.

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