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Biggles Removals: Introducing New Routes and Shared Load Services 

A lot has happened in the past few years. We as people, businesses and communities had to grow and adapt to an ever-changing environment, and with the addition of a global pandemic, we were forced to change our way of thinking to improve upon the services we deliver.

COVID-19 and our ever-evolving global connections have had people shifting their lives from one location to another, whether it’s to be closer to family and loved ones, or because of a new job opportunity. We at Biggles Removals understand this. And so, we have dedicated our resources and time to create new and more efficient moving services, which will improve the quality of service that we provide to our loyal clients, who ultimately have become a part of our Biggles family.

Carla-Mari Moore, the company’s representative and co-owner shared that they have taken a lot of time to think about new services that could benefit their clients and what could aid them when moving in and between provinces. We introduced new and improved Shared Load & Long Distance Moving Services.

This service has already been established, but we made it even more amazing. We introduced new long-distance moving routes that would get even more people to their desired destinations. We aim to cover as many routes throughout South Africa as possible, and so we added some popular destinations to our services, including routes to and from Port Elizabeth, Beaufort West, Garden Route, and Bloemfontein. Some of our other popular long distance moving routes include Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban to name a few.

We as professional movers understand that sometimes the things you want to move between your homes or offices won’t take up an entire truck. Whether you don’t have the time or energy to move everything yourself, we are always here to do the job for you, in a secured and safe manner that will have you breezing through your moving experience.

With the introduction of our shared load furniture removals services, you will be able to move any amount of belongings without the need to break the bank. We introduced this option especially for those that are looking for an affordable way of transporting their goods. This will afford you peace of mind that your belongings are being transported safely, because we only hire the best, trained professional movers that understand how important every piece of furniture is and how they need to be handled with care.

Co-owner Carla-Mari Moore shared her thoughts on this new and improved service, “Part load removals are a better way of transporting household and office items that don’t take up a full truck. With this service, customers do not have to pay for the full truck, only the space they require. We are not only saving them money but also providing a convenient and safe way to move their items. It may take a little longer for the goods to be delivered, however, we have found that our clients are just as happy due to our communication and transparency when it comes to moving dates.”

Our shared load services can be used no matter the distance you’re traveling. If you are moving to Cape Town from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein to Durban or even just moving locally within your own home town, this service is active and readily available to any customer. This service is available through all of our major routes within South Africa. We also offer secure storage units countrywide.

Using the existing infrastructure and capabilities of SAFR and Bggles Removals, Storage Chief was brought to market in early 2022 to make moving and storage easy. Looking for an easy way to store your household or office contents? Storage Chief is a moving and storage company offering storage units and moving services, including local and long-distance moving. We have redefined moving and storage to make it affordable, convenient, and secure. Move, Store and Re-deliver with Storage Chief.

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Biggles Removals: Introducing New Routes and Shared Load Services 

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