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Big Bang ERP: Trusted Advisor for all Your Cloud Needs

If you are looking for a consulting firm that works directly with you to address your business’ needs and develop best-in-class cloud solutions, Big Bang ERPa cloud solutions boutique consulting firm is your answer. If your business is still using disparate programs and spreadsheets to manage your assets, customers, and business metrics Big Bang ERP can help you streamline your process with an integrated cloud system, automated processes and customized features that will meet your business needs.
Helping Businesses Optimize and Streamline Processes
Big Bang ERP helps businesses optimize and streamline processes by implementing cloud enterprise resource management (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as NetSuite ERP or Salesforce CRM, industry specific software as well as custom business apps. Acting as a true partner, they leverage their diverse experiences and in-depth expertise to contribute to the success of the customer’s organization.
Dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals with smart, effective, and scalable cloud solutions, their highly skilled team of talented and responsive experts work hand-in-hand with clients’ organizations to achieve exceptional business improvements such as improved metrics, monitoring, and leveraging business opportunities.
Big Bang ERP’s collaborative methodology ensures that each member of the client’s staff can focus on what they do best. They make sure that the clients’ desired outcomes are clearly defined, goals are met and customers are satisfied, by following each of the seven steps of the Big Bang Experience™.
An Industry Veteran Leading the Voyage
Mark Rhyman, Co-CEO and Chief Business Development Officer at Big Bang ERP, was introduced to cloud-based ERP systems shortly after graduating from Montreal’s Concordia University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in computer science.
While working as a programmer on solutions as a consultant, he saw an opportunity to leverage his creativity in solving complex business problems. Thus, he started Acumen Factory in 2011 and in three years, he led the business from one to 15 full-time employees with a client portfolio that spanned five continents. In early 2015, Acumen Factory merged with Big Bang ERP, to create a team of cloud solution consultants serving customers across a variety of industries and serving clients across the globe.
When asked how he would define his success, Mark asserts, “I would define success as achieving our yearly goals while preserving a trendy workplace where employees can be challenged to grow their skill sets and have a clearly defined Career Plan.”
At Big Bang ERP, he is responsible for the health of the firm, the employees and their clients. His role includes, Work-Life Balance, Company Culture, Fiscal Health of the company and its growth including Marketing and Business Development, Retention and overseeing different departments with Co-CEO Gabriel Tupula.
Exclusive Array of Services
Most cloud consulting firms, offer the products they partner as the best solution for all their clients. At Big Bang ERP, the expertise of their consultants is their largest asset, allowing them to offer the very best solution to their client (not just what they have on hand).
Big Bang ERP’s in-depth experience of the leading ERP, CRM cloud-based products enables them to create tailored solutions for clients from all industries. Their team of expert consultants offer the following services in relation to Cloud ERPs and CRMs:
Big Bang ERP’s cloud solutions consultants possess both the business and technical expertise to analyze, configure, test, and deploy the most critical business data and process management platforms.
Big Bang ERP’s cloud business management software experts help streamline and standardize business data and processes. They understand that every business is unique and thus, they ensure that the clients’ ERP or CRM Software is tailored to every customer’s custom needs.
Big Bang ERP’s experienced analysts and engineers have perfected their business process configurations and database migration techniques to bring clients’ data to the new platform.
At Big Bang ERP, they link data sources and documents from different systems and databases to help clients get a global view of their business while seamlessly integrating clients’ people, processes, applications, and data across the business.
Big Bang ERP has a complete support team that accompanies clients in the most critical moments of their business operations.
Big Bang ERP offers customized training to help clients make the most of the cloud solutions offered by them and unlocks the full potential of an organization’s online business management platform.
Big Bang ERP works with Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Marketing Automation Softwares including NetSuite, Salesforce as the main products.
Grounded in Teamwork and Responsiveness
While most consulting companies’ aim is selling everything they have to the client, Big Bang ERP begs to differ. Mark and his growing team believe that they are here to listen to the customer’s needs, and work on bringing the best cloud solution to them. They are grounded in teamwork and responsiveness, and allow a certain flexibility in their schedules, in order to work with customer timelines. Big Bang ERP has high employee retention rate and their customers appreciate it because this way their clients get to form long-lasting relationships with their consultants, which in turn builds trust and helps productivity. They strongly believe that the biggest asset they have is their employees. And thus, they work very hard on ensuring everyone is heard, creating programs, utilizing team suggestions and making things happen. They always look for team players with technical and diverse industry experience, whether it is in business or manufacturing.
Challenges are Opportunities to Better Ourselves’
Mark believes that most challenges are opportunities to better themselves. “It’s tough to have the Big Bang ERP culture properly implemented because each location has a different style of working (and living). We value the “in-person meetings” and face-to-face interactions. We have been able to streamline our Monthly Meetings, Quarterly Evaluations, Morning Scrums, Daily meetings with video conference, carefully timed meetings, and being responsive,” concludes Mark.

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