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Biden Approves Commercial-Scale Wind Farm Off New Jersey Coast

As part of a Biden administration initiative to erect offshore wind farms around the nation’s coasts, on Wednesday, the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management approved the development of up to 98 wind turbine generators off the New Jersey shore of Atlantic City.

A Danish corporation called Orsted’s subsidiary will construct the Ocean Wind 1 project. The Biden administration has approved three offshore wind projects at commercial scale. When finished, it should be able to supply almost 400,000 houses with power. The initiative will, according to the administration, generate around 3,000 jobs.

A significant step towards President Biden’s objective of producing 30,000 megawatts from offshore wind turbines in coastal waters nationally by 2030 has been made with the Ocean Wind 1 project. 13 nautical miles would separate it from Atlantic City.

The decision also asks for the construction of up to three offshore substations in the lease area, via which electricity generated by the floating turbines will be fed.

The decision was hailed by B.O.E.M. director Elizabeth Klein as “another significant step forward for the offshore wind industry in the United States.”

Workers in New Jersey and fabricators in Baltimore, Maryland are starting to make parts for the turbines, according to a statement from Liz Burdock, founder and CEO of the Business Network for Offshore Wind, which supports the project.

“The announcement of Ocean Wind 1’s Record of Decision today represents a pivotal inflection point not just for Orsted, but for New Jersey’s nation-leading offshore wind industry as a whole,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat. He said he hopes New Jersey will be the nation’s leading producer of wind energy by 2040.

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