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Bexio: Making it Easy for Small Businesses to Manage their Administration Tasks

In a world where the business environment is continuously changing, companies need to constantly evolve and predict consumer needs ahead of time to achieve satisfying results. The correct technology solution can meaningfully upsurge creativity, business productivity and efficiency empowering businesses to engage effectively with the digital economy.  Advanced technology solutions can also deliver businesses the capability to make decisions swiftly and malleably.
Enterprise Resource Planning systems the integrated applications to handle all divisions and functions of purchasing, production, logistics, sales, orders, accounting, project management, payroll, inventory control warehouses, etc. One company who is raising the bar in this arena with each passing moment is Bexio.
Bexio brings new innovations to its ERP platform every day to make life easier and more rewarding for small businesses. Bexio aims to provide faster remuneration, more efficient planning of resources and a happier workforce to small businesses.
Bexio has achieved this by cleverly automating business processes, connecting market participants, reinventing themselves constantly & creating trust and an emotional bond with its customers through positive experiences.
Trailblazer with Abundant Experience
Ace leader Jeremias Meier is the CEO and Co-founder of Bexio. Previously, Jeremias worked as CEO and partner at iBROWS, an IT company in Zurich, which was acquired by PwC in 2015. The 32-year-old started his entrepreneurial career while studying business administration at the University of St. Gallen.
On the Way to become the Best Swiss Software Startup
Bexio’s software’s journey began 10 years ago. Jeremias Meier and his co-founders were looking for office software for the newly formed company, but couldn’t find anything that would work for them. The team programmed the software themselves, used it for several years and only then told their friends and customers about it.
At the end of 2013, the team founded its own company to develop the software even more professionally. At that time, the company was called easySYS. Today, Bexio is the leading provider of web-based business software for small Swiss companies. Since the foundation, Bexio has constantly been increasing their number of customers and employees. Presently, it has over 15,000 customers and more than 80 employees.
In the fall of 2016, Bexio received the ‘Top 100 Startup’ Award for the best software startup in Switzerland. In 2017, it was once again named the best software startup in Switzerland. The experts have reviewed over 100,000 companies to select the most innovative and promising startups in Switzerland for the award.
Dynamic Range of Solutions
The Fintech startup covers the entire administration of a SME in a single solution: from the generation of quotes through automated billing & dunning to integrate e-banking and online accounting with direct accountant access. Over 15,000 customers trust the best software startup of 2016 and 2017. The features of Bexio’s software include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Order processing: quotes, invoices and orders
  • Online accounting which are automated
  • Integrated e-banking, including the 5 largest banks in Switzerland: UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen and Postfinance. Integration with other banks is to follow in the near future.
  • Online payroll accounting
  • Product management
  • Time tracking and projects, managing tasks and milestones
  • Warehouse management where the orders and invoices are linked directly to warehouse management
  • Online collaboration with the accountant via direct accountant access
  • Enhanced features through a variety of paid and free add-ons
  • Bexio also offers a standardized interface for developers i.e API

Services and Support by Bexio include:

  • Automated updates
  • Free support by phone and email
  • Automated & regular backups
  • Free webinars and seminars
  • Online support center with help articles
  • Bexio TV with explanatory videos on YouTube

Tackling the Major Obstacles
The CEO of Bexio explains that two developments have helped them massively, if not laid the foundation for their current success. Jeremias Meier explains, “On the one hand, these were the technical developments in cloud computing and the ever better possibilities of being able to program beautiful and easy-to-use software for the web browser. On the other hand, it was the increasing level of IT maturity at small and very small companies. Meanwhile, almost all SMEs have realized that they can significantly increase their efficiency and productivity with the help of ERP that works for them. That’s why for many, ERP is no longer a nice-to-have but a simple necessity. Of course, that helps us a lot.”
To tackle issues, Bexio have built a new way to sell the software to the SME Market: Data-based Performance Marketing and Direct Sales. This outperforms 10x traditional channel sales.
Clearing the Cloud of Confusion
Ample numbers of individuals are confused about the difference between cloud-based ERP and on-site ERP. Bexio which is a Cloud-based ERP clears the cloud of confusion by listing out the key points.
In the On-site ERP, the license to use the software is purchased or rented. The software is used locally on the computer which means it has to be downloaded and installed. This way, the responsibility for the software i.e updates and functionality is transferred to the user. On-site ERP users are responsible for maintenance, backups and installing updates to be able to work with the current version.
In addition, the users need to make sure they have the right hardware because software is often limited to a particular operating system or doesn’t work on every OS.
Advantages of on-site ERP include data protection; the users retain control over their data.
In Cloud-based ERP, users can work on any device and from any location because the hardware is independent. They only need Internet access and a browser to work. The data is available at anytime and anywhere and no download or installation is necessary.
Cloud-based ERP is ready for use at all times without high initial costs because the data is in the cloud, in the external data centers. In Bexio’s case, these are certified data centers in Switzerland. The data is stored at several data centers in order to protect it even in extreme cases like earthquakes.
In Bexio, only IT specialists perform backups and maintenance. There are automated backups therefore customer doesn’t have to worry about anything. There are automated updates; updates are automatically installed by Bexio — the customer doesn’t have to update anything. In 2017, Bexio was updated up to 45 times.
Expectations in Foresight
Bexio is currently optimizing its core: the quotation and billing process. Bexio’s goal is to further automate procedures and processes, taking into account customer feedback and wishes. There is a further development of this platform. Bexio continues its strong growth in Switzerland, racing to become the market leader in business software for small businesses in Switzerland.
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