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Beven Schwaiger: Reshaping management System Solutions

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO and the Founder of integrum Management Systems, Beven Schwaiger shares the key insights powering his transformative results as the Chief Executive Officer.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Beven and Insights Success:
How do you diversify your organization’s offerings to appeal to the target audience?
We look at key points of differentiation – in our case we have focused on providing highly configurable software that allows clients to configure their own forms, workflows, reports, dashboards without requiring assistance from integrum– giving clients control of their own destiny. We offer all our functions in the one application – not as modules including mobile apps. The system can operate fully offline – so is attractive to shipping, offshore industries, remote locations and mobile workforces.
The configurable nature of the system means we can also offer a white label platform for partners such as consultants, insurance companies and industry associations to take their own branded offering to their market – this is opening up huge market opportunities for integrum. It is important to look at your point of difference or USP – and understand how you can leverage this in the marketplace.
Describe some of the vital attributes that every entrepreneur should possess.
I believe entrepreneurs need to possess a positive ‘can do’ attitude and not be discouraged by negative views or advice (which you will receive frequently).  Combined with determination, vision and hard work, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Other good attributes for entrepreneurs are the ability to listen to good advice and having patience – remember: ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.
What were the past experiences, achievements or lessons that have shaped your journey?
I draw on past successes and experiences – personal, business and sporting achievements in younger life that remind or reinforce my attitude to success – that hard work and determination can achieve results. Lessons I have learned is to be careful and not to spread yourself too thin, not to take on too many ventures or tasks and surround yourself with good, positive people.
How do you strategize your game plans to tackle competition in the market?
I use scenario role playing to look at how our plans can be implemented and what impact it will have on our competition and the market generally, looking particularly at their weaknesses and market feedback on our competitors. This is a worthwhile exercise as you often identify otherwise unforeseen consequences and opportunities to further exploit the market.
What were the primal challenges and roadblocks you faced during the initial phase of your career as an entrepreneur?
Major challenges initially were around lack of capital and cash flow – understanding how money will flow into your business is critical. Looking at ways to generate revenue (not funding) is key to success for most business ventures. Remember:  Revenue is the best source of funding! Another challenge (mistake) was taking on more than one project at a time in the early stages. Once I focused on integrum as the only business project then it all fell into place, but this took time and some failures along the way. So be careful not to take on too much or be distracted by outside ventures/projects.
Where do you see yourself in the near future and what are your future goals?
To keep pushing boundaries of the governance risk and compliance market space – it is a huge market with massive upside potential. I am also looking for integrum to explore emerging technologies such as Blockchain and other exciting areas.
About the Leader
Beven has been a lawyer specialising in environmental health and safety risk and compliance. He founded the business known as integrum Risk & Compliance Software in 1996. He along with his team has grown the business to over 1 million users in over 200 countries. Under his leadership, integrum is recognised as a global leader in risk and compliance management system software including clienteles from Fortune 500 companies and government across all industry sectors. Beven formerly held the position of global sales and marketing for integrum. He graduated from University of Tasmania, Australia
About the Company
integrum is the leading provider of management systems software for Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Governance, Risk and Compliance. It is recognized as the most configurable system of its type on the market today. It has been providing world class integrated management systems solutions since 1996, across all industry sectors. Its system contains all the functions of a fully integrated management platform in the one application. Traditionally used for QHSE, Governance Risk and Compliance, integrum software is now the comprehensive business optimization solution providing organizations of all sizes with streamlined business processes, accelerated growth and increased profitability.
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