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Best Vape for Heavy Smokers   

If you have been a heavy smokers or are in the habit of consuming high-nicotine content, it can make switching to vaping harder for you.

You will need vape kits to deliver nicotine efficiently for a successful transition. Also, as a heavy smoker, you need a vape that reinforces the sense of calm and satisfaction by offering a solid and good throat hit.

The smaller devices from the convenience stores, including disposable vapes or E-cigarettes with filled pods, will not gratify your experience to the least. You need a kit that brings a top level of satisfaction.

You need a vape kit that delivers a significantly higher level of satisfaction.

Critical Characteristics of Vape Kits

Being a heavy smoker, you need:

  • A nourishing full, and smooth flavor
  • MTL (mouth-to-lung inhalation)
  • Easy-to-use device
  • High nicotine intake
  • A device that replicates the experience of smoking

Best Vape Kits for Heavy Smokers

As a heavy smoker, you should start with a true vape kit. Most ex-smokers who transitioned to disposable vapes or pens often found them unsubstantial in size, throat hits, and lower in power, which didn’t suit them well. Such devices will not satisfy your cravings if you enjoy high-nicotine cigarettes.

The vape pens and E-cigs work for casual smokers or for those who use low-nicotine levels, but heavy smokers need more than that. If you do not get the ideal substitute, chances are you will return to cigarettes.

Thus, the full-size and powered vape kits are what you need in the first place. Always prefer to buy vape kits from well-known manufacturers, e.g., Aspire, Innokin, or Smok Vape kit.


Mouth-to-lung or MTL devices offer you the same process as those with conventional cigarettes. This is when you draw in vapor into your mouth and inhale to your lungs. Such a style offers a tighter inhale and gives out less vapor.

The direct-to-lungs, or DTL, on the other hand, is where your inhaling is loose, and it bypasses the mouth traveling directly to the lungs. This is the kind of vaping that gives out the most vapor.

By now, you might know that if you are transitioning to vapes from being a heavy smoker, MTL devices are what you need.  

Now let’s talk about:

Ideal Strength

When you want to quit heavy or chain-smoking, you are likely looking to alternate the source of nicotine intake. If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, go for the 20mg or 18mg strength.

To effectively break the habit, you will need a vape that produces a hit that is strong enough to satisfy your cigarette cravings. The good thing is you can get many high-potency E-liquids that come in a 50-50 ratio.


When you want to switch to vapes from heavy smoking, a range of powerful vape kits is your answer. While the less powerful kits work fine for casual or occasional smokers, you will need something substantial to deal with cravings as a heavy smoker. The heavy-duty kits and high-nicotine E-liquids will make your transition easier.

So, let’s bring out the heavier guns – shall we?

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