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Best Online Jobs

Since the creation of the internet and computers, some people have managed to find themselves work from home jobs. However, until recently, this was a rarity. But since the COVID-19 breakout, more and more people are looking for online jobs.

So, where are the best online jobs? How do you get an online job? And most importantly, which online jobs are real?

What Are the Best Online Jobs?

The best online job for you will depend on your skill, expected salary, and your lifestyle. But generally, the 8 best online jobs are:

1. Social Media Manager

Everyone uses social media these days, even businesses. Not everyone, however, gets how social media works. That’s where social media managers come in. If you have experience with social media and setting up social media accounts and running them relatively successfully – you could be the perfect fit for this role. You would be responsible for managing the accounts, comments, and community online – all from the comfort of wherever you want to be!

Expected earnings: £15 – £65 hourly

2. Online Tutor

If you’re an expert in a topic, perhaps you have a bachelor’s degree or similar in a subject, then it’s worth considering becoming an online tutor. You can teach from anywhere in the world so long as you have a good internet connection and a webcam.

Expected earnings: £10 – £25 hourly

3. Online Recruiter

If you’re well organised, you might find that the job of an online recruiter suits you perfectly. A role that used to be strictly in the office, this job has recently begun to move online. Recruiters will work to post vacancies and look for any potential employees for their clients. You may also be responsible for applicants’ initial phone interviews.

Expected earnings: £20 – £40 hourly

4. Freelance Writing

Do you have strong writing skills? Then why not try out the role of a freelance writer? Freelance writers apply to write for blogs, essay writing, magazines, websites, newspapers, and pretty much anywhere with content! Plus, freelance writing jobs are some of the best online jobs because they pay pretty well since there are so many clients out there who need content created for their websites and literary works. For instance, as a ghostwriter, you can make money writing online and get extremely competitive pay rates you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Besides, you get outlines that help you write a compelling story.

Expected earnings: £15 – £100 hourly

5. Customer Service Representatives

We’ve all spoken to an online customer service representative at some point. They’re the people on the other end of the chatbox on websites and apps, listening to all of your complaints and responding to any customer requests. Being a customer service representative is definitely not a job for the faint of heart, but it is one of the best online jobs out there.

Expected earnings: £10 – £20 an hour

6. SEO Virtual Assistant

Are you worried that you’ve not got the skills to get a work-from-home job? Well, then you’re in luck. To become an SEO virtual assistant, you do not need a huge range of skills or qualifications. You will be asked to do simple & advanced SEO tasks and paid handsomely for it. Virtual assistant jobs are one of the best online jobs for those looking to build up their CV.

Expected earnings: £15 – £20 hourly

7. Graphic Design

Ideal for any arty people, freelance graphic designers earn a reasonable wage in exchange for creating banners, posters, flyers, covers, logos, and advertisements for clients.

Expected earnings: £20 – £100 an hour

8. Voiceover Artist

Those voices you hear in advertisements and announcements on the television have to come from somewhere, and the majority of them come from freelance voiceover artists. They record whatever their client asks them to on a high-quality mic and send it off for the client to use.

Expected earnings: £15 – £45 hourly

Where To Find Good Online Jobs

Now that you know which are the best online jobs, you might be wondering how to find a remote job to score you some extra cash. Or maybe you’re after a full-time income. Either way, you’ll need to know where to start your job search.

Freelance Websites

There are a few websites that have been specifically set up to help people search through job postings and find online gigs. Some of the most reliable freelance job websites are Fiverr, Upwork, TaskRabbit, PeoplePerHour, and Guru.

Specialist Job Postings

If you’re looking for more niche job opportunities, say for data entry jobs, voiceover work, or online tutor jobs, you may need to search on more specialist sites. These include (Voiceover Artists), TranscribeMe (Transcriptionists), CareerBuilder (Recruiting), Jooble (Recruiting), or SuperProf (Online Tutoring Jobs).

General Job Boards

There are also online jobs available on more general job boards, too. Places like Indeed, Reed, and even just search engines can be really helpful for finding roles like Virtual Assistant jobs and freelance writing.

Which Online Jobs Are Real?

Unfortunately, like with many things, there are people out there who advertise fake work from home jobs, online jobs, and even online courses in the hopes of scamming some people out of their money. But don’t worry because there are ways to make sure you’re looking at legit online jobs, not fake ones. Be sure to keep an eye out for the following things:

  • You’ve been asked for any personal information
  • The pay does not match the task
  • The job alerts, posting, or messages about the job is rife with grammatical errors
  • The job advertises ‘free work from home jobs,’ ‘quick extra money. ‘Unlimited earning potential’ or anything that sounds too good to be true

It is also worth researching the company or the person who owns the online store, company, business, or whatever. If you cannot find information about them, walk away.

You may also find that scammers are happy to take you on before even really speaking to you. If you know your qualifications or experience fall a little short of the criteria (maybe you have a bachelor’s degree rather than a master’s degree), and they don’t even question it – that’s a red flag.

Online work is a great way to work, earn money and still keep a flexible schedule. There are online jobs for teens and adults alike, so regardless of what your situation is, there’s bound to be something online for you.