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Beryl8: Assisting Clients with their Expertise in Consulting and Technology

Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, and Internet of Things will still be where the world is heading in the next couple of years. Especially in the Asian and Pacific region, including Thailand, more and more users are adopting new technologies to their organizations, while the market is rapidly growing.
Beryl8 is a management and technology consulting, services and outsourcing company based out of Thailand. Trying to stay ahead of the game, Beryl8 is constantly coming up with disruptive, innovative, but practical idea to enable their clients to move up to the next level through their technology and strategic investment. Beryl8 offers business consulting services, CRM implementation, Google Cloud Platform implementation, multi-vendor systems integrations, custom app development, support services, and change management. “We enable the environment where our people can learn at their full potential and gain real hands-on experience with coaching from subject matter experts.”
Being better than the rest 
Having started small as a local company while competing with global firms and striving in such a competitive and dynamic industry, Beryl8 needed to have twice as steep learning curve compared to that of other players in the industry. The company aims to keep the time to proficiency of their people to be doubling faster than others. At the same time it is also important for a company to turn everything around if needed to, and that’s what Beryl8 have learned and made it their competitive advantage.
The Visionaries 
Dr. Nithinart Sinthudeacha and Mr. ApisekTewinpagti are the co-founders of Beryl8 Plus Company Limited. Both have strong backgrounds in consulting industry, with a vision that cloud computing and digital transformation would be a global trend in the years to come. They established Beryl8 in 2009 with a mission to help and enable clients to create competitive advantages and perform at the highest level through digital innovation in order to create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders.
Striving to deliver exceptional results 
At Beryl8, understanding the client’s businesses comes as the first step in delivering quality service to them with passion. Forming close ties between their team members, building constructive relationships with the clients and working together towards the same goal are few points Beryl8 abides by. Moreover, the team at Beryl8 always strives to deliver exceptional qualities and results that exceed expectation.
Identifying the challenges and working towards it 
Beryl8’s client base covers various industries. Each client has different business need, so accordingly Beryl8’s team of consultants always gets to work on different challenging projects. The key challenge for the company is to find a way to always stay up-to-date and ahead of the market. At the same time, being a market leader, the company understands the need to educate the target market about how new technology can improve productivity and efficiency. This ultimately leads to increase in their sales. Keeping their strategic priorities in mind, Beryl8 always aims to invest in their own people. Beryl8 also views new product development to better serve client’s business needs as one major opportunity to outgrow their own business.
Innovative products and services 
“We have our methodology to encourage our clients to be innovative in defining their business opportunity and potential, and we know how to help them to get there.”
Cloud & CRM Strategy: Translate business needs and customer insight into strategic initiatives and solutions to engage customers smarter, and stay ahead of the game.
Salesforce Implementation: Implement with our proven methodology. Over 100+ successful sales, service, and marketing cloud engagements for 20,000+ users across major industries.
Google Cloud Platform Implementation: Carry out through our unique methodology to implement Big Data solutions and Machine Learning services to enable clients to focus on what’s next for their business rather than managing infrastructure.
Custom & Mobile App Development: Meet the specific demands of business via mobile apps or custom online interfaces to match the way clients do their business and equip them with new strategic capabilities.
Integration: Combine expertise with leading player like Mulesoft to ensure data integrity across the enterprise by connecting existing legacy systems, ERPs, and databases to each other, as well as to any newly implemented IT infrastructure, seamlessly.
Support: Access Beryl8 experts for continued guidance and post go-live administrative support to sustain long-term success.
Salesforce Training Center: Enable client’s team with system specific, as well as standard Salesforce Certification trainings, to enhance their technical skill and system know-how.
Change Management: Support implementation success beyond technology delivery by enabling organization to embrace change, adopt new practice and enhance mindset.
One Team, One Goal 
People and teamwork are keys to success, and Beryl8 considers itself a people’s company. The company has set people development as its top strategic agenda. Beryl8’s consultants are professional and well-trained. Also, the cultural environment in the organization is another important factor that helps them develop themselves and go through everything. It’s because of the cultural diversity in the company, their turnover rate is extremely low. This in turn results in outstanding quality services.
At Beryl8 there is one team and one goal. “We work with empathy, integrity, trust, and respect in all interactions.” Beryl8 values diversity and always welcomes new ideas. Every employee working here is allowed to think innovatively and make things happen with their creative approach. With a great team and great culture in place, Beryl8 is sure to overcome all the challenges it faces in the fast growing technology industry.
Building strong customer base 
Beryl8 is dedicated to continuously investing in their people and culture. Also, the company is looking to build strong relationships with customers and ensure that they get first-class consultation and implementation experience. At the same time, Beryl8 is willing to explore new products development and international expansion.

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