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Gerard Quiroga | President and CEO | Bellacures

Bellacures: A Salon for Hands and Feet

As the wellness industry continues to grow, nail care has become a self-care routine for both women and men alike. The practices in the nail salon have drawn the attention of entrepreneurs wanting to own a personal care franchise and yield successful business results. And Bellacures is a prominent name in the personal care industry.

Bellacures was born out of the idea that nail salons should be inviting, rejuvenating, relaxing, and comfortable, and above all, with cleanliness standards that are beyond customer requirements. The organization serves in seven locations across Southern California and one in Dallas, raising the bar for industry standards on what you should expect when you walk into a nail salon.

With franchises playing a significant role in market penetration, it is essential to understand the challenges and implications faced in the personal care industry. We at Insights Success caught up with Gerard Quiroga, the President and CEO of Bellacures, to learn more about the company.

Owning a Bellacures

Bellacures takes thoughtful care with its space, creating calming greenery draping the walls and its signature custom-designed sofa chairs for a uniquely relaxing environment. By eliminating spa chairs from the equation, they have created a salon that helps provide a healthier pedicure experience for the client, while reducing the construction investment for a franchise owner.

Offering a top-notch experience, the Bellacures franchise has become the gold standard in nail care attracting a loyal client base including many celebrities and tastemakers. The nail salon prides itself on cleanliness, quality of service, and providing a truly relaxing experience for its customers.

The Bella Way

Bellacures provides everything to cater to their clientele in order to provide a luxurious, relaxing experience from formulating a line of products including nourishing creams and invigorating scrubs, all individually packed, to facilitating clients with the highest cleanliness standards and no product sharing from client to client. Bellacures emphasizes a hygiene-friendly experience and has set up standard operating procedures for all the nail technicians. Every time a client walks in, the nail experts sterilize all metal tools in a hospital-grade sterilization machine, called an autoclave, and a new sterilized pouch is opened.

Bellacures focuses on opening a signature ‘Bellacures b.clean pouch’ for each and every service. The pouch includes a file, buffer, toe separator, and other supplies that a manicurist needs. Customers are able to take home the pouch after their service.

Most nail salons use whirlpool spa chair tubs that are very hard to properly sanitize as bacteria live in the pipes and drains, which are not cleaned regularly. As a remedy to this crisis, Bellacures uses disposable plastic liners in a portable pedicure tub, eliminating the bacteria-filled spa chair from the equation.

Missing the massage of the whirlpool spa chair? Not to worry – Bellacures employs masseuse to provide you with the best in-chair massage!

Curating Client Essentials

Talking about the offerings, Gerard mentions that with a vision to facilitate an enriched customer experience, Bellacures has curated a menu of services that offers spa-quality treatments for clients encompassing the best elements of nail and skincare without the spa-level pricing. He says, “Whatever service customers choose from Deep Hydration to Scrubbed Smooth, the Seasonal Signature, or the Essential, the client will have a signature Bellacures experience with meticulous care.”

Bellacures stays on the pulse of developments within the industry and offers a variety of nail enhancements and top-of-the-line treatments.

Implementing Technologies

In the nail care industry, customer experience plays a pivotal role in drawing customer attention, and innovative technologies assist in facilitating customers with unique and beneficial experiences.

Over the years, Bellacures has launched numerous innovative services. Talking about facilitating a relaxing experience, Gerard marks, “We still have on our menu the Canna-a-cure, which is the very first CBD pedicure. We have also developed a Spiritual Awakening Pedicure for a higher level of relaxation and self-pampering by combining aromatherapy, crystals, and intention-setting. We partnered with an IV drip company for the ultimate on-demand detox. Most recently, we infused the benefits of lymphatic drainage into a pedicure service including dry brushing, a paddle, ice roller, and more to flush toxins, improve circulation, reduce swelling all while providing a relaxing experience.

Driving Bellacures Services with Positive Work Culture

At Bellacures, Gerard considers staff and clientele to be his family. He puts, “We really strive to provide a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, so everyone feels accepted and at home in our environment. We pay fair wages to all of our front-desk and manicurists,  as well as offer a 401k plan and health insurance to all employees. ”

When it comes to giving back to the local community, Bellacures is continually building programs and services to raise proceeds for philanthropic organizations like local schools, hospitals, community centers, and LGBTQIA organizations.

Expanding Franchisees

In an effort to empower entrepreneurs with establishing franchisees, Bellacures is SBA approved, helping to make financing a bit easier on the franchisee, and offers its full support of the management team.

Bellacures provides a comprehensive start-up plan and helps the franchisee with data to identify the best location in their target area. Once identified, Bellacures provides a list of licenses and permits and all of the tools and systems needed. This includes local marketing activities, a build-out plan for the location, vendors and supplies, inventory management, booking software, menu of services and marketing materials, customer acquisition, hiring and training staff, retaining staff, ongoing maintenance, and growth for key performance metrics.

Hear it From the Customers

One of the appropriate markers that validate company expertise is the relaxing experience yielding customer satisfaction. Let the testimonials do the talking!

“The front desk always has a smile on their face & the technicians are all professional. It’s also very safe, as cleaning is always continued throughout the process and gives us peace of mind. Thank you.” – Carlos N.

Excellent service. Professional staff. Very clean. Polish is top quality.” – Carrie B.

All tools are individually opened for clients, and services are very well done (tech notions take their time, nothing rushed, knowledgeable and great explanations if you have questions). Front desk staff are very professional, kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable – my new go-to spot” – Naomi B.

A Future Roadmap

With a vision of spreading smiles, Bellacures loves to pamper its clients with a rejuvenating experience. They are always actively looking for new franchisees and plan to continue expanding throughout Southern California and enter into Florida as well as more markets. “With expansion comes the prospect of new franchisees, and we are always looking for the next go-getter ready to start their own business,” adds Gerard.

The nail salon franchise aspires to push itself to be the premier nail salon and provide clients with the best manicure and pedicure services.

An Advice for Future Entrepreneurs

Igniting the entrepreneurial spirit, Gerard expresses, “I started as a franchisee myself before I took over the operations of Bellacures. I think one must know the business operations that involve managing a single salon and its demands to be able to properly support a franchisee. Start by owning one of your stores and be involved in all it takes to do so. That way, you can anticipate and understand the problems your franchisees might encounter.

An important aspect of being a franchisee is that your personality aligns with the industry. We always look for self-starters, those that have experience in management but most important that they have a willingness and desire to be independent,” he concludes.

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