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Bed Bath & Beyond declares bankruptcy protection

In New York, Bed Bath & Beyond, one of the first huge box retailers known for its apparently vast contributions of sheets, towels, and kitchen contraptions sought financial protection assurance, following long periods of bleak deals and misfortunes and various bombed circle-back plans.

The beleaguered home goods retailer made the filing on Sunday in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey. In it, it stated that it would begin a systematic shutdown of its business while looking for a buyer for all or some of it. In the liquidation documentation, the retailer said it expects to close its stores by June 30.

Bed Bath & Beyond is going bankrupt

For now, 360 stores of Bed Bath & Beyond stores, 120 Buy Buy Baby sites, and websites will still be open to serve customers for the time being. It recorded assessed resources and liabilities in the scope of $1 billion to $10 billion. The move comes after the organization neglected to tie down assets to remain above water.

According to Bed Bath & Beyond, Sixth Street Specialty Lending has committed approximately $240 million in financing to enable the company to continue operating during the bankruptcy process.

“It’s an icon’s passing. Many individuals have grown up with it, ” said Neil Saunders, overseeing head of GlobalData Retail. ” In the retail industry, it is an institution, but unfortunately, this does not shield it from financial difficulties.

Bed Bath & Beyond, which was established in 1971, had long enjoyed the status of a big-box retailer with an extensive selection of towels, sheets, and gadgets that rivaled that of department stores. It was quick to acquaint customers with a large number of the present family things like the air fryer or single-serve espresso creator, and its 15% to 20% coupons were omnipresent.