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BeCloud LLC: Specialized Services and Care Not Attainable From Even the Largest Providers

Founded five years ago to provide detailed, professional, customized Cloud and Managed Service solutions to customers around the globe. BeCloud LLC is a boutique that provides highly Customized Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Technology Solutions for clients. With a motto “affordable, efficient and scalable IT”, Becloud designs custom solutions based on the client’s needs including: exposure, security specifications, risk tolerance and budget requirements.
BeCloud uses many combinations of technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Cloud Solutions, and even custom built hosted solutions in their own datacenters or on customer premise to match the right tools and services for clients. After implementation, BeCloud offers managed services for solutions utilizing their flagship service “Complete Care”, to make sure that services continue to be maintained, monitored and operate at peak performance.
Boutique Services Offered by BeCloud
Because BeCloud is a boutique they can offer specialized services and care not attainable from the largest providers. Cloud solutions represents the foundation for future technology, and BeCloud help their clients navigate the “what, when and how” cloud solutions can be utilized to better predict technology cost and provide scale. BeCloud also help their clients utilize technology in a more efficient manner by removing the daily maintenance of solutions so that customers can focus on core business strengths.
BeCloud operates in a domain where change is always happening at a fast clip.  There are always new challenges, products, services and updates to keep up with.  BeCloud has a diligent team of professionals that constantly read, study and test new technologies to keep up with changes. The BeCloud team’s dedication to great service, professionalism and client satisfaction is a major differentiator. They are committed to the small and medium-sized forward-looking businesses across all verticals. This diligence, dedication, and commitment drives the rapid growth BeCloud is experiencing.
James L. Phipps Jr., President & Owner of BeCloud LLC, has a background, experience and leadership which comes from over twenty years of practical work experience in technology. His past military service is where James polished his leadership skills and garnered a love for teamwork. His continual teaching and mentoring of young adults in Software Programming and Information Technology continues to be his passion and keeps his outlook fresh. James’ most challenging but rewarding position demands that all of his experience, degrees and certifications be brought to bear. It is leading the world class team of astute professionals at BeCloud LLC to provide Information Technology Consulting Services that are second to none.
Reflecting on the question of the future of Cloud Providers, James says, “The future for Cloud Providers is bright, because there are many opportunities to provide web, email, server and application hosting for clients. The rapid and continued growth of Internet based technologies continues to cross borders and barriers of doing business World Wide. But, customers need a trusted, informed, and dedicated partner to navigate the many cloud provider solutions. Welcome to BeCloud we are that trusted technology partner!”