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BeCloud LLC: A Global Disruptor in Consultancy Services

Digital disruption has become inevitable in every industry.  Yet the tri-million consulting industry has survived the disruption for an impressively long time. The consultant business is a thriving and rewarding community. There are so many opportunities waiting to flourish and make a difference in the world of consultancy. BeCloud is the organization who contributes to the industry by staying abreast of the latest trends and applying the best of breed solutions.
The Vision behind Initiation
With a vision to provide affordable, efficient and scalable IT solutions, BeCloud was incepted in 2011. Based out of Jackson, Mississippi, BeCloud is inspired by a desire to provide great customer service with an extreme value proposition that helps the small and medium size companies to compete in this rapidly changing global economy. To stay ahead in today’s environment, every business needs access to technology that is more agile, creative and immediately impactful while still managing risk. BeCloud LLC was founded with a vision to provide such solutions to the clients.
Wide Range of Solutions and Services
BeCloud LLC solves business problems by providing solutions utilizing software such as Odoo ERP, Private Clouds based on hardware such as SuperMicro Blade servers, and Public Clouds based on AWS, Microsoft and/or C Spire solutions. This creates a customized solution for  clients with Best in Class performance, price and scalability.  The company has forged strong partnerships with its vendors by providing solutions to the customers that enhance the overall reputation.
The company offers a wide range of solutions including: Managed Services that support and service customer networks, which includes the complete care products respectively, Manage Windows Updates, Manage Security of Networks and Manage backups;  Public Cloud which include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and C Spire Cloud Solutions;  Private Cloud including Data Center/Server Room Setup and Management. Other complete care products include Odoo ERP Consulting, Custom Application Development; Security Consulting—Security Audits, and Network Security Solutions; Virtual and Dedicated Servers—Static IP addresses, unmanaged and managed solutions, unlimited bandwidth.
Strategies for Staying Unique
BeCloud test the deployed technologies in house before moving to customers which gives them the opportunity to fully understand the full possibilities of the technology. In addition, the team takes the time to engage with the customers to find opportunities to streamline business practices.  This includes training, customization and analysis that further enhance value.
Internally, BeCloud promotes continuous education on the various technologies that impact their clients the most. The Company recruits consultants, engineers and technicians that love technology and they are always bringing new products, services and methods to the table for them to consider, test and implement. That excitement and enthusiasm for technology is cultivated by the innovative culture of BeCloud.
Challenges and Changes
Technical prowess is not the only attribute that changes the solution provider’s trajectory; the dedication towards customer’s satisfaction, issue resolution and relationship management are also definite requirements. BeCloud had to face some difficulties in its initial years because some employee recruits did not share this dedication to customer satisfaction. A revised and upgraded recruitment process was implemented to garner better results.
Impressing the Customers
The diligent team of BeCloud loves finding ways to use their technical knowledge for the benefits of customers. The smart application of knowledge to resolve the issues faced by clients and improving workflows while reducing risk work as the value add that will continue to propel BeCloud and its Customers into the stratosphere.
Cloud solutions represents the foundation for future technology, and BeCloud helps their clients navigate the “what, when and how” cloud solutions can be utilized to better predict technology cost and provide scale. BeCloud also help their clients utilize technology in a more efficient manner by removing the daily maintenance of solutions so that customers can focus on core business strengths.
Trusted Technology Partner of Future
While reflecting on the future of Cloud Solutions, Phipps says, “The future for Cloud Providers is bright, because there are many opportunities to provide web, email, server and application hosting for clients. The rapid and continued growth of Internet based technologies continues to cross borders and barriers of doing business World Wide. But, customers need a trusted, informed, and dedicated partner to navigate the many cloud provider solutions. Welcome to BeCloud we are that trusted technology partner!”
Meet the Leading Light of BeCloud
With over 20 years of work experience in technology, James L Phipps is the proud President and Owner of BeCloud. He pursued his MS in Information Technology from Capella University. Previously Phipps was in military service, which helped him in polishing his leadership skills and garnered the love of teamwork. He also provides training and mentors young adults in Software Programming and Information Technology which keep his outlook fresh and up-to-date. Leading a world class team of astute professional at BeCloud LLC to provide Information Technology Consulting Services has proved to be the most challenging yet rewarding job for Phipps.
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