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Beaumont Organic: Providing Meaning to Sustainable Living!

Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources, and one’s personal resources.- Wiki
Founded in 2008, Beaumont Organic is a pioneering conscious clothing brand that combines signature styling with contemporary classics using luxury organic, fair trade and eco fabrics. As a clothing brand, Beaumont is paving the way for fashion to have a more sustainable future. The organization does this by creating contemporary conscious clothing for the modern woman. Its vision is to be a brand people are proud to be wearing and be associated with, producing timeless clothing that will last a lifetime with care from its customers.
Beaumont is inspired by the thought of making changes and paving a way for fashion to have a more sustainable future. The brand execute this by asking questions, producing ethically, reducing wastage, using off-cuts where it can for sampling and keeping consumption low.
Making Sustainable Living Mainstream 
Beaumont Organic was founded before the term ‘sustainable living’ was so commonly discussed. Hence, during its initial period building the brand was challenging and the leaders had to educate clients on the need for conscious clothing. When it comes to achievements, Beaumont has already been received various awards, recognitions and signed agents in countries that believe in sustainable living, and are passionate about the product and capabilities.
Also when it comes to preserving the intactness of organizational ethics, Beaumont Organic has made sure that it uses GOT’s certified organic cotton in order to produce its clothing. Being responsible is also part of the process to preserve its ethics. Working towards reducing waste by using off-cuts for sampling and holding sample sales, to make use of its waste wherever possible Beaumont ensures its ethics are preserved.
Advocating Sustainability 
The Director and Founder of Beaumont Organic Hannah Beaumont Laurencia is an advocate of sustainability. She passionately believes in slow sustainable living. She claims the mindset of slow conscious living must be transmitted through every part of her and Beaumont Organic’s business philosophies. It is important to believe in something yourself, when trying to encourage others to follow the same path, and particularly for the business to continue to grow and remain ethical.
Since the day she could walk, Hannah loved to travel and was spoiled with wonderful holidays, including cultural trips to Washington DC, magical weeks at Disneyland, etc. In her late teen days Hannah visited a truly developing country for the first time. Living in a hut with corrugated metal roof, infested with all kinds of insects and wildlife, no hot water and an outside toilet helped Hannah to understand the value that travel can bring to a person. During her tenure in Fiji, she became more grounded and self-sufficient. For Hannah it was a life changing experience but the thing that has stayed with her the longest is not the living standards, it is the love and happiness that the people of Fiji have and the gratitude they have for the simplest things.
Encouraging Others to Follow Steps 
When it comes to sustaining the ethical nature of the organization, Beaumont is writing new policies within the  company at the moment to ensure as it grows and takes more staff onboard, that the correct training is given to them and they knows what Beaumont’s value and ethics are. With the continuous growth of the organization, it is continuing to build on its relationships with suppliers, as well as forming new relationships who all believe in sustainability and will continue working with Beaumont in the future.
The company also believes that, having an ethical approach doesn’t affect anything within the business; it is just the way it works. It is normal for Beaumont Organic to do things in an ethical way and encourage others to follow in its steps; it allows the company to educate its customers and gives them the choice to be sustainable and conscious with their clothing.
Client Feedback 
“Beaumont Organic offers consistently outstanding quality, beautiful fabrics and excellent customer service. Hannah is brilliant at listening to feedback and using this to move the collections forward in the right direction season after season.” (Vanessa Collen – Managing Director of Collen & Clare)
“We have been working with Beaumont Organic for many years now and admire how Hannah has grown her brand whilst remaining true to her vision throughout. The clothes offer timeless soft wear ability and have a clear handwriting. A personal and proper brand.” (Amy Hall – Director of Hall & Co)
“It has always been a pleasure working with Hannah and her team at Beaumont Organic. The fabrics are really beautiful and the designs are consistently unique, showcasing modern cuts.” (Anna Atwal – Director of PAD Lifestyle) _