(a solution): Automating Business Development with Artificial Intelligence

Today, Artificial Intelligence is an evolving technology, playing a very important role in shaping the future of almost every aspect of every industry. Business Development is no exception. Founded in 2017, provides automated business development and always on prospecting™, powered by artificial intelligence. = Scale to the power of artificial intelligence.
Introducing AI for Sales was launched in 2017 at an average selling price of $40,000 for 30,000 sales activities (3 years of outbound delivered in 3 months, at a 75% lower cost and 5X faster pace than in-house resources). signed nearly 50 clients in less than 12 months. The executive team at discovered that many of the buyers could not justify a $40,000 investment, and they would have invested up to $6,000/month (the cost of a typical SDR/BDR) if offered such a service. This is how was born – out of the desire to serve more clients at a lower price point, and to disrupt the SDR/BDR role by providing Always On Prospecting™.
5X the Digital Reach provides virtual BDRs to execute the digital selling motions including: researching data, sending personalized email, social outreach, and providing agentassisted dials for quota carrying sales professionals. These are activities that most quota carrying sales professionals should do, but quite oftent don’t have the time to do. envisions replacing onsite BDRs who average less than 50 sales activities per day with virtual BDRs, who average more than 250 sales activities per day, at a cost up to 2/3 lower than hiring full-time employees.
Powered by Artificial intelligence,’s virtual BDRs drive up to 5X the digital outreach through multiple channels including phone, email, and social.
Personalized Email Execution 
Having an extensive experience in managing inside sales teams of 50 – 100 people for the past decade, CEO of, Chad Burmeister was not happy to see the low-level work that had done by the SDR and BDR teams researching prospects to reach out to, researching information about them, and then customizing each digital outreach by persona. Committed to create a substantial solution he developed along with the team of experts. eradicates the issue of SDRs and BDRs of spending more than four productive working hours of the day on unnecessary researching and writing 10 – 15 emails. aligns a virtual BDR to a salesperson to deliver up to 100 personalized emails per day sent from the salesperson to prospects that meet their ideal customer profile. is a solution of The difference between and is easy to explain. delivers a full service BDR to deliver phone, email, and social sales activities on behalf of its clients delivering calendared meetings for the sales team. A typical company invests ~$32,500 in a 90 day pilot for 30,000 guaranteed sales activities, which typically results in 50 – 150 meetings booked for our client. delivers data (leads), ~100 personalized emails/day and then executes up to 100 (or more) social sales activities/day, on behalf of its clients.
Transmitting Excellence 
Chad Burmeister, CEO of, has been voted a Top 25 Inside Sales Professional by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals ( 9 of the past 10 years. He has written 3 books on sales including SalesHack 1 & 2, and ScaleX – Multi-Channel Sales Acceleration, Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Chad is a regular speaker at sales conferences and events around the world including SalesForce Dreamforce, Frost & Sullivan, the AA-ISP, Enterprise Sales Forum, and more.
Disrupting BDR Role is disrupting the BDR role by delivering 5-10X more sales activities, at a higher quality using AI for personalization. Most recently, launched e- Commerce on the website so that new customers can sign up for services directly on the site, without the need to speak with a BDR.
Expansion Opportunities will continue to innovate to bring efficient ways for its clients to penetrate new customers and build pipeline. It envision utilizing additional expansion opportunities to provide a way to record videos and send them to prospects, a deeper integration with Agent- Assisted Dialing technology (we call One-Click Conversations), and an integrated physical mailer channel.
Client Admirations 
“ has eliminated the need for us to hire entry level SDRs and BDRs who take a lot of time and energy to ramp up, and then turnover in a matter of months. We hired two virtual BDRs, powered by artificial intelligence, from to execute 200 personalized emails/day, sent from me, to our best prospects. For those who say that AI won’t replace Sales Development Representatives, you are wrong.” – Patrick Donlin, President and CEO
“AI for sales is one of the most exciting things happening now and in fact is going to give professional salespeople higher value work to do”- Lori Richardson, CEO, Score More Sales delivered nearly 200 meetings for us in 2018. We were so impressed with that we brought in to power up our quota carrying sales professionals with AI for Sales.” – Frank Swain, CRO, Instana