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Base Creative: Creating Meaningful Brands that People can Believe In

It is a known fact that majority of the audience of any kind, belongs to the younger age group who are well acquainted with the social media like Facebook and Instagram. Other than just placing ads, there are all kinds of online stores on Facebook and Instagram which further enhances the social media’s position. In a branding process, it is very important to understand your own business than just going with what everyone else is doing without understanding your market’s needs.
Base Creative is a fully integrated multidisciplinary branding and marketing agency that helps leading entrepreneurs to innovate and break new ground. A wide range of digital services, from integrated campaigns, online marketing and brand activation through social media development, UI and UX design, e-commerce, and many more is provided by Base Creative. They are an independent agency with 35 staffs worldwide providing creative services in both Europe and Asia.
Providing the perfect Launchpad for all kinds of Marketing needs
Although it is an agreed factor that social media will continue to play a major role in generating more sales and increasing brand awareness, the team at Base Creative thinks that other online marketing tools like SEO, Email Marketing, re-targeting will also continue to be indispensable to many businesses for years to come.
A thorough Research and Insights to uncover the trends, customer segments and competitive landscape of their client’s business is conducted by Base Creative. Their team carries out market analysis, competitive analysis, trend analysis and segmentation.
They undertake Brand Strategy for their clients in which they carry out Rapid Prototyping, Brand Definition, Brand Positioning and Brand Architecture. Through Brand Strategy, Base Creative defines the core purpose of their client’s and makes the brand a real ‘One of a Kind’ player.
Through Brand Naming, Brand Messaging, Copywriting and Brand Language, Base Creative supports and accelerates the branding process through their profound Naming and Writing Services.
A Brand Identity Design Service is a special design service provided by Base Creative that creates meaningful and relevant brands that connects with the customer at every touch point. They complement this with Marketing Services to create compelling and measurable campaigns across a range of media. They also cater to Experiential Marketing where they create compelling live brand experiences to engage, entertain and educate their client’s customers.
They have also undertaken Digital services from UX design to social strategy, e-commerce and development. At Base Creative, clients can push the boundaries of their promotional activities with Branded Environments, where they create multisensory 3D experience for their client’s clients.
The Strategist behind the Rapidly Changing Market
Matthew J. Kinsman, Founder and Managing Director, oversees the branding, marketing and digital disciplines of the company. He studied graphic design at Bath University in the UK and gained experience with several leading UK design agencies. He has also worked for a live events agency in Hong Kong.
He has accumulated rich knowledge and understanding of the combined brand and business strategies across a wide range of industries. He has brought leadership a global perspective and is responsible for delivering the company’s vision of growing and transforming Base Creative into one of the world’s leading strategy and branding agencies.
Doing Everything that makes the Brand strategy Responsive and Agile
Base Creative stood firm by its principle of creating authentic and honest contents without exaggerating it to their audiences. They inform their clients with unique and pioneering solutions that combine strategic perspectives with creative designs and insightful contents to gain consumers’ support.
With a strong in-house team for strategic planning, creative design, programming and account servicing, Base Creative made sure that they provide the highest quality of work with quick responses to clients. During the process, they customize each project according to client’s needs without recommending components that are not beneficial to clients. Since they are set up in Hong Kong, they have witnessed and interacted with the best businessmen in the world and hence they have learnt to stay ahead and be prepared for any changes in order to fulfill their client’s needs.
Plans for the coming days
With advancement in technology, it is pure common sense that Digital Marketing will become more imaginative and immersive. Virtual reality and Augmented reality have already entered the markets and digital marketers worldwide are conspiring to develop and integrate it in their everyday experiences. Due to the rapid pace, marketers have to stay ahead of the trend and be well informed of the technological development.
Strong beliefs that form a Strong Base
The team at Base Creative are constantly upgrading and innovating themselves and that too at a very fast pace because they know that even the best traditionally created strategy may be perfect for the bygone market trend. They are in the constant know-how that agility and responsiveness, adaptability and rapid reactivity are essential traits for surviving in the market.
They carry out every process of brand strategy parallely to deliver results greater than the sum of their parts. During the entire process the client and the brand consultancy become one team and combine thinking and action into one single process.

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