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Balaji Ramchandran: Leading the Team with Inspiration, Integrity, Innovation and Intellect

In this time of evolution, the corporate world has entered an unprecedented era. Now, business sector is more prevalent and accessible than ever before. To maintain the privacy of a business and move it with the integrity is becoming primary challenge for business leaders. Few of the important traits of leadership in the business world of today is to have an amazing leader who inspires and innovates to grow people/team around them. One such business leader is Balaji Ramachandran – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SoftClouds, showing resilience and positivity against all the difficulties persistently. In an interview with Insights Success, Balaji (Bala) shares insights about his company’s unique offerings and vital traits of leadership.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Bala and Insights Success:
How do you diversify your solutions that appeal to your target audience?
The solutions of SoftClouds are varied across a wide segment of industries, from automotive, high-tech, manufacturing, communications and financial services.
In the CRM/CX Industry, the main issue is that customers aren’t sure what they all want in a CRM solution – Thus we need to make sure we have an understanding of their needs and come up with innovative solutions incorporated with today’s most cutting-edge technologies like Bots, Internet of Things (IoT), Proactive CX, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Our experts constantly work on ideation, creating proof of concepts and revolutionary solutions that are equipped to fabricate businesses for futuristic opportunities.
Describe some of the vital attributes that every leader should possess.
For me, a good leader is the one who is ready to be there for his team at any time. It is true a saying, “Leadership unlocks people’s potential to become better”. Today, being a leader is tougher than being a team member. In order to have the teammates excel, a leader needs to serve others in the first place. Leaders must make conscious choices to inspire others.
To me, some of the characteristics of a good leader are being a source of inspiration, leading the team with integrity, motivating the team to innovate and helping grow their intellect.
What were the past experiences, achievements or lessons that shaped your journey?
Motivation from industry leaders has always been a constant force in shaping my journey. In 2007, with the invention of iOS/iPhone, the mobility industry changed the way we look at the world. That innovative move by Steve Jobs was very inspirational to me. It has always brought out the best and probably the most innovative side of mine and shaped my journey in the best possible way.
Also, this ever-changing industry teaches us a lot on an everyday basis. SoftClouds believes in learning from our experiences and continuing to strive to be one of the top-notch CRM/CX Solutions Provider in the US.
What were some of the primary challenges and roadblocks that you faced during the initial phase of your journey?
It is very hard to have our customers envision our solutions. The CRM industry has been lagging a lot. When you try to demonstrate the future to them, they cannot follow along unless we have a similar futuristic mind in the room. We have to overcome barriers like these and educate our customers right from the ground level on how next generation solutions are the need of today!
Also, a trusted team of experts is built with much effort and guidance. I can summarize the journey of SoftClouds starting with 5 people to becoming a 150-person company in two sentences. First, the experience has been absolutely amazing and second, all the roadblocks and catastrophes became opportunities to grow with greater experience each time.
Where SoftClouds does sees itself in the near future and how will you catalyze the change?
I foresee SoftClouds working with many more big players in the market from various industries and growing in size to between 800-1000 people by 2023-2025.
What is your advice for the emerging leaders?
The road they take is neither straight nor easy, but it is worth the pain. Technology is feeding on itself and outgrowing all the possibilities. The technology industry is evolving faster each year. Today – Change is the most important thing. We must learn to change and invent a new tomorrow! If I can share a few nuggets from my personal experience – Emerging leaders will also have to learn to make others grow in order to grow themselves. Leadership is a huge obligation and a charm at the same time.
About the Leader
Balaji Ramachandran is the Founder, CEO and a member of the Board of Directors at SoftClouds. At SoftClouds, Bala leads the development of the strategic vision, recruits and develops new talent, and translates the vision of SoftClouds into inspired execution. With his broad vision and persistent intellect, he has continued to lead SoftClouds to boundless heights since 14+ years now. He also has hands-on experience leading startup companies in CX, Cloud and Mobile technologies.
Bala’s Entrepreneurial & Innovation leadership has helped shape today’s CX software industry. Surely, Bala is an inspirational, motivating and people leader and builds relationships with teams around him – may it be customers, partners, employees, friends, family, or anyone else. He can be best described as Humanitarian. Tenacious. Dreamer.