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Bailey Jordan | Broker Associate | Navy to Navy Homes | CEO The Jordan Group @ Navy to Navy

Bailey Jordan: A Compassionate Leader Developing Firm Connections in Real Estate

Bailey Jordan When it comes to the Real Estate industry, relocation is one of the factors that comes into play at a large scale. For some people, relocation can be a complex process filled with obstacles; the first and foremost is finding a new home. Bailey Jordan, a seasoned Realtor® with an extensive history in the real-estate industry, understands these obstacles at a personal level.

As the CEO of The Jordan Group Jax at Navy to Navy Homes, Bailey is well acquainted with a wide range of knowledge regarding selling homes and guiding buyers through the process of homeownership. She puts her knowledge into her work at Navy to Navy Homes in order to provide a higher level of real estate services for her military families, often who have extraordinary relocation needs.

Insights Success caught up with Bailey in our quest to find “The Most Influential Real Estate Leaders 2022.” We conversed with her to understand how her expertise is helping Navy to Navy Homes to provide unparalleled customer services.

Below are the highlights of the interview.

Brief our audience about your journey as a business leader until your current position at Navy to Navy Homes. What challenges you had to overcome to reach where you are today?

I am a third-generation Real Estate Agent and Broker. Ironically, I did not grow up with a dream to be in this industry, yet here I am, and I truly feel it is exactly where I am supposed to be. In a brief synopsis, I graduated from Florida State University in 2013, and while planning my wedding and submitting graduate school applications after graduation, I was hired as an Admin Assistant at Navy to Navy Homes.

Six months into the job, I felt compelled to get my license, and I did. I became a licensed Real Estate Agent and later felt compelled to obtain my Brokers License. I never thought twice again about going to grad school. I fell in love with this industry, building relationships, serving, and giving back- I truly felt like I had found where I was supposed to be. I remember, as a little girl, helping my grandfather with real estate duties during summers at their house, and my parents have always had investment properties, flipped homes, etc. I grouted my first tile floor at age 12 and have been helping collect rent payments since about then too! It is pretty cool to look back and see how those ordinary family tasks back then laid so much groundwork for what I do today!

Tell us something more about your company and its mission and vision.

Navy to Navy was founded truly on the premise to help serve and give back to our military and other community heroes. We are a full-service Real Estate Company. We offer Property Management and Real Estate Services. We are also proud affiliates of the national program, Homes for Heroes. This is for those who buy or sell with our team, and we rebate back 25% of our commission to them. To date, we have given back over 2 Million Dollars to our Hero Customers!

Enlighten us on how you have made an impact in the Real Estate niche through your expertise in the market?

I firmly believe a large responsibility in my role as a Real Estate Agent is to educate. Therefore, I take great pride in building relationships with my customers- both buyers and sellers. For Buyers, I find great joy in sitting down, educating them in the process, what exactly it takes and looks like to become a homeowner. For sellers- I want them to know and understand the market they are selling in, what it will take to successfully sell their home, and walk them through each and every step- from contract to closing table and beyond!

I believe, through my care and heart to educate and be a resource to them and truly asking myself how I can best serve them, this mentality has helped leveraged my success because I am more focused on the experience and the outcome versus treating them as another transaction and a number.

Describe in detail the values and the work culture that drives your organization.

We are truly a team. We all work together to provide topnotch service to our community in Northeast Florida. We have a family mentality, and no one is ever too busy with one another. Our favorite saying as a team is, “A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats”. The more we come together and help each other succeed, the better we do as a company.

Something that does set us apart- we are a part of the national program, “Homes for Heroes.” Through this program, we rebate back 25% of our gross commission to our buyers and sellers who are considered community heroes- military members, medical professionals, first responders, and clergy. As a Brokerage, as of 2021, we have awarded back over 2 Million Dollars to our buyers and sellers who are community heroes.

Undeniably, technology is playing a significant role in almost every sector. How are you leveraging technological advancements to make your solutions resourceful?

We have used technology in our industry for quite some time. However, with the current advancements in many realms, it has become almost imperative for real estate agents to evolve with the popular trends. A few forms of technology I have personally used in my business since becoming licensed- videos on my listings with the use of the drone, short educational clips about the home buying and selling processes, and others.

Through the use of video, people can see a bit more of whom you are versus just reading text on a website or phone app. As other social platforms have become more relevant in the last few years, as agents, we have to utilize these to stay in front of our audiences, too- buyers, sellers, even other agents! Forums as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others are becoming platforms high performing agents must use in their business. Instagram has ramped up the usage of video, and I personally am loving it! We can utilize these video clips to complete house tours, show behind the scenes, and again showcase our personality and beneficial information to the consumer in a more exciting manner.

Where do you envision yourself to be in the long run, and what are your future goals for Navy to Navy Homes?

Navy to Navy’s long-term vision is to continue to grow both locally in our market and afar. In 2019, we opened our second office located in Pensacola, Florida. We have a strong desire to have offices scattered through the United States close to Military Bases so we may be able to continue to serve and give back to those who serve and protect their communities and us!