Bacula Systems: Unique Enterprise Network Backup and Restore Software for the Modern Data Centre Business

Companies are now facing significant pressure with today’s need for fast, reliable data backup and recovery – often in complex IT environments. Innovation across the storage domain constantly addresses these challenges. However, the explosive growth of data volume in MSPs and other IT departments, combined with complexity and increased security risks, means that there is an emerging need for more easily scalable, efficient and flexible data backup and recovery solutions. These solutions must also be instrumental in driving down infrastructure costs in the data centre.

Bacula Systems is the commercial arm of the project, providing Bacula Enterprise Edition in answer to the needs of the modern data centre. This is an enterprise-grade software for backup and data recovery, equipped with specialist technologies in areas such as Virtual Machines, Advanced Database Backup, Bare Metal Recovery, Snapshot Technology, Silent Data Corruption Detection, Data Duplication and much more. Training and support are also included, all as part of a subscription package.

Bacula Systems’ strategy is to provide a modern, single platform for backup and data recovery – universally applicable for physical, virtual and cloud alike. It offers extreme scalability – but with an important stand-out fact: there are no charges based on data volume. This means that data centres with large data volume can modernize their backup environment with Bacula Enterprise Edition, while simultaneously slashing costs by a factor of up to ten. This is a notable advantage over other vendors’ solutions.

Another strategy is for its engineering to be led by customer demand, delivering technical features that are modern and relevant. An example is its backup of PostgreSQL databases, with unique ‘Late Data Inclusion’ technology, or its rapid Single File Recovery for VMware environments, both features in high demand by customers.

 An Effective Tech Leadership 
 Kern Sibbald, Chairman, and CTO and Key Founder of Bacula Systems, was also a founder of Autodesk, where he was development manager for AutoCAD, a highly successful CAD program.
Frank Barker, CEO at Bacula Systems. He started his IT career with Hewlett-Packard, running their Telco, Financial Services and Global Accounts Businesses. He subsequently ran HP’s Consulting and Systems Integration Business across EMEA, then moved to the US to set up a worldwide Division around cloud computing.

Their vision is to increase the security of their customer’s data and accordingly, the health of their customers business. Delivering on that promise with a software solution that is especially stable and reliable – and can run literally for years without necessarily needing updates or maintenance, is a mission that extends throughout the entire company.

With its capability to back up the most complex data centres from a single modern platform, Bacula Systems has made a major impact in the industry, effectively freeing large enterprises, service providers and other organizations from the financial taxes levied by other vendors on ever-growing data volumes. That gives Bacula Systems an exciting future, and also illustrates the reason for its high growth rate. “It is truly exciting to enable data centres the freedom to grow their business without data volume-related constraints – and see them enjoy business success” said Frank Barker, CEO of Bacula Systems.