You are currently viewing B2B Only: A Premier Telemarketing Firm Specializing in Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

B2B Only: A Premier Telemarketing Firm Specializing in Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Telemarketing is a key tool when it comes to lead generation; it plays a critical role in creating value and identifying new opportunities for B2B companies. In B2B telemarketing, experienced agents establish new relationships between the client company and their target prospects. Once the process is in motion, these professional agents connect with target contacts and identify those who possess a specific interest, pain or need that the client company’s solution will address.

B2B Only specializes in professional Business-to-Business telemarketing services like lead generation, event recruitment and appointment setting. They’re an industry leading provider of sales ready opportunities for B2B companies of all sizes and in all verticals. B2B Only utilizes the latest technology, proven methodologies as well as top talent to execute B2B calling campaigns that connect clients directly with their target prospects. Every lead and appointment generated must pass B2B Only’s detailed QA process to ensure all deliverables meet pre-set quality and accuracy standards.

Customer Centric Offering

B2B Only uses cutting edge Emotional Intercommunication methods when connecting with prospects. Plus, the company is built to take on much smaller projects than its competitors – providing a quality solution for start-ups, smaller companies and/or smaller departments within larger companies with limited budgets.

Since no two companies are alike, B2B Only’s lead generation and appointment setting services are completely customizable to suit each client’s specific needs and business goals. In order to provide high-value services, B2B works closely with each client to determine the demographic criteria and lead qualifications that must be present for a viable lead.

A Focused and Impassioned Leader

David Crow, the Founder/Managing Director of B2B Only is a phenomenal leader and visionary. He is relentless in his pursuit of success for his clients as well as his calling agents. David brings 20-years of experience in the B2B lead generation space and possesses an extensive toolset that aids him in developing, executing and managing successful calling campaigns. Transparency, decisiveness, awareness, focus, accountability, empathy, confidence, vision, optimism, honesty, and inspiration are just some of the characteristics that help David lead and motivate his team as well as provide quality service to his clients.

According to David, “Each businessperson is unique and has their own preferred mode of communication. Whether they prefer to engage via email, banner ads, SEO, PPC, text or by telephone … companies marketing their solutions today must cast a wide net and market from all angles to maximize ROI and dominate their marketspace.”

Offering Consistency

Emotional Intercommunication is a process that allows B2B Only callers avoid the pitfalls inherent in traditional telemarketing. A productive conversation cannot happen without first removing the walls of resistance. A great marketing/demand generation strategy will fail regardless of how good it is if 40%-60% of the target market never gets exposure to the message. It’s vital to proactively reach out to those companies and deliver the primary value proposition.

B2B Only does this efficiently and effectively by developing and utilizing messaging that is concise, yet compelling. Then B2B puts this potent messaging into the hands of expert telemarketing professionals (outsourced, inside salespeople) who have a proven track record of helping companies generate net-new business. This team of experts takes cold and warm lead lists, and through a proven outbound cold calling and follow-up process, identifies the companies and contacts that are viable, actionable opportunities.

Quality is the Objective

One of the challenges B2B Only faces every day is the tarnished image held by companies who have been burned by traditional “Appointment Setting” or “Telemarketing” companies. These are companies that truly had a need for quality lead generation, but instead received poor quality, poor results and/or poor customer service. This could be because the lead generation provider didn’t truly have the expertise, talent or processes to provide results … or because they simply didn’t care.

B2B Only is on a mission to change this current industry perception 1-client at a time.

Key Differentiators

  1. B2B Only is staying ahead of the competition by utilizing cutting-edge calling technology that provides high call efficiency, comprehensive data management and detailed reporting and analytics.
  2. B2B Only’s Managers and Calling Agents are mature professionals with over 10-years of industry experience, and all are located in the US. They live and breathe B2B Lead gen.
  3. B2B Only’s fearless leader has been happily married to this industry for 20-years. He loves the process, loves the challenges … but really loves making a difference for his clients. He’s a man of his word who always has his clients’ best interests in mind.

According to the company, “We really care about our clients’ growth, well-being and long-term success. We truly do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.”

Bright Future

The sky’s the limit for B2B Only. There are millions of B2B companies in the US that need qualified opportunities for their sales teams in a cost-effective manner.  By continuing to exceed client expectations and striving for excellence, B2B Only will continue to be a dominant force in the industry for years to come.

According to David, “Now that most people are past the failed notion that “cold calling is dead”, we’re talking to new companies every week who are looking for a professional business-to-business appointment setting firm so they can reach out to their prospects directly via live phone calls. Because of this shift, 2019 is trending to be our biggest and most successful year yet!”


“Hiring B2B Only is the best investment you can make for your company from a marketing perspective.

– Founder/CEO, Financial Services Company

Their communication skills are amazing. They’ve stayed on top of everything.”

– VP of Marketing, Freight Forwarding Company

“They’re well worth the price, and we’ve seen a significant ROI.”

– Owner, Internet Marketing Company