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Axis Technical Group: Helping Businesses Achieve Their Goals

Computers are the need of the hour, and with the digitalized world expanding, every company needs a software solution that is completely custom built and able to increase productivity. However, building a custom solution is not everything. One needs to integrate the software seamlessly in order for it to work better. Here enters the Microsoft Gold Partner and premiere technology services firm named Axis Technical Group. It is a trusted business technology advisor since 2007 to leading companies in Mortgage, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Financial Services and Title industries.
Headquartered in Anaheim, California – with offices in Denver, Colorado and Pune, India – their international team provides the sophisticated skill sets and resources of a global consulting firm paired with personal and solution oriented approach. Axis Technical Group offers many professional services to their clients including Custom Application Development, Legacy System Integration and Migration, Enterprise Modernizations, Quality Assurance, Software Maintenance, Project Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation.
The Unsung Hero
Michael Valdes, Founder and CEO of Axis Technical Group, has over 25 years of sales and leadership experience in the field of technology, finance, healthcare and retail industries. He is an immensely experienced executive with an extremely successful career of building teams and directing several organizations, ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.
He founded Axis back in 2002. Since then it has been listed as one of the fastest growing companies – in 2007 and 2008 – and was also ranked 77th in the IT industry on the first ever Inc. 5,000 list of the fastest growing private companies in U.S.
When Customer Satisfaction is the Motto
Axis ensures that its customers always get the peace of mind that comes with excellent work quality and genuinely dedicated professionals. When their Hybrid Onshore/Offshore Model is utilized, they provide a highly trained, bi-lingual Engagement Manager who serves as the on-site liaison for all client affairs, offshore communication and strategy sessions.
When Axis was hired by Scantron Corporation to lead their Achievement Series Initiative, they were very excited for the opportunity. The solution was to be a data-driven decision-making and reporting tool so their administrator could track and meet federal mandates with ease. The captured data helps teachers while evaluating key metrics, including student performance and test efficiency.
Then by leveraging their Hybrid Onshore/Offshore Business Model, Axis could develop and test various improved grading options at a lower cost than if it were done exclusively within the U.S. This custom solution helped Scantron and their client with better diagnostics and improved workflow to create and deploy benchmark assessments.
Alcoa, one of their top clients and the world’s fifth largest producer of aluminum, had this to say about their ongoing relationship: “Axis rolls with the punches, listens to our needs and always accommodates us. They are flexible, capable and committed to our success. Other firms make promises; Axis gets the job done.”
Axis has also worked with several leading Healthcare and Dental Services Providers on various challenging products and initiatives, ranging from physician credentialing, medical implant tracking and BI reporting to patient access portals, eligibility systems and claims settlement tracking. Their clients find a great deal of value in the long-term business relationship they have built, which serves as the foundation for their success and future growth of each company.
Axis prides itself on “Win-Win” situations with its clients. In fact, another client of theirs, a leading financial services institution, was so happy with the integration and solutions provided by Axis, they provided this testimonial: “We can now offer an innovative and high-tech solution to our clients. The system is faster and more efficient than ever before. It results in more rapid responses from the customers and quicker responses to their inquiries. The result: our portal moves the process along, and everyone wins. We are delighted with the quality of the work Axis had delivered; their implementation has indeed performed on the vision we had for our solution.”
Other satisfied clients and industry giants include First American Corporation, World Vision International, Qualcomm, Yamaha, Monarch Healthcare, Lending Tree, loanDepot, Boston Scientific, Cannon, and Nationstar.
Picture of Future
According to Axis, they are coming off their best year ever (2016) in terms of revenue, while 2017 looks to easily continue that trend. With a solid reputation and quality referrals from existing clients, the company continues to venture into other industries and is positioned to make an even bigger splash in 2018. “It’s always exciting when our values and quality of work are communicated across the verticals, transcends the norms of a business technology firm, and allows us to provide the same quality service to new clientele.”
To help companies stay competitive in the ever-changing business technology field, Axis wants to utilize their 15 years of experience and knowledge to establish a tight partnership in your vision for the future.
Handling Critical User Data
Microsoft Azure is very critical to many of Axis’s internal and external business process. The company leverages it on a broad range of solutions, products and business usage that provide scalability of client demands and also solves all the needed security purposes. Axis always takes advantage of the prominent, widespread offerings of Azure Batch, Snapshots and Web Jobs to their offerings on Azure SQL, Storage and Active Directory to run an enterprise successfully.
Additionally, Azure has allowed the organization to be nimble and cost-effective by offloading IT requirements, which include management, infrastructure and hosting, to the Microsoft Cloud. This has helped Axis maintain control of its operational output while also leveraging it to benefit their clients.
Making the Industry Better
Axis’s Hybrid Onshore/Offshore Model has allowed the company to scale its operations based on the needs of the clients and contribute to incredible growth for all stakeholders involved. Implementing a blended team approach has allowed Axis to leverage the strengths and skill sets of its global consultants which have resulted in delivering smart solutions faster and within the budget of the client.

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