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Michael Sigourney | CEO & Founder | AVTECH Software, Inc.

AVTECH Software, Inc.: Keeping Temperature and Environment Under Control

Founded in 1988, AVTECH Software, Inc., originally focused on providing monitoring software for computers and supporting hardware network-wide. Thanks to the rapid growth of data centers, the organization recognized that data center operators would need to monitor the key environmental factors that could lead to downtime – temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke, air flow, and more.
AVTECH introduced the Room Alert line of proactive environment monitors and sensors more than two decades ago. Over the past two decades, Room Alert has become the brand of choice in the environment monitoring market, monitoring critical facilities and assets across 186 countries, on every continent, and in space.
The Undisputed Leader in Proactive Environment Monitoring
AVTECH offers the leading proactive environment monitor worldwide – Room Alert. Its customers range from small businesses with just a few employees to all the way through more than 80% of the Fortune 1000, most state and federal agencies, and every branch of the U.S. military. Room Alert can be found protecting data centers, facilities, and critical assets in 186 of 196 countries.
Room Alert is designed to help monitor the physical environment in any type of facility. AVTECH offer a wide range of models that can help to monitor everything from a small IT closet or server room through large-scale data centers and warehouses. Many other users have Room Alert protecting restaurants, medical and pharmaceutical sites, residential and commercial real estate, and more.
The company also offers a full range of sensors that are compatible with all Room Alert monitors, so each user can customize their environment monitoring setup based on their own unique needs. For instance, AVTECH’s patented Digital Active Power Sensor helps monitor the power status of nearly any AC-powered device, in addition to monitoring temperature. It’s small size and low price-point will help users monitor the power status of servers, switches, firewalls, and many other appliances in their server room or data center without the need to physically modify a power cable, power down the equipment, or involve an electrician.
The Digital Active Power Sensor can also monitor other non-IT devices like freezers, HVAC units, pumps, fans and much more. It’s a great addition to a suite of sensors that already provide some of the best environment monitoring coverage in the industry.
The Industry Veteran
After years of success as a marketing director or consultant for some of the most successful software companies during the 1980’s, Michael Sigourney, the founder and CEO laid the foundation stone of AVTECH in 1988. The company’s main objective was to provide IT managers with tools to better monitor and manage their computers and networks. To say IT was different then is an understatement. During its initial years, the company focused on advanced monitoring software for mini computers and then transitioned into network-wide monitoring software as the concept of a ‘network’ evolved. This is when the company started to grow and became more recognized. By listening to IT managers and understanding the need to keep their equipment running within a highly controlled environment, Michael recognized a need to monitor the environmental conditions that influenced equipment performance and uptime. This new opportunity would become the new direction for AVTECH.
After developing a strong team behind him, Michael now travels around the world more than 160 days each year visiting customers and resellers, speaking at conferences, meeting government leaders, and learning about the changing world of environment monitoring for applications of all types. He is proud that many of the world’s most recognized and respected organizations are happy and valued customers. He works hard to seek new opportunities to make a difference for people, businesses and the planet.
Delivering the Best Possible Customer Experience
AVTECH is very proud to have all its products designed, manufactured and supported in the U.S.A. Having an active role in its manufacturing and supply chain has allowed the company to offer products that are reliable, affordable, and easy to use.
Room Alert offers a wide range of sensors that allow users to make sure that they’re monitoring every possible area within their facility, and the factors they are most concerned about. AVTECH also offers two different software monitoring platforms to manage their monitors and sensors; their Room Alert Account portal that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world, as well as a local software client Room Alert users can download and install on their network. The best part is users can combine or use AVTECH’s platforms separately to customize their alerts and reporting from Room Alert monitors.
Organizations who already use a network monitoring package can easily integrate Room Alert into their existing platform via SNMP, JSON and more, providing users with the ability to set up environment monitoring in a matter of minutes.
When Improving Customer Experience is the Key
AVTECH is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience while also offering the sensors and technology they need to help fully monitor the environment in their facilities. Data and network security are critical for Room Alert users, and it has a new line of monitors that offer a full range of encryption and security features. Room Alert uses purpose-built firmware that drastically cuts back on the possibility of malicious traffic and AVTECH is also introducing additional features so its users can know that they are using the most secure environment monitor on the market.
AVTECH’s users know that the company values their feedback and it also wants to make sure that it is offering the sensors that they need the most. Based on some input from AVTECH’s customers the company is developing a few new sensors that will expand the already wide range of environment factors that Room Alert monitors. AVTECH’s team has been growing steadily to keep up with research and development on all the new products it will be launching over the coming year.