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AVSystem: Efficiently Managing Connected Devices

With the number of connected devices in the world surging ahead of the human population, survival in the coming decade for organizations will depend upon their ability to adapt to the changing technological landscape. As connected devices, connected phones, and connected logistics become ubiquitous, they bring-forward value as well as complexity for organizations.
To steer ahead of this complex management of connected devices and focus on the core business, organizations need an expert solution provider for the same. Standing tall amongst its crowd of competitors, AVSystem is one such company with a resolute vision of creating technology and products which help companies handle their connected devices. The company seeks to automate what can and should be effortless to save costs and labor, and allows companies to fully focus on their business development.
An Expert in Large-Scale Solutions
Being an expert in large-scale solutions for Telco operators and Enterprise Markets, AVSystem’s product portfolio is primarily focused on device management and monitoring solutions (TR-069, LwM2M). The constantly evolving company currently boasts M2M and IoT service delivery platforms, WiFi value-added service platform, WiFI location engine and other systems for SDN and NFV. By delivering predictive maintenance, AVSystem aims to eliminate most of the network problems in advance; thereby increasing the end-customer satisfaction.
It is also worth noting that AVSystem is an active member of the leading industry organizations, such as Open Mobile Alliance and Broadband World Forum.
The Leader who Sowed Vision and Reaped Success
Slawomir Wolf, Founder and CEO of AVSystem, is the leader who sowed the seeds of success and led the company to what it is known as today. He is the main individual responsible for the company’s constant evolvement – from being a small business to becoming an innovative and rapidly growing mid-size company. Presently, Mr. Wolf shoulders the responsibility to look after the company’s strategic development and management of each and every one of its branch worldwide.
Delivering Excellence with Unified Device Management Platform (UMP)
AVSystem has been a part of the networking industry for over a decade. Initially, the company’s focus was to help its clients efficiently manage, provision, and monitor their networks of end-user devices of any size via the TR-069 protocol. This prompted the development of its Unified Device Management Platform (UMP), which is capable of managing all kinds of CPEs via all kinds of protocols.
Today, UMP helps over 100 companies worldwide, including global operators and local service providers, to improve their processes and reduce operational costs by providing unrivaled features such as auto-configuration, mass operations, remote diagnostics & troubleshooting and advanced monitoring.
Meeting and Exceeding the Needs of Customers
AVSystem believes in technology; its strong scientific and technical background allows it to constantly look for improvements to create solutions that answer even the most complex needs of its clients.
“During the last 10 years, we’ve managed to build a team of highly-qualified engineers from around the world and that provides us with experience and knowledge of how to design products that are secure, reliable and deep-rooted in technology,” mentions Slawomir.
AVSystem works at the edge of technology, constantly improving what it has today, while concurrently anticipating the needs of its customers.
Being Part of the IoT Revolution
Taking into consideration the vast experience in device management and cooperation with various types of customers—when the idea of Internet of Things began to evolve—being part of the evolution and developing adept IoT solutions was the most natural step for AVSystem to partake. The company strongly believes that most of the problems faced by IoT environments can be solved by an effective introduction of device management-related solutions. Hence, leading towards the development of Coiote, a comprehensive IoT platform which covers everything from device management and monitoring to connectivity management, application management, SIM card management, and finally, service enablement including service activation. The distinctive features of the platform are useful for various verticals as well as CPS, in order to enable B2B and B2C services.
The Future of Continual Success
Presently, AVSystem’s area of focus goes far beyond the standard solutions for device management. “Considering the pace of the IoT industry development, we foresee that in the upcoming years, our Coiote IoT Platform will continuously be used by companies worldwide to create a vast ecosystem of connected assets,” asserts Slawomir.
“We expect that the biggest challenge in building truly smart and secure environments will be maintaining and managing millions or even billions of connected devices,” adds Slawomir.
Meeting and exceeding the needs of end-customers, AVSystem also provides top-class solutions in the area of WiFI Value Added Services. Its Linkyfi Platform is currently used by many Telco and enterprise customers, to manage their WiFi access and provide insight into their customers’ behavior. In the near future, AVSystem expects to grow rapidly, especially in the area of WiFi-based indoor location services.
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