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AV&R Aerospace: Improving the Efficiency of Aerospace Industry

Giving the importance of no room for error in the aerospace industry, achieving maximum precision is must for the companies. Needless to say, cost also plays a massive role when it comes to determining priorities along the value chain. However, these two factors are not mutually exclusive. So, to fill this void, enters AV&R Aerospace with its supply of automation solutions that deliver ultimate precision while keeping the cost low. The expert team of AV&R offers automation integration to its clients. Their requests, often touching critical operations for the entire industry leads to the birth of new specialties for the team. The automation processes provided by the company eventually allows a reduction in production and labor costs, as well as improves productivity and quality.
The Man Behind the Success
Mr. Eric Beauregard is the Executive Vice-President of AV&R Aerospace. He holds a degree in Economics from The University of Sherbrooke. Back in 2006, he joined AV&R as a CEO where his role was to structure AV&R (Averna’s Vision and Robotics Group) as an independent company and, then along with his team, to find a market niche for the company. Eric also worked hard to make AV&R a market leader in Robotic Finishing and Automated Visual Inspection for gas turbine parts. Additionally, Eric is a well-known, accomplished speaker at various Aerospace Conferences, and is a member of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal’s International Affairs Committee. He has also been a member of Aéro Montréal’s Board of Directors for six years.
Offering Ground Breaking Services
AV&R Aerospace is a brand of engineering firm named AV&R, which specializes in automation with a little over 100 employees spread across 2 operational sites worldwide. The company specializes in complex automation projects which require a high level of precision. AV&R is working in the aerospace industry for more than 20 years now. Till date, it has completed more than 600 projects with a team consisting of more than 80 engineering graduates, who are known as aerospace specialists. The company has developed its expertise in gas turbine critical rotating parts, which is its core business. It also specializes in Robotic Finishing which includes deburring, polishing and profiling, and in Automated Visual Inspection.
Tackling Turbulent Weather
AV&R Aerospace is well-positioned when it comes to playing a significant role in the transformation of its client’s factories with the Industry 4.0. But the challenge is quite big! The main objective of this new revolution is the establishment of “Smart Factories”. However, according to the company, the aerospace industry is yet to deploy a concrete plan to transform the production line. This change will take some time and investment, both of which the industry lacks right now. Yet Eric believes the industry is not as far from implementing these “Smart Factories” as it thinks now.
Mission and Vision
AV&R Aerospace is known as a world class leader in designing Robotic Finishing and Automated Visual Inspection solutions for aerospace high value-added parts. Its mission is simple: to keep it that way. The vision of the company: to build the future with its automated solutions. With industry 4.0, the company’s vision is slowly turning to reality! This revolution requests its clients to make their factories evolve into smart ones, which necessitates automation systems that communicate with each other. But still, an aspiration in the industry. This is mostly because when all the machines on the production line are intelligent and can communicate with each other, then only it would be possible. AV&R’s Aerospace is one of the few suppliers ready for this evolution.
Future Perspective
AV&R is just at the center of the industry helping its clients to reach a new era. The fact that it is not yet realized in Aerospace factories is hard to grasp: having such a high value-added part, it is even more useful for this industry to establish communication in the production line. The sooner one notices an inaccuracy tendency, the less high-value processes are needed to be performed on already scrapped parts which eventually saves a lot of money. This is where AV&R Aerospace comes into action with its robotic solutions. These robotic solutions might seem a bit complicated now, but these have obvious advantages and are also attractive mostly due to the value they offer. It surely is a key to tomorrow’s business success.

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