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Avetta: Strengthening Supply Chains with Supplier Qualification & Management

According to prominent research, 472 million entrepreneurs worldwide are attempting to create new companies, with approximately 100 million new businesses opening each year. In this extremely competitive global business environment, where thousands of companies establish their global presence within a year of establishment, ensuring the success of your organization is more difficult than ever. It’s not enough to simply have a disruptive product and financial capabilities, you also need a strong and effective supply chain management system. However, manually overseeing each and every department and their progress is time and labor intensive to say the least. Employing a leading team of experts who can ensure the quality of supply chain through the help of organized data is the best possible option.
Headquartered in Orem Utah, USA, Avetta is that world leading supplier qualification and management solutions provider. Comprehending the unique needs of enterprise organizations, Avetta ensures their supply chains are safe, qualified, and sustainable through a comprehensive solution package that helps prequalify, assess, and monitor compliance at all levels.
Avetta has provided supplier qualification and management solutions since its inception in 2001. Working with the world’s largest organizations, including respected Fortune 50 brands, Avetta has the proven expertise in providing supplier qualification and management, whether you have an existing program or are starting from scratch.
Avetta serves more than 35 industries including: utilities, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, mining, cement and aggregate, facility management, engineering, construction, forestry products, performance fibers, municipalities/public services, food and beverage, steel, entertainment, real estate, transportation, food packaging and distribution, and more.
Comprehensive Solutions 
Avetta is the industry leading expert in supply chain qualification and management. Its comprehensive assessments and configurable technology helps give clients and contractors around the world the confidence of a safer work environment. The company offers a complete supply chain management solution, beginning with their supplier prequalification tool. Avetta’s prequalification platform is configurable which allows specifying and implementing a supply chain qualification program precisely according to each business’ ever-growing requirements. With more than 50,000+ questions to choose from, clients can be sure they are evaluating their suppliers to their high standards.
Avetta’s innovative services don’t stop there. Through their supplier audits, insurance monitoring, analytics, supplier reviews, and worker management solutions companies get unparalleled insight into every aspect of their supply chain.
Supplier Auditing provides insight into the depth, trends, and culture of a supplier’s safety program by using qualified professionals to perform audits of safety programs and management systems, looking for both lagging and leading safety indicators. All audit findings are made available along with supporting documentation in Avetta. If a supplier does end up missing safety requirements, Avetta will make suggestions on how to fill in the gaps, helping your supply chain grow stronger.
Prequalifying suppliers is an important step in mitigating risk. But what if something does happen? Do suppliers have the right insurance coverage? Do they have sufficient policy limits? Questions like these can cause a company not only a lot of distress, but a lot of time and money to answer as well. Avetta’s Insurance Monitoring solution alleviates this burden and gives organizations increased visibility into their supplier insurance compliance. With Avetta, companies no longer need to spend hours or weeks verifying and recovering all of this information. It’s always a click away, and up-to-date.
Analytics and Supplier Reviews are two solutions designed to help businesses make data-driven decisions that benefits their brand and company. Through Analytics customers get easy-to-consume information about their supply chain. With the robust reporting tool and interactive dashboard, it’s easier than ever to understand the business climate of your supply chain.
Supplier Reviews also helps with this by documenting which contractors are consistently maintaining your company’s standards. Once work is completed, companies are able to rate suppliers on their job performance. These reviews are then shared across the entire organization for maximum visibility. At the end of the day, executives are able to make better procurement decisions and track performance.
Lastly, the Avetta Worker Management solution helps companies identify risk within their supply chain. it begins qualification all the way down at the employee level. Through this tool, companies are able to see exactly which workers are coming onto their work sites. Companies are able to ensure that the contracted workers are certified and trained in every regard to safely conduct the work they are tasked to perform.
The Stats are In 
In 2015, The Campbell Institute (the National Safety Council’s Environmental Health and Safety Center of Excellence) published a white paper titled “Best Practices in Contractor Management.” The research project aggregated best practices and common challenges in the contractor management programs from institute members. One of the most significant outcomes of the research was the identification and description of the five stages of the contractor lifecycle. Avetta assists with each stage of the contractor lifecycle, including: prequalification, pre-job task and risk assessment, contractor orientation and training, monitoring of job, and post-job evaluation. The allinclusive solutions offered by Avetta are tailored considering these stages and their impact, delivering a configurable solution to help prequalify, assess, and manage contractors.
Excellence Personified! 
John Herr is the Chief Executive Officer of Avetta. He is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. With over 30 years of experience leading business and technology solutions, Herr brings the experience, passion, and proven ability to drive value for the Avetta clients.
At Avetta, Herr has brought his unique ability to develop innovative technology solutions to meet evolving business needs, all with the highest level of quality and client focus. He’s driven for excellence, has a proven track record for developing high performing teams, and a reputation for results.
Herr’s roles at companies such as eBay and Paypal, provided him with global experience of leading businesses, manufacturing, and technology across a diverse group of businesses. Herr holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and his BA from Harvard as well. While mentioning about Avetta solutions he asserts, “Above all else, our solutions are designed with one thing in mind – to help hard-working employees successfully make it home safe each night. This focus on safety has been the drive behind our comprehensive solutions and as a result has helped companies recognize significant reductions in their TRIR” 
Personalized Approach 
Avetta understands every business is unique and so are their compliance needs. Because of that, Avetta believes in partnering with companies to identify areas of risk in the supply chain and segment suppliers based on the amount of risk they present to the business. Avetta prefers this methodology instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to supplier screening because it avoids asking for too little information. Avetta delivers a solution configured to the exact needs of every business, functioning as a web-based data exchange for all necessary supply chain compliance information. Intuitive icons and scorecards provide a simple view, detailing which suppliers meet company standards, and which don’t. This allows associated companies to easily make informed decisions and minimize supply chain risk.
Avetta Support Services 
Avetta notes that software alone doesn’t ensure the success of a compliance and prequalification program. That’s why Avetta places equal emphasis on delivering personalized service.
The Avetta Team helps develop assessments based on each company’s unique standards and helps develop screening criteria that ensures they are hiring the best contractor for the job. To make the process more efficient, the company also enlists the help of language specialists, so that more than 98% of their 85,000+ suppliers are able to talk to support in their native language.
A Committed Partner 
Avetta is constantly expanding into new industries, languages, and locations. As the premier provider of supplier qualification and management for the world’s largest organizations, Avetta supports supply chain needs all around the world. Avetta support is localized, and its technology is configured to meet the diverse needs of global businesses. The company envisions sustaining its global dominance in supply chain management in the future by adding more value to its recognized software and services. In other words, with Avetta, you’re not just buying software—you’re building the connections that build the world.
Client Admirations
“Before Avetta, we calculated a need for six employees, all working full time, to properly manage our supply chain. With Avetta, we have one person sitting in that seat.” – Supply Development & Performance Manager, Australian Railway Leader
“Avetta was the only company willing to work with us to develop more functionality in a long-term, collaborative approach to the product. Only Avetta embraced our vision of a rail sector solution.” – Supply Development & Performance Manager, Australian Railway Leader
“Because of Avetta and our use of an improvement plan with our contractors, we were able to demonstrate more than 30% improvement in just one year for the health and safety performance of our contractors.” – Bill Burket, EHS Compliance Contractor, Range Resources
“Avetta gives us proactive risk management. We’re able to leverage the expertise and experience that Avetta provides based on years of tracking and evaluating contractors. Avetta also gives us instant data access in a database we could never develop internally, allowing us to benchmark against peers and uncover opportunities to improve.” – David Matheny, Safety Lead, Huntsman Corporation.