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Avetta: Delivering Solutions that Drive Sustainable Growth

In this ever-changing business environment, organizations are readily incorporating Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems to stay ahead of their contemporaries and ameliorate their logistics operations. Globalization and increase in market competition have made supply chain management an essential adoption for companies of all shapes and sizes. Adopting a sound SCM system radically enhances an organization’s business performance by enabling goods to reach the customers in a faster, better, and cheaper manner.
With the same motivation and zeal for enhancing an organization’s business performance, Avetta comes in to the fray with its cloud-based supply chain risk management platform. Its platform is uniquely designed to connect the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, thereby driving sustainable growth. Avetta’s SaaS subscription software is used by over 50,000 active customers spread across more than 100 countries. The platform strives to build trustworthy bonds through responsive technology and human insight.
Supporting Customers on their Journey to Sustainability
Formerly known as PICS Auditing, Avetta helps its customers manage environmental, social, and economic impacts and grow long-term value throughout the supply chain. Avetta’s adaptive platform helps its clients create, protect, and grow long-term value by mitigating sustainability risks in the supply chain, thereby controlling costs, protecting market share, and reducing premiums.
Prioritizing the Customers’ Needs
Avetta builds a trustworthy bond with its customers through responsive technology and human insight. The company’s process is collaborative in nature, and its global reach is complemented by its local expertise. Around 300 of the world’s biggest organizations depend upon Avetta to align their supply chains to sustainable business practices.
Avetta works closely with its vast customer base to ensure the products and services offered are in line with their needs and expectations. The company co-innovates by accumulating feedback and validating with the customers at each phase of software creation—from ideation to prototyping to development. This co-innovation cycle establishes a synergy between Avetta and its customers, thus delivering the right products and services to maximize value within their organizations.
John Herr, CEO, rightly points out that, “We are a two-sided networking model—uniting companies and suppliers, or essentially buyers and sellers who need to share information and build trust. We have been strong proponents of advocating for both sides of the transaction. We do not just focus on creating value for buyers, but sellers too.  Ultimately, that’s why we are the ‘Contractors Choice,’ which was our tagline for many years.”
Unlike many of the one-size-fits-all SaaS models of Avetta’s competitors, its intuitive and adaptive technology caters to individual client needs. The company goes the distance to understand the minds of its clients and embeds that insight into configured risk management solutions. Avetta’s technology is based on a deep and profound understanding of its clients’ needs every step of the way; the firm achieves this by ensuring a human approach throughout the entire process:
Personal – An approach that revolves around dialogue, not checking boxes
Custom – Designing customized solutions for customers instead of them buying off-the-shelf technology
Expert – Uniquely qualified to foresee challenges and opportunities for customers
Adaptive – Avetta learns, optimizes, and reduces risk
An Inspiring Duo with an Eye for the Future

  • John Herr

By bringing in more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in cloud software, internet businesses, global marketplaces, and financial services sectors, the CEO of Avetta, Mr. John Herr, has led the company from the front to make it what it is today. The MBA and Economics graduate from Harvard Business School holds a rich portfolio of scaling growth-stage companies into large enterprises.
Prior to Avetta, Mr. Herr served as the CEO of Adaptive Insights–a market leader in cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Under his able leadership, Deloitte recognized Adaptive as one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America. Even before Adaptive, Mr. Herr held the position of VP and General Manager at eBay, Inc., where he played an instrumental role in eBay’s growth strategy. Lastly, Mr. Herr held the chair of Chief Revenue Officer at–a true pioneer in e-commerce.
At Avetta, Mr. Herr primarily lays focus on expanding the company’s enterprise software platform, nurturing strategic partnerships, accelerating global expansion, and bringing forward the company’s innovative solution to the marketplace.

  • John Moreland

With over 10 years of experience in petrochemicals as a Health & Safety expert, the Founder of Avetta, John Moreland, saw the need for centralized services. But the original vision was to make a large impact on the health and safety of contractors’ employees.
John realized that all too often employees either didn’t have the correct equipment, weren’t trained on how to efficiently use it, or they didn’t have a cultural commitment of being safe while working. This facilitated an opportunity to rise as a clearinghouse of contractor safety information (i.e., to drive transparency and trust between an industrial hiring company and the supplier). However, the mission that drove Avetta was to make a real-world impact, and today, it is truly building the connections that build the world.
Preparing to Move Mountains by Carrying Stones
Avetta is learning each and every day the importance of supply chain risk management. With outsourcing continuing to take a stronghold and the economic and operational value delivery being realized, the supply chain model has not only grown exponentially, but it has also permeated virtually every business category and geography. “Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t rely, to some measure, on a valued partner, somewhere in the world, to bring its offerings to market. And, for many organizations, supply chain partners ‘do’ more than half of all work executed,” asserts Mr. Herr.
The unparalleled benefits of the model are truly and fully proven, but the downside(s) of the model is just surfacing, most recently. When companies rely on third parties to drive their business, they relinquish both visibility and control over how that business is to be done. And, the lack of both puts their brand, operations, employees, partners, revenue streams, stock prices, and customers at risk.
Before when a company didn’t engage with a supply chain risk management firm, little did they know about the health and safety practices their partners employed, the environmental practices they followed, the relative state of financial health that the companies obstructed, and whether their corporate social responsibility charters are aligned and the anti-bribery/anti-corruption practices are maintained.  This, in turn, carried heavy risk, resulting in possible fines, business disruptions, brand reputation, and potential injury and fatality.
Avetta looks to move mountains by enabling companies to assess its partners, not merely on what business the partner operates in, but also on how the partner operates its business. This way, the company assures a radical reduction in risk across its supply chains–saving literally, tens of millions of dollars per year.
Owing Avetta’s Achievements to its Team of Employees
Survival and attaining success in any form of business requires a synergy of different skills. Avetta is a fast-paced company with an unwavering focus on growth. The company’s lean staffing model does not create a lot of functional silos. Rather, all employees do a little bit of everything. Avetta boasts an impeccable team of experts who are proactive, forward-thinking, and agile.
It is of critical importance for an organization willing to attain success to understand its enterprise risks. One of the potential outcomes in an organization’s enterprise risk assessment is the indication of a material issue around Employee Safety and Supply Chain Performance; Avetta has the solution to prequalify and assess.
A Future that Promises Success
Avetta’s platform and services provide key business analytics to make informed decisions ensuring contractors, suppliers, and vendors are performing to their core abilities. As more and more contracted services are relied upon to perform specialized tasks and provide critical products to an organization, one needs a robust system managed by industry professionals to provide validated real-time, accurate, and actionable data.
Moving forward, Avetta hopes to continue to deliver businesses with advanced tools and resources that foster sustainable growth, which will eventually lead Avetta to being recognized as the world’s leading innovator in sustainable supply chain management.

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